Methods the soft Shanghai Longfeng optimization of a single page

Shanghai dragon refers to the base of natural ranking mechanism in the search engine, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site and improve the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords, get to show more volume, attract more targeted customers click access to web sites, so as to achieve the goal of network marketing and brand building.

PPT/PDF: the two format articles than WORD format articles. The library in all kinds of articles in ranking is obvious (can not understand in the comments below). read more

The Shanghai dragon Er how to make your home work optimization

third, the optimization of keywords analysis and layout of the site. Before the words of the site selection analysis work is very important, general website keyword analysis mainly includes two aspects: one is to refer to the user search behavior and their products for user groups, such as reference to their peers or competitors, the layout of the site keywords and options, according to user search behavior in general, the most common is the love of Shanghai related search, love Shanghai index and so on, with this. read more

The actual problems encountered in the Links exchange experience sharing

second, the website included data (stie): we see large websites in general, included are the tens of thousands, or even millions or billions of levels, although we can not be compared with the general small and large sites like this, but if you have so few data collected from the surface ten or a few, intuitive feeling. People will think this station content construction is not enough, is not consistent with the search engine is not content, sometimes will also see a few websites rarely included, but Guan Jian words ranking is also very good, but this station generally do, certainly not universal, you will find such a phenomenon is a special case. Included less, to search engine spiders opportunity is relatively small, in other words, people and you exchange links do not say first weight transfer from the single lead spider would consider this is not ideal, so people care included data is normal. read more

Share station outside Shanghai Longfeng optimization of some experience

(a) the release of the chain

2, soft promotion method: with the development of industry website, acquisition station is more and more, but an article inadvertently can increase a certain number of the chain to your site, and increase durability, many webmaster general quality more reproduced will bring your connection, so this is a very good outside chain promotion plan, general can contribute in several A5, Chinaz and other large network owners, of course, this is also a certain distinction, for example on the Shanghai dragon reproduced rate would be much higher than the other contents of the article, it is recommended that you write some of their own experience. read more

The analysis of love Shanghai QQ space optimization ranking optimization

second, love Shanghai about the community website construction, these years love Shanghai know, love the sea love Shanghai Post Bar free to do good. They are not under too much efforts. This style in QQ space is more suitable for their popular community website.

need to pay attention to the space is QQ the home page a variety, there is ".S6", some with /main, I saw what no more, "/main" is also another less. You can submit submit in time, but in the hair of the chain when the first one to do. This article from the Tianya forum. read more

Shanghai dragon can fire long behind the Shanghai dragon Er how to rise

for the confirmation of the thing, then don’t put too much thought on the go! Because these are unknown things, think to Shanghai not to worry about things that we have no need to worry, then how to act as a "left behind" Shanghai dragon Er rise? Here I Shanghai dragon recommend a few empty >

search engine will not like the journey to the west, Niubi monster fairy buganre small demon, wanted to kill you dead, like the Taobao Sun Wukong, the Jade Emperor had? Is this Shanghai dragon industry can maintain long? Not when I get started, has been forgotten. read more

Quick guide how to optimize the site navigation

The shortcomings of Why With the

The main user experience and search engine of the

overview: your site navigation well? Want to know how to make a good website? Guide then you must not miss the small as fast web site optimization we collected, let’s take a look at

attractiveOptimization of

The availability of


vertical navigation / side navigation

/ top horizontal navigation navigation

goodThe function of

navigatio.n link, because the width of the screen is limited, the number of the co.. read more

Single page website can full page layout and Animation


set up a blog Cato and animation combined with the website

single page website do the front after two do not impatient, we also need to test their single page website is in accordance with the Shanghai love the new algorithm, and the most simple way is to observe the law, observe the love in Shanghai after updating our website ranking is reduced or decreased, whether the snapshot has been effectively updated included, whether to increase, if our website meet these points, the >

with different animation must have different content, but as a webmaster is to do the site in the development of different content, a map does not affect the optimization of the website, the key is the different figure and animation with the appropriate language to describe, let the search engine to feel out of the ordinary web site map and animation, but also the only way to love Shanghai will enhance the site’s ranking, can even imagine a spider recognized website can enter the Shanghai love home position? Is obviously not the innovation, therefore as a single page webmaster must do figure and animation work let love, Shanghai recognized our website. read more

