Local Somalis support abduction accused in Hamilton court

A bail hearing has been set for a woman arrested in Hamilton, accused of defying a court order and leaving England with her sons.Anisa Mohamed Ibrahim, 35, was arrested in downtown Hamilton earlier last month, where she’d been living under another name. About 30 people from the Somali community in Hamilton and Toronto showed up at the John Sopinka Courthouse to support Ibrahim during an appearance to set dates for bail and extradition hearings. The bail hearing happens October 9th and is expected to take a full day; the extradition hearing happens December 4th. Ibrahim has been in jail since her August 13th arrest. The judge was concerned that Ibrahim may not make bail and will remain in jail until December. However her counsel requested the later extradition hearing.She is accused of unlawful abduction of her 8 and 10-year-old sons and disobeying a court order in the United Kingdom. She allegedly traveled from Manchester, England to Toronto on April 13th, 2010. Police got a tip the trio was living near Main and Ferguson in downtown Hamilton.After Ibrahim’s arrest the kids were in the care of the Children’s Aid Society. Her husband was thrilled the police finally found them. Ibrahim is facing child abduction charges in the United Kingdom. Her uncle Mohamed told CHCH News that he hopes to bail his niece out of jail, and the reason they left England was that her husband is abusive; adding that when she arrived here in Canada her body was covered in bruises.

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