Girona trusts Montilivi its jump to Primera

first_imgClassification. Girona chains five consecutive days in playoff positions, but it is bumping into a wall. And this is fifth place Improving this position as far as the course is going is mission impossible, but it is the barrier they must overcome to dream of direct ascent. The draw last Sunday against Mirandés prevented them from catapulting to second place, but there are 12 days left to finish the League and it is not a chimera. Moreover, Zaragoza, second, is only six points and Cádiz, leader, nine. There are 36 points left to play. Girona has set its sights on Primera. The sensations given by the rojiblanca team are good and, on Saturday against Albacete, you can continue taking steps forward. Those of Pep Lluís Martí, if they do not fall, would reach the seventh game by adding and strengthen them in the playoff. But the goal is to hunt down direct ascent teams, there is room for maneuver, and hence in the locker room they have a clear thing: Montilivi must be key to it. So far this year, the rojiblanco team has 46 points and 33 of them have achieved them at home. It is the second best place in Segunda and they want to continue exploiting it.Securing the points at home will be crucial to try to make the definitive leap towards Primera and more considering that they have to visit direct rivals. Without going further, the final of the League will be exciting because the last three blocks that will pass through Montilivi will be Zaragoza, Almería and Cádiz, the first three classified. Of course, the other rivals that will come to the rojiblanco fief will not be simple either because they are immersed in the fight for the descent, like Albacete and Racing, or for not being in anyone’s zone and fighting to approach the playoff like the Numancia. In recent days, Girona has managed to create a great communion with its fans and hence the atmosphere that is breathed in the city is ideal for working with confidence and calm. The players feel that way and that To see the last defeat at home in the league, it is necessary to go back to 2019, on December 22, 21 against Mirandés (0-3).last_img read more

Footballers want to play the remaining 11 League matches

first_imgMost of these footballers consulted by phone and video calls do not see favorably many of the alternatives that are used to find the champion, the descendants and the promotion of categories. They understand that when the Euro Cup is postponed almost certainly, the League can be ended, even if it is behind closed doors. As AS has learned, the captains are aware that the deadlines must be tightened and, therefore, it will be necessary to make an effort and play more days during the week, but they are willing to make that sacrifice in order to guarantee the purity of the competition and not cut dates. As if part of the vacation should be compromised and recovered when possible. Keep in mind that many player contracts, and renewals, depend on the number of matches played, minutes of play, goals, etc. That the League is over, that only the results of the first round are taken into account or that the championship is deserted, is not something they share. The possibility of a Playoff is not very pleasant either since it would add much more stress to an already delicate situation, although they see it as a lesser evil. Being able to do that would mean that, at least, the darkest days would be over. That is not little.On a more institutional level, some union and other LaLiga sources claim that everything that is said about the future of the championship, without coming from official sources, does great harm to the competition, the players, the sponsors and all the agents. protagonists in the League. Launching the hasty message that the League is over no longer burdens the staff. And not just because advertisers feint about not meeting their payments until everything clears up. It is that the footballers, who are the center of everything, are alarmed without anyone (or very few) asking them and making them participate in the decisions. In the last hours, various opinions have followed in which the different scenarios facing Spanish football have been dropped after the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus. Javier Tebas holds several videoconference meetings this Monday, with professional clubs and with international organizations, to try to reach an agreement that hurts all parties as little as possible. And Luis Rubiales, president of the Federation, has already communicated on several occasions that he is working on four possible scenarios to end this season. But until now the most important part in this negotiation, which is the footballers, had not yet been pronounced. After requesting that the League be suspended, supplications that were accepted although somewhat late, now they are clear again: they want to play the 11 remaining days of the League and they do not want the championship to end without further ado with some of the alternatives being considered.The Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) is in permanent contact with soccer players of all categories, but it has focused especially on two sectors in the last few hours. First, in those affected by the virus. The union has made itself available to the players who have caught it (there are five from Valencia and some more in the Second Division). And, in addition, he has consulted all the First and Second captains to share with them all the official information they have at any level (also on labor law) and to share the wishes of the players in the short and medium term . And there, AFE has been able to verify that the players have a double obsession: ensure their own health and that of the rest of the citizenry (they are being an example sharing videos working from home) and, once this gap is overcome, be at the disposal of LaLiga and the RFEF to finish the championship on the playing fields .last_img read more

Pelé’s younger brother dies: in the shadow of ‘O Rei’ in Santos

first_imgThe Brazilian club reported that a wake will be held at the Acropolis Ecumenical Memorial Cemetery in Santos. The act will be restricted to very few people to respect the quarantine in force in the entire state of Sao Paulo to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Pelé, who will turn 80 in October and has mobility problems, is not used to attending funerals.In March 2019, the Brazilian star did not go to the wake of former soccer player Antonio Wilson Vieira Honório, better known as Coutinho, his best partner in Santos and a teammate, with whom he won the 1962 World Cup.In February of this year, Pelé reaffirmed that he is in good health after his son Edinho revealed in an interview to a local outlet that his father is homebound and suffers from “a certain depression”. Jair Arantes do Nascimento “Zoca”, Pelé’s younger brother and who played for a short period at Santos, passed away at the age of 77, reported this Thursday the Brazilian club. Zoca, born on July 22, 1942, was fighting prostate cancer and was admitted to a hospital in Santos, on the coast of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. He tried to follow in his brother’s footsteps in the Albinegro team in the early 1960s, but soon gave up after playing just 15 games and scoring four goals.Subsequently, he became an advisor to the triple world champion, who managed some of his companies.“Jair Arantes do Nascimento, ‘Zoca’, brother of our King (Pelé), died on Wednesday night, at the age of 77. Zoca came to perform at the Peixao base when he was younger. Our condolences to our idol Pelé and all your beloved family. Rest in peace, Zoca, “Santos announced on his social networks.last_img read more

