COLUMN: Despite the hate, Tom Brady deserves some respect

first_imgIt’s only three days till Super Bowl Sunday — one of the best events on the face of the earth and the one day you don’t mind sitting through 10 minutes of ads to watch five minutes of football. And with the New England Patriots playing in the Big Game once again, it’s also time for 99 percent of the NFL’s fan base to rip on one Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.As someone who lived outside of the United States until attending high school in New England, it truly shocked me to see the amount of vitriol people hurled at Brady and Bill Belichick when I arrived in Los Angeles. Sure, I knew they wouldn’t be the borderline deities they are inside Patriots Nation (I had a friend who seriously considered swapping his presidential vote from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump after Belichick unofficially endorsed the latter), but I at least expected begrudging respect — the same kind you are forced to give to the Golden State Warriors or any other organization that breaks the sport because it’s just too damn good. Alas, all I hear outside of New England are calls of “cheater” and constant reminders of Spygate and Deflategate.I feel sorry for those who are too blinded by hate to appreciate Brady’s play. The fact is that if the Patriots emerge victorious on Sunday, Brady will be the greatest quarterback in football history (if he isn’t already). No ifs, ands or buts. By almost every metric, be it passing stats or rings or MVP awards, Brady will have surpassed the likes of Joe Montana and John Elway. He’s already played in the most Super Bowls ever, with two undeserved flukes as losses — and this is coming from a Giants fan who deliriously cheered on Eli Manning in the heart of Patriots territory in 2012. If Asante Samuel doesn’t drop a gimme interception late in Super Bowl XLII, if either Wes Welker or Aaron Hernandez doesn’t drop a game-clinching first down in Super Bowl XLVI, we’d be watching Brady play for his seventh championship.Yet people remain hung up on crucifying the quarterback for … what, exactly? Deflating footballs (allegedly)? His friendship with President Trump? There have been far too many heinous offenses committed by NFL players over the years, ranging from domestic violence to straight-up murder, and somehow Brady, a man who hasn’t been the culprit in any of those crimes, remains one of the most hated players in the league. Let’s just say that Brady was guilty to the maximum extent in all Patriot controversies during his career for the sake of argument. Let’s say he conspired with the referees to get the ball back in 2001’s Tuck Rule Game; let’s say he masterminded Spygate in 2007 with Belichick and then decided not to send the tapes to the NFL in the subsequent investigation; let’s say he deflated New England’s footballs to his advantage before the 2015 AFC Championship Game.Forgetting that the first two hypotheticals are laughably far-fetched, where would this leave Brady’s legacy? He’d be a serial cheater — which isn’t good — but even then, would that mean he deserves more criticism than, say, Peyton Manning? Manning was a universally adored figure throughout his career, even though he was accused of sexually harassing a trainer while playing college football at Tennessee and dealt with allegations of human growth hormone use in the last year of his career. What about rising Kansas City superstar Tyreek Hill, who has electrified the NFL after getting expelled from Oklahoma State for choking his pregnant girlfriend?Say what you want about Brady’s alleged on-field transgressions, but at least they were indeed on the field. And when you restrict the conversation to the gridiron, none of Brady’s controversies did anything to hurt his football legacy: The Tuck Rule was a bad rule that was correctly called (New England had actually fallen victim to it earlier that season against the New York Jets), the Patriots lost in the 2008 Super Bowl and Deflategate was a moot point in a 45-7 blowout. Not to mention that Brady’s story is a sports-movie-like underdog story, rising from a scrawny late-round pick and failed baseball prospect to the greatest quarterback of all time. Seriously, what is there to hate about this dude?Perhaps it all boils down to jealousy. To borrow a Trumpism, Brady is winning, winning, winning — winning so much that people are tired of him winning. He has the best coach, the best endorsement deals and the best family. We can’t relate to his rocket arm, transcendent football IQ, dashing looks or supermodel wife.But I urge all haters to reconsider their views: Brady isn’t greatness in the making — he is greatness personified. Before he’s gone, take the time to appreciate his journey to where he is today and his surgical precision from the pocket, the likes of which we will never see again. Because when the confetti rains down on Brady in Houston on Sunday, it would be nice to give the GOAT a salute rather than the finger. He deserves that much.Ollie Jung is a junior studying print and digital journalism. He is also the sports editor of the Daily Trojan. His column, “Jung Money,” runs on Thursdays.last_img read more

