Outdoor Updates: Happy Birthday MST + Trump Sticker found on Bear

first_imgDue to a multimillion budget shortfall caused by coal’s decline and a population drop, Boone County has cut multiple government jobs. According to Boone Prosecutor Keith Randolph, the personnel cuts will save nearly $1 million, but will still need to trim more than $1 million of its budget. Happy Birthday Mountains to Sea Trail! The collar was put there by researchers, but the sticker still remains a mystery. Jennifer Strules, a wildlife biologist at N.C. State University is conducting the North Carolina Urban/Suburban Bear Study in Asheville in conjunction with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. She urges the public to never, under any circumstances, approach a bear that close of range. Especially not to put a sticker on them. “It’s incredibly foolhardy and a public safety hazard for someone to do that,” says Strules. The Mountain to Sea Trail is celebrating it’s 42nd birthday! The MST runs 1175 miles from the Great Smokies to the Outer Banks, through beauty and diversity of NC’s lands and culture. To celebrate, Friends of the MST is holding birthday hikes September 6-8, so get out there and show your love with a proper outdoor celebration! Find a hike and sign up here: https://mountainstoseatrail.org/birthdayhike/ Last month was Boone’s second round of layoffs this summer after county commissioners mandated that governmental office leaders make 20 percent cuts to positions and benefits. In the past, this brought in a multi-million dollar surplus from coal tax revenue in efforts to save money. “The goal of the research was to look at the spatial ecology of black bears in Asheville by capturing bears within a 1-mile radius of the city, placing radio collars on them, which naturally fall off after a certain amount of time, then releasing them, while continuing to track the bears to gather data in order to inform future bear management decisions,” says The Citizen-Times, Ashville. NC Man finds Trump stick on Bear Coal tax decline forces Boone County WV to slash jobs A bear wandered into a family’s backyard for some casual garden raiding and bee sniffing when they noticed a collar on it. The collar appeared to be there for researched purposed but when they looked closer (from the safety of their home’s window) they saw a trump sticker on the bear’s collar. last_img read more

Weather delays rescue of helicopter crew that made emergency landing in Papua

first_imgThe helicopter took off from Nabire Airport at 10:47 a.m. local time on Thursday, heading to the Baya Biru area to deliver food supplies. However, the helicopter lost contact with air traffic control at 1:30 p.m.The helicopter, belonging to PT National Utility Helicopters (NUH), was carrying three people, Capt. Endy Nawalaga as the pilot, Capt. Erik Kurniawan as the copilot, and crew member M. Aswar Jamal.Kamal said the rescue team was currently asking for mining giant PT Freeport’s SAR team to help rescue the helicopter crew.”We’re asking for help from the Freeport SAR team as they have better equipment,” he said. (nal)Topics : Bad weather and difficult terrain are still preventing a joint rescue team from rescuing the crew of a Bell 212 helicopter that made an emergency landing in Paniai regency after it was reported missing several hours after taking off from Nabire Airport in Papua on Thursday.Papua Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. A.M. Kamal said a Search and Rescue (SAR) team had managed to locate the helicopter on Friday in a forest in Paniai.”The SAR team has found them. Apparently they made an emergency landing in a river basin,” Kamal said on Friday as reported by kompas.com.”The pilot, copilot and crew are safe. We’re trying to evacuate the victims but rescue efforts have been hampered by [bad weather],” he added.Kamal further said the difficult terrain in the forest also hampered the process as the SAR team had not yet been able to find a safe location to land.Read also: Bodies of 12 victims on missing Mi-17 Army helicopter found in Papualast_img read more

French ‘Spiderman’ climbs 75-storey building in Dubai

first_imgThe 52-year-old climbed the 307 metre high Cayan tower in just 70 minutes, with no harness and very little space on the ledges of the twisted tower.Back in 2011 Robert climbed the world’s tallest tower also in Dubai…the Burj Khalifa The French Spiderman has struck again. Alain Robert is known for clambering some of the world’s highest buildings.And at the weekend, he scaled the 75-storey heights of  one of Dubai’s tallest skyscraper, relying on only chalk, sticky tape, and his fingers.Alain Robert doing what he loves most, climbing walls of very tall buildings Burj Khalifalast_img read more

