Captains say no to cut

first_imgHowever, Bartomeu wants to do things the right way and has tried to convey to the players calm and the conviction that in a few weeks the situation will have recovered some normality and the competitions, even if delayed, will resume. But the explanations, so far, have not convinced the players. The captains transmitted their no to the managers, so Bartomeu will have to find solutions or apply the ERTE unilaterally. That would have a negative impact on the managerial-wardrobe relationship. Hence Bartomeu’s desire to amicably settle the conflict. It is not the only section in which the president of the Barça club is encountering problems. The white smoke with the basketball players is also being delicate.Today’s Board of Directors seems decisive to know if the club remains firm in its position or, if, on the contrary, it lowers its claims so as not to enter a train crash with a wardrobe of whose power there is no doubt. Going to the war against the booth could have sporting consequences if the season resumes, but Bartomeu also hopes that the players will take charge of the plight of a club that has projected 507 million euros in spending on 1047 budgeted for the 2019-20 campaign. The Barça players have said no, for the moment, to the salary reduction proposed by the Barça club for the period of time that the confinement lasts. Josep Maria Bartomeu called a Board of Directors for yesterday at noon, which was finally delayed until today. Thus, he tried to buy time to convince the players to accept a proposal that, according to various sources, is somewhat more benevolent than the one made with the other sections. The ERTE, which has to propose the same cut for all sections, would leave without 70% of the salaries to all professional teams. However, Bartomeu could offer certain ciones compensations ’to first-team players so that their rebate does not exceed 50%, admitting the difference between the sections in generating income. Still, the captains’ response to that proposal has been negative. It should be remembered that the Temporary Regulation File is only protected by legality while the state of alarm lasts.Calls and telematic meetings between managers, executives and players multiply. The captains of Barça have also been urged by the AFE to remain firm in their position. However, Barça has decided to apply, with or without the players’ approval, the ERTE while the confinement lasts. He considers it necessary to curb the terrible impact that the crisis will entail. And also, it is legal.last_img read more