Bad day for Neymar: Copa red card adds to Barca fraud case

first_imgBrazil’s Neymar and Colombian striker Carlos Bacca were both shown red cards for brawling in ugly scenes after Colombia’s 1-0 win at the Copa America.The defeat was Brazil’s first in 12 matches and the first game coach Dunga had failed to win since taking over following their disastrous 2014 World Cup. Colombia were the better side throughout with defender Murillo seizing on a loose ball to get the all-important goal nine minutes before half time after a Juan Cuadrado free kick had bobbled around in the box.Scuffles broke out at the end of the match and Neymar and Bacca were both shown red cards.The Brazilian had already been given a yellow when he appeared to headbutt Colombia goalscorer Jeison Murillo and he will now miss Brazil’s next match against Venezuela and probably at least one more game.The striker was a different man from the one who turned on the style in previous matches for club and country and his team mates blamed the referee for singling him out. “Referees need to show Neymar more respect,” Willian told television reporters after the game. “He is always being targeted.”Neymar suffered another blow on Wednesday as well: the Brazilian has been named as a defendant in a fraud case relating to his transfer from Santos to Barcelona, with the player’s former part-owners claiming that they were underpaid by millions when the deal went through.The caseA Spanish court has agreed to allow a fraud case against Barcelona’s Brazilian star Neymar, weeks after the club itself was ordered to stand trial.He was signed by Barcelona in 2013 for a reported €57m ($65m; £41m) and helped the club to success in this season’s Champions League and La Liga. But the courts believe the real price paid by Barcelona was far higher.A Brazilian investment firm which owned 40% of his transfer rights argues it was defrauded out of millions of euros.–last_img read more

Denis Stojnic: HIT-FC Belt remains in BiH and in my Sarajevo!

first_imgDenis Stojnic is preparing to defend the title in HIT-FC against one of the top 10 K1 fighters of today, Brazilian Anderson Braddock Silva.Silva is 1.92 and weighs 114 kg, he has four wins in MMA and one defeat, while he has achieved 47 victories and 7 defeats in K1.On his final appearance in the HIT-FC, where he made his debut as a winner, Braddock Silva said that he wants the title of our best MMA fighter, and that he wants to take the belt in Brazil.Denis Stojnic immediately replied and confirmed that the belt will remain in BiH in Sarajevo and started with his preparations for the match with K1, and now MMA fighter, Anderson Braddock Silva.Denis is preparing and training in the Netherlands in his home club Golden Glory and he hopes to win and defend his title against strong Braddock Silva.(Source: S. B./ read more

DUI Patrols Gearing Up for Night of 1,000 Stars

first_imgSubmitted by Washington State PatrolThis Friday, December 12, 2014, marks the 24th year that law enforcement in Washington have conducted “Night of 1,000 Stars” impaired driving patrols.  This special patrol serves 2 purposes: to increase traffic safety efforts during the holiday season, and to remember officers who have fallen in the line of duty.  The “1,000 Stars” symbolizes the badges of the many officers who are out keeping the roadways safe during this weekend.  State, County, City, and Tribal law enforcement will work together to patrol Thurston County, targeting impaired driving.Kicking off the DUI patrols is a special awards ceremony, honoring officers who have shown exceptional support and performance on traffic safety activities in 2014.  These individuals have gone above and beyond to make the roadways safer in Thurston County.  DUI patrols will be conducted through the holiday season, in an effort to remove impaired drivers from the roads and keep Thurston County on track to reaching Target Zero. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Soccer Quest packs in the players for Nelson summer camp

first_imgThe Soccer Quest camps, in partnership with Vancouver Whitecaps FC to help deliver development summer camps throughout the BC Interior and the Kootenay area’s for 2012, focused on improving fundamentals needed in the ever-changing game.This is the second year of a Whitecaps partnership with Soccer Quest in the Kootenays.Soccer Quest is the only full-time soccer company in the Kootenays. With its indoor soccer facility located in Nelson and for the past five years it has helped raise the profile of soccer in the Kootenay area.The success of the program shows with several players gaining college scholarships and selection to the Whitecaps FC Residency program. Soccer Quest summer camps have been in the Kootenays and Central Interior of BC for the past 13 years.Soccer Quest is a Canadian company locally owned and operated with a full time C.S.A. licensed staff. The sun was shining no potential National Team players at the Soccer Quest camp held this past week at the Lakeside Pitch.Players from tots to teenager flocked to the pitch to receive expert coaching from the Quest staff.last_img read more