Less pollution: Birds sing in low frequencies

first_imgThe Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) here inRegion 6 is seeing some light in this situation as the environment heals fromthe dreadful effects of pollution. Animals, especially birds, relish thepeaceful atmosphere due to the limited mobility of vehicles and people to avoidfurther local transmission of the virus and contain the outbreak. A Yellow-bellied whistler (Pachycephala philippinensis) is a species of bird endemic in the Philippines. The Eurasian tree sparrow (Passer montanus) bird seen gripping on the basketball ring. In urban areas, the air quality is greatly affected by smog andnoxious gases. Birds have high respiratory rate, which makes them susceptibleto air pollutants and airborne impurities. But with less travel of airplanesand vehicles, birds could breathe better and soar up in the skies. Some birds’ species use vocalization to attract a mate, warndanger and socialize with other birds in the avian community. In the city,noise pollution affects the birds and their habits. It also interfere theircommunication as they vocalize at low frequencies to attract and impress a matein order to reproduce. Currently, the city is no longer engrossed with ambientnoise thus many birds are seen and heard vocalizing at low frequencies. “Humans have now realized that nature, once left alone, can bounceback to its balance. We have seen something really good amid this COVID-19pandemic. I thereby encourage all to protect the birds and its habitats by not capturing,poaching or illegally cutting trees that serves as their habitat as we also protectourselves by doing preventive measures to avoid getting infected by the virus. Letus bear in mind that the key to a harmonious life is to live as one with thenature,” said DENR 6 regional executive director Francisco E. Milla, Jr. During the night, bright city lights interferes the view of the starsin the sky which the birds uses to help them determine the route for the nextday. As such, too much alteration of the natural light confuses and disorientsthe birds. Light pollution affects the flight patterns of birds and breakstheir usual migration paths. Meanwhile, waterbirds species are often seen on wetlands and seas.Water pollutants reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, eventually killing thefishes, a source of food for the waterbirds. Oil spills affect these avian creatureswhen their feathers lose its quality if covered with oil, poisoning them orexposing their skin. With reduced sea travels, there is less water pollution andhelped prevent the risk faced by the waterbirds.center_img The presence of flock of birds in the trees and skies is anoticeable evidence of a revived balance in nature. A Eurasian tree sparrow is a passerine bird seen gripping on an electric wire. Air, land, water, noise, light and oil pollution are great threatsto the lives of these flying creatures. Hence with the outbreak of the COVID-19disease, the government decided to put the country on lockdown thereby restrictingland, air and sea travels. Enhanced Biodiversity Conservation is among the ten priorityprograms of the Environment Secretary Roy A. Cimatu.(DENR6/PN) Here in Iloilo City, a curfew was implemented due to the city’slockdown and also restricted the mobility of vehicles on the street which pavedthe way for the birds to see the stars at night. AVIAN species called birds were frequently seen flying in the skyand were heard chirping and singing from the trees in the community amidst the coronaviruspandemic.last_img read more

Southern Oregon special boasts $5,000 prize for IMCA Modifieds

first_imgWHITE CITY, Ore. – The Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modified winner of Southern Oregon Speedway’s 21st annual Lon Skinner Memorial earns a hefty $5,000.The Sunday, Sept. 4 main event pays a minimum of $500 to each of the 24 starters and is a qualifier for the 2017 Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot.Modifieds also race for $600 to win in their Saturday, Sept. 3 feature. Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods race for top checks of $400 on Saturday and $600 on Sunday.Early registration and practice is Friday, Sept. 2 at White City.Entry fee for the Modifieds is $200 or $250 at the gate.Transponders are required and must be furnished by the driver. Hoosier tires, fuel and tearoffs will be available in the pits.Grandstand admission is $15 for Saturday, $20 for Sunday or $30 for a two-day pass. Pit passes are $35 a day or $60 for a two-day pass.Brookside Inn is the host hotel and reservations can be made by calling 866 928-2314. Free camping, but no hookups, is also available at the track.More information is available at the track’s www.sospeedway.com website or by calling 541 772-6264.last_img read more

