China seeks to work with Sri Lanka against trade bullying

He said that American and Chinese consumers are both victims of the trade war, but the average American consumers will suffer more.“First, American importers bear almost all the costs of higher tariffs. Some of the cost of tariffs would be passed on to US consumers, while importers see lower margins. Further tariff increases may foreseeably be passed on to consumers. This phenomenon will inevitably lead to inflation in the long run, which will cause more serious damage to low-income families in the United States,” he added. “It didn’t help, as the Trump administration promised, reduce the trade deficit, while it is more likely to severely dampen business and financial market sentiment, disrupt global supply chains and jeopardize the expected recovery in global growth in 2019,” the Ambassador said in a statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in Colombo. China says it is ready to work with all countries, including Sri Lanka, to firmly oppose trade bullying, safeguard and promote the building of an open world economy and economic globalization, inject more certainty into an uncertain world, and build a community of shared future and common interests through win-win cooperation.The Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Cheng Xueyuan said that for more than a year, the trade dispute between China and the United States has caused concern and even panic in both countries and the international market. He said the US tariff increase on China has reduced the total trade volume between China and the US, but the bilateral trade deficit remains basically unchanged. The Ambassador said that as for the China-US economic and trade frictions, China has always exercised great restraint and made careful preparations for negotiations with great sincerity.He said that China’s sincerity in promoting the consultations is obvious to all but China is unlikely to trade principled issues for core interests, and will not make concessions on major issues of principle. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Brock wrestling alumnus achieves dream of fighting in UFC

UFC 124: Matthew Riddle and Brock grad, Sean Pierson (BBA ’01). Photo credit: MMAJunkie.comThis past December, Brock Business graduate and former Badgers wrestler, Sean Pierson (BBA ’01), made his UFC debut at the Bell Centre in Montreal. A Brock Press article, “From Brock to the UFC‘,  details the 10-year journey he undertook to get there. ——From Brock to the UFCThe Brock PressJan. 11, 2011Written by Anthony DebartoloIt’s December 12, 2010 and Sean Pierson is tired, bruised, and – as the cuts on his face suggest – beat-up. Now to some these feelings of utter discomfort would signify meanings of defeat and discontent. However, to 34-year-old Sean Pierson these battle wounds indicate the complete opposite, serving as symbolic reminders that he is finally living-out his boyhood dream.On December 11, 2010, former Brock graduate Sean Pierson made his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut at UFC 124. Fighting in his first ever UFC tilt, the Toronto native admits that the experience was definitely a nerve-wrenching one.To read the rest of the article, visit read more