On three elements of Shanghai Longfeng chain need to pay attention to

this point, mainly explain the BBS signature, many BBS signature is directly garbage post, is not love, some, is "passing on, floating, and so on, so the recovery, nothing more than to a signature, every day spent a lot of time in the garbage recovery. I remember Tang Lei said, one day made 1000 posts, what is the significance of this approach, why, is a waste of your time, but in fact, every link opportunities is nothing more than open posts, scanned the theme of this article speed, not reading, but also to know about, and then talk about their point of view, I also cherish the opportunity of the post, respect him, in order to better respect yourself. read more

n the 10 new station to do love Shanghai weight is at least 1

love Shanghai included new sites will be in about a week, this is a normal range of time. And if you do well in the station optimization and the content of the original, the frequency will increase the frequency of spiders. Below to introduce the author’s practices.

three, the chain of simple operation

many people do stand content is collected directly, although a start easily indexed by Google, and love Shanghai after change the algorithm, not so random collection. These sites also included a bit early for good, no other value. Because the author has done experiments, snapshot update slow, included is very unstable, love Shanghai weight is 0. So I suggest to do site content update option is: 1, original content, 2, the correct combination of content, in the end, 3 acquisition of the entire article to write 40% words, so the search engine is the original basic opinion. And the author of the site www.iurobot贵族宝贝 sweeping robot in terms of content is so of the operation. read more

The correct website architecture allows each page ranking

I think everyone misunderstanding of some of the most common are the list page, page list as keywords constantly moving, keywords layout can not lead to stable. This page layout is extremely unfavorable to the website ranking, of course, some people will say that I didn’t want to let this list page ranking, but as a website only update mechanism. In fact, this idea is not right, we do the Shanghai dragon should not let go of each ranking page, the ultimate use of resources. So similar to the list page HUB page should be how to layout? My general approach is to write a paragraph of text in this page, like corporate profile as the write list in the list, which introduced the layout of some key words, because the only way to do keywords will be stable. First of all have stable keywords on the page, then let this page have updates in a mechanism. read more

Keywords website construction and optimization of the five major misunderstanding

, a keyword selection is too broad

keyword selection?

two, determine too subjective

in the website construction and website optimization in actual combat, the choice of keywords to identify and implement is a consistent link, is also very key link. The contents of the construction and optimization of the target site, it is based on the established keywords. For example, our goal is to make the word "Shanghai site construction", ranking in the search engine home page, then all of the work, should revolve around the word to do. Of course, the website optimization also includes other aspects, such as web program specification is simple, safe and stable operation of the environment and so on. But all this is for the keyword optimization services, only the keyword is the core. read more

Experience sharing the value chain need to create

in the near future, many webmaster friends not to release the chain in the webmaster forum, blindly to the pursuit of relevance, it was obvious, that is the chain webmaster forum with the promotion of industry related. In small series, this is actually a kind of wrong thinking, webmaster forum is all used to communicate, communicate in the forum, can put your site to share out, can also consult senior webmaster, let everybody to help analyze what is the problem in the promotion process. Just go to the hair of the chain rather than to send outside the chain, are subject to everyone’s attention. In other forums do outside the chain is the same. The correlation of the chain that is to say, not hanging deceptive, only in this way, through the chain to attract into the user will do long time visit, otherwise, the user cheated in, found that the situation wrong, will choose to leave, not related to the chain with the user experience is opposite. So, when the release of the chain in the forum, do some related topics, participants cause resonance, rather than in the advertising area or a chain of irrigation district. When the intention to do it, even if traffic is low the forum, it will also have a very good outside chain effect, than irrigation hair high in weight to the good effect of forum posts. read more

How do the enterprise website image optimization

some pictures can do links, links to what position, it depends on what kind of site.

