Footballers want to play the remaining 11 League matches

first_imgMost of these footballers consulted by phone and video calls do not see favorably many of the alternatives that are used to find the champion, the descendants and the promotion of categories. They understand that when the Euro Cup is postponed almost certainly, the League can be ended, even if it is behind closed doors. As AS has learned, the captains are aware that the deadlines must be tightened and, therefore, it will be necessary to make an effort and play more days during the week, but they are willing to make that sacrifice in order to guarantee the purity of the competition and not cut dates. As if part of the vacation should be compromised and recovered when possible. Keep in mind that many player contracts, and renewals, depend on the number of matches played, minutes of play, goals, etc. That the League is over, that only the results of the first round are taken into account or that the championship is deserted, is not something they share. The possibility of a Playoff is not very pleasant either since it would add much more stress to an already delicate situation, although they see it as a lesser evil. Being able to do that would mean that, at least, the darkest days would be over. That is not little.On a more institutional level, some union and other LaLiga sources claim that everything that is said about the future of the championship, without coming from official sources, does great harm to the competition, the players, the sponsors and all the agents. protagonists in the League. Launching the hasty message that the League is over no longer burdens the staff. And not just because advertisers feint about not meeting their payments until everything clears up. It is that the footballers, who are the center of everything, are alarmed without anyone (or very few) asking them and making them participate in the decisions. In the last hours, various opinions have followed in which the different scenarios facing Spanish football have been dropped after the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus. Javier Tebas holds several videoconference meetings this Monday, with professional clubs and with international organizations, to try to reach an agreement that hurts all parties as little as possible. And Luis Rubiales, president of the Federation, has already communicated on several occasions that he is working on four possible scenarios to end this season. But until now the most important part in this negotiation, which is the footballers, had not yet been pronounced. After requesting that the League be suspended, supplications that were accepted although somewhat late, now they are clear again: they want to play the 11 remaining days of the League and they do not want the championship to end without further ado with some of the alternatives being considered.The Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) is in permanent contact with soccer players of all categories, but it has focused especially on two sectors in the last few hours. First, in those affected by the virus. The union has made itself available to the players who have caught it (there are five from Valencia and some more in the Second Division). And, in addition, he has consulted all the First and Second captains to share with them all the official information they have at any level (also on labor law) and to share the wishes of the players in the short and medium term . And there, AFE has been able to verify that the players have a double obsession: ensure their own health and that of the rest of the citizenry (they are being an example sharing videos working from home) and, once this gap is overcome, be at the disposal of LaLiga and the RFEF to finish the championship on the playing fields .last_img read more