Top-Ranked Argonauts Season Ends in Semifinals

first_imgTop-Ranked Argonauts Season Ends in Semifinals May 11, 2007ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Top-ranked West Florida’s (26-4) impressive season came to an end against sixth-ranked Lynn University on Friday. Lynn defeated West Florida, 5-0, in the semifinals of the NCAA Division II National Championships at Sanlando Park. Last season the Argonauts were defeated 5-2 by the Fighting Knights in the national semifinals in Kansas City.The Fighting Knights swept the doubles action, earning all three points. Dante Bottini (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Nicolas Barrientos (Cali, Colombia) were defeated 8-5 in the first position. Diego Zorzi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and his partner Luis Arboleda (Medellin, Colombia) were defeated 8-6 in the second position. Argonaut teammates Eduardo Cavasotti (Florianopolis, Brazil) and his partner Luiz Bernardi (Campinas, Brazil) were also lost 9-7 in the third position, giving the Fighting Knights the 3-0 lead.Following the doubles action, and needing five out of a six possible points, the Argonauts fell short against the Fighting Knights. Playing in the third position, 38th ranked Barrientos was defeated in straight sets, giving the Fighting Knights a comfortable 4-0 lead. Seventh-ranked Zorzi, playing in the first position, was also defeated in straight sets, finishing the match and securing Lynn’s spot in the NCAA Division II championship final.The Argonauts posted a 27-4 record, finishing the season with a .867 winning percentage. Against Gulf South Conference opponents, the Argonauts posted a 9-1 record, with a .900 conference winning percentage. The Argonauts were also ranked first in the nation during the regular season, and runner-up in the GSC Tournament.Diego Zorzi posted a 14-2 singles record, finishing the season with a .875 winning percentage including a 4-2 record in the first position and a 10-0 record in the second position. In doubles Zorzi was an impressive 21-3 record this season, including a 1-0 record in the first position and a 20-3 record in the second position, finishing with a .875 winning percentage in doubles. Zorzi was nationally ranked seventh in singles and 19th in doubles with partner Luis Arboleda.Dante Bottini recorded a 15-4 singles record, finishing the season with a .789 winning percentage in singles, including a 12-4 record in the first position and a 3-0 record in the second position. In doubles Bottini posted an impressive 24-4 record in the first position this season, finishing with a .856 winning percentage. Bottini was nationally ranked sixth in singles and second in doubles with partner Nicolas Barrientos. Bottini was also named NCAA Division II/Intercollegiate Tennis Association South Region Senior of The Year.Nicolas Barrientos posted a 16-10 singles record, finishing the season with a .615 winning percentage, including a 2-1 record in the first position, a 4-3 record in the second position and a 10-4 record in the third position. In doubles Barrientos was an impressive 24-4 record this season in the first position, and finished the season with a .857 winning percentage in doubles. Barrientos was nationally ranked 38th in singles and second in doubles with partner Bottini.Eduardo Cavasotti finished with a 12-10 singles record, finishing the season with a .545 winning percentage in singles, including a 4-3 record in the third position and a 7-6 record in the fourth position. In doubles Cavasotti posted a 20-9 record, including a 1-0 record in the first position, a 4-2 record in the second position, and a 16-6 in the third position, finishing the season with a .690 winning percentage in doubles. Cavasotti was nationally ranked 44th in singles.Luis Arboleda posted a 18-5 singles record, finishing the season with a .783 winning percentage, including a 3-0 in the third position, a 3-1 record in the fourth position and 7-4 in the fifth position. In doubles Arboleda put together a 26-4 record, including a 20-4 record in the second position and a 4-0 record in the third position, finishing the season with a .867 winning percentage in doubles. Arboleda was nationally ranked 19th in doubles.Luiz Bernardi earned a 16-4 singles record, finishing the season with a .800 winning percentage in singles, including a 3-1 record in the fourth position, a 5-0 record in the fifth position and a 6-3 record in the sixth position. In doubles Bernardi posted a 20-9 record, including 4-0 in the fourth position and a 13-8 record in the third position. He finished the season with a .690 winning percentage in doubles.Vivian Chhetri posted a 7-4 singles record, finishing the season with a .636 winning percentage in singles, including a 2-0 record in the third and fourth position and 2-1 record in the fifth position. In doubles, Chhetri was a perfect 7-0 in the third position.Mark McGuigan recorded a 6-2 singles record, finishing the season with a .750 winning percentage in singles, including a 2-0 record in the fifth position and a 4-2 record in the sixth position. In doubles McGuigan posted an 1-0 record.Marco Matteucci posted a 5-0 singles record, with three victories in the fifth position and three in the sixth position. In doubles, Matteucci was 2-0 with one victory in the second position and one in the third position.Gui Jasmin posted a 1-0 singles record in the sixth position. In doubles Jasmin was 1-0 in the third position. (By Gui Amaral Jasmin) Print Friendly Version Sharelast_img read more

City clinch New York franchise deal

first_imgManchester City and baseball giants the New York Yankees have formed an agreement to purchase an expansion franchise in Major League Soccer, it has been announced. New York City Football Club will become the 20th club in MLS in 2015 after a deal worth around 100million US dollars (£66million) was concluded. The two clubs and MLS announced the partnership after a meeting at the league’s headquarters in central New York. Press Associationcenter_img City hope the arrangement will help to expand their profile in the United States, while it is also a potential extra source of income and players. City chief executive Ferran Soriano said: “New York is a legendary sports town, as well as a thriving global city with a rapidly expanding soccer fanbase. “We are thrilled to contribute to the energy and growth of New York City soccer. “In the Yankees, we have found the absolute best partner for developing a world-class sports organisation and a winning team that will carry the New York City Football Club name with pride.” City will be the majority owner of the new venture, with the Yankees, who previously had a commercial agreement with Manchester United, being an active member of the ownership group. The new club does not presently have a home but discussions are under way over the construction of a new stadium at Flushing Meadows in the Queens borough of the city. They will play at a temporary location until a development is completed. MLS commissioner Don Garber said: “We proudly welcome two of the most prestigious global sports organisations to Major League Soccer. This is a transformational development that will elevate the league to new heights in this country.” last_img read more