(2) and let you know what is the image search engine, through the ALT property, the search engine will know this picture shows. To search for your pictures are classified in the picture

website optimization keywords page optimization is familiar, most owners will take into account the page keyword optimization. Then for the page keyword optimization methods and techniques we have been very familiar with, so today I want to share the pictures of the web page optimization method. Pictures in website optimization is not conducive to the search engines, you practice is as far as possible without pictures, but from the point of view of the user experience, the picture is a necessary element of the website, users love to see something, to facilitate the transformation of the website. read more

Shanghai dragon Er how to fight this tough battle for the job


first, for myself to enter the industry and enterprises to fully understand. According to the author’s experience before the interview, a lot of time in the job when Shanghai dragon Er will be one of you asked for our company to understand what? If you only see the recruitment needs in online recruitment to candidates, will undoubtedly encounter such an embarrassing situation, in the interview process so we must get well the preparatory work before the interview, if possible, can put their own website optimization process and plan to write, not too detailed outline. The core of these details in the outline of the paper when the candidate, the interview is what is actually a process of interaction between the two sides, through their own experience to show their past ability, and combined with the characteristics of the existing companies in the industry, to quickly find a new website to enter the industry characteristics and optimization methods, this can make a charge bright. read more

See the phenomenon of long tail keywords search analysis

but then search to the 76 page to see the result, found some phenomenon, there are a lot of love in Shanghai know, Search ask, portal blog, ranking are very reliable. This is not consistent with the usual phenomenon, what is the reason? According to this phenomenon, he summed up the three reasons, it also has a revelation, respectively, is the only Shanghai dragon behind the most important quantity is the key to victory. You should write out to share with you.

is the key to win sometimes

  read more

How to use in the construction site outside the chain strategy and tactics

2., the establishment of the chain chain should follow the little signature, many contents, such as when we have free time to write some of the manuscript on the industry well-known sites, these sites included or caused by the chain is reproduced outside the chain of natural love, Shanghai will also encourage the owners of these acts, thereby increasing the the contents of this collection.

in the construction of the chain, our website is not to say that the construction of the chain the more the better, but the more pure the better, not long ago, I set up a competitiveness index of smaller sites, from the establishment to the website ranking rose to the first. read more

Some common points of Shanghai dragon with speculation

1. Shanghai dragon and stocks are not a standard

3. in the industry have established expert

Every are dependent on the weatherTo change the government’s macro-control and

"length for"


There are 4.

stocks have investment and speculation, Shanghai dragon also has the black hat and white hat. But whether it is investment or speculation, black hat or white hat is not a set of technical standards. The two industry survival skills, with the development of the industry is constantly changing. And according to the characteristics of each person is different, good technology and passion are not the same. People of different stocks and different people do Shanghai Longfeng, almost no exactly the same routine. How many have some changes. There is not a unified standard is the most important thing in common of the two industries. read more

What should we do in the chain

This article from the original

careful observation you will find love Shanghai encyclopedia these links are pointing to the column page, and users will open the page. If carefully you will find in the chain of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of more than one same anchor text links to the same page. So the internal links in the construction in the future should be pointing to pages useful to the user, of course, your home page and directory page if the user needs, can also refer to the past, but don’t let the user clicks on the two. read more

Analysis of the factors of the success of the site a good doctor

above part of the map, and there are many, but one such station on the inside pages will be able to do so well, what is the reason. We look at his page content, as shown below:

I just took a

concluded that the main factors of the success of good doctor website has three points: 1, high quality web content. 2, a high degree of user experience. 3, the chain site is very relevant for medical. I hope that the majority of medical workers to Shanghai dragon learn more of the site operating practices, this paper by 贵族宝贝shlo> read more