King proud to get Republic reins

first_img “I know how the set up works and what goes on, although there are obviously differences between the various levels. “Obviously I was very proud when I was asked to take this role. I’m honoured and even though this is just a caretaker position, it’s marvellous for me and for my family. “I’m delighted to be given this opportunity and delighted that the FAI (Football Association of Ireland) had the confidence in me to give me this responsibility.” King will take charge of the team for the two remaining World Cup qualifiers against Germany and Kazakhstan in October following Giovanni Trapattoni’s departure after defeats by Sweden and Austria this month, which left the Republic with no chance of making it to Brazil next summer. He will watch a series of games in the United Kingdom this week before naming a provisional squad on Monday, which will then be whittled down at the end of the month. He said: “There are plenty of games to get to between now and then in terms of me finalising the squad, and I’ll look at as many players as I can before picking the provisional squad. “I’m sure there will be a few injuries and players possibly not available for a variety of reasons, which is always the case in international football at all levels. “What is important is that we recognise that the FIFA rankings are key for us. “I believe in Ireland. The spirit and skills of the players, their never say die attitude – everybody is aware of that trait in our squad. That’s the starting point.” Press Association The Dubliner, who has stepped up from his role as Under-21s manager, worked previously in the first team set-up under Jack Charlton and is thrilled to have another opportunity. King, whose temporary appointment was announced on Monday evening, said: “I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with the senior squad at tournaments such as the 1990 World Cup under Jack Charlton and have been involved in international football for many years at various age levels. center_img Noel King has revealed his pride at being asked to take over as interim Ireland boss.last_img read more

O’Neill upbeat despite defeat

first_img Press Association With their toughest away days now out of the way and four of their remaining six fixtures at Windsor Park, a first major tournament appearance in 30 years remains on the cards. “Nine points from four games, having gone to Budapest, Athens and Bucharest, is great and I’m proud of the effort the players have given,” said O’Neill. “The lads are genuinely disappointed because at 0-0 with 70 minutes gone you start to believe there’s a point for you, maybe more if you can exploit your opportunities. “But I told them not to be too despondent because we still have so much to play for in the second half of the campaign. “We have four home games to look forward to and our most difficult away games are behind us. “I think we will react well to this and recover. Our focus now is to win the next two home games, against Finland and Romania, where we have an opportunity to cement our place in the top three.” O’Neill made no attempt to detract from Romania’s superiority, but could not help bemoan the absence of a handful of key men, with the absence of captain Steven Davis felt most keenly of all. “We missed the players who were unavailable to us,” O’Neill said. “Our captain Steven Davis, Shane Ferguson, Jamie Ward, Jonny Evans…these are all players who would come in and make us stronger. “There’s no doubt Steven being out weakens us, so if we’d have taken something it would have been a huge bonus. “In these types of games Davis gives you the ability to stay on the ball, to play in tight areas and difficult circumstances. We probably didn’t do those things as well without him. “But we can still be proud of our effort and commitment. We can play better, no doubt about that, but we have to give credit to opponents who were excellent. “Ultimately we have to hold our hands up and say the better team won the game.” Brighton defender Aaron Hughes, who busted a gut alongside Gareth McAuley to keep Northern Ireland afloat for so long, told Sky Sports: “We are still in a good position, it’s by no means devastating, we just need to learn from a few things and keep going. “We have just got to deal with it and get on with it.” Iordanescu, who enjoyed a winning start to his third stint in charge of Romania, feels his side now have one foot in France in two years’ time and thinks O’Neill’s squad could yet be joining them. “For me Northern Ireland were and still are a big surprise in this group,” he said. “They are very organised and I’m sure they will record some more surprises before the end of the campaign. “But we have made a major step towards the Euros, we have shaken off the pressure because we are the new leaders of the group.” After beginning the campaign with successive wins over Hungary, the Faroe Islands and Greece, O’Neill’s men hit the wall in Bucharest. Romania dominated throughout and, although the visitors withstood the pressure for 74 gruelling minutes, right-back Paul Papp netted twice in quick succession to claim the points. Victory sees Anghel Iordanescu’s side leapfrog Northern Ireland at the Group F summit, a position they will hold again until at least March, but the message from O’Neill was defiantly upbeat. Manager Michael O’Neill was unbowed by Northern Ireland’s first defeat of the Euro 2016 campaign, insisting qualification is still within sight.last_img read more