Neville tells his ‘trick’ to stop Cristiano Ronaldo

first_img“Valverde played with me like he was a puppet”Gary Neville does not forget either that “the press and the media were brutal” with his figure. “I left many press conferences with the feeling that I had been questioned. There were also no fellow coaches who supported me. And honestly, sometimes he was totally overwhelmed against any of them in the technical zone“he remarks, emphasizing” especially “Ernesto Valverde, then Athletic.“He changed his system three times and he was always one step ahead of me. It felt like he was playing with me, like he was a little puppet,” remembers. He also has words for Diego Pablo Simeone. “I felt that he was strangling me gently, he was torturing me in terms of football for 90 minutes. At the end of the game, I went to shake his hand and he passed me and I did not like that. Whatever happens, you go and shake your opponent’s hand, that’s respect, “he says.Neville tells his ‘trick’ to stop Cristiano Ronaldo“Leave the Mestalla lawn as a farm.” Gary Neville talks about his strategy to stop Cristiano and Bale when training Valencia. The match ended 2-2 and meant the removal of Rafa Benítez as coach of Real Madrid: “What I remember most about that game was our tactic of leaving the pitch very long and not watering so that the ball would not go so fast, hoping to stop Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. I left Mestalla like a farmer’s field. Cristiano approached me before the game and said ‘cut the field’, and I said ‘there is no chance’. It worked”.DismissalFinally, he was dismissed in late March. “The players need a coherent message and believe in the process. I did not give them that. The most important thing that Valencia taught me was being clinical and decisive in decision making. When I look at the leaders, I want clarity, consistency and decisive actions, and I was neither of those things in Valencia, I was weak. Phil saw it firsthand and was very frustrated with me. He saw someone who had been very resistant, strong and robust throughout his life collapsing in front of him, in key principles such as allowing other people to lead, “says the former international. English Gary Neville acknowledges his mistakes in his time at Valencia in the 2015-2016 season, making it clear that “the last thing he needed” so the Spanish team was “an inexperienced coach like him”, and blaming much of the blame for having been “weak” in making “big decisions” in the locker room or for not having fulfilled his “main role, trying to win football games.”“Looking back, the last thing Valencia needed was an inexperienced coach and the last thing I needed was inexperienced staff”, Neville relates in the podcast ‘Off Script’ of ‘Sky Sports’, where he notes that “originally” he said no to Peter Lim. “Then I decided to do it for him because he had shown great faith in me and I wanted to pay him back,” he adds.However, that was one of his failures. “It was a decision that I made in two days and that was influenced by a little arrogance and ego. I had been in one of the most successful clubs in the world for 20 years (Manchester United), I felt indestructible, “he admits.“But I quickly discovered that when you’re unprepared and you’re faced with something you’re not qualified for, then you get slapped“continues the oldest of the Neville brothers, who also talks about how the city was” a hotbed of soccer. “” I was a stranger in a city that I did not expect, “he says.The former defense officer arrived at the Turia club warned by his brother Phil, an assistant with the Portuguese Nuno, that the locker room was “fractured”. “You should have seen the warning signs much faster and entered crisis mode there. Looking back, I underestimated being in a different league from a different country and the size of the job, “says the Englishman.“I never dealt with my main role, which was trying to win soccer games. At first, it was clear that some players were not happy and I should have made big decisions about those who were not committed to the club at the time“Neville stresses, who doubted the possibility of having met opposition in the case of having separated someone.” That was weak on my part, it should have been decisive, “he regrets.“When I left, I promised myself I would never weaken again with a big decision. I was weak for four months where I lost my confidence,” adds the former Manchester United player, who even went so far as not to “go to training” or not take part. ” in training sessions. ” He was also “ashamed” of having to use a translator to explain to the players, especially because he considers himself “a good communicator”.last_img read more

Captains say no to cut

first_imgHowever, Bartomeu wants to do things the right way and has tried to convey to the players calm and the conviction that in a few weeks the situation will have recovered some normality and the competitions, even if delayed, will resume. But the explanations, so far, have not convinced the players. The captains transmitted their no to the managers, so Bartomeu will have to find solutions or apply the ERTE unilaterally. That would have a negative impact on the managerial-wardrobe relationship. Hence Bartomeu’s desire to amicably settle the conflict. It is not the only section in which the president of the Barça club is encountering problems. The white smoke with the basketball players is also being delicate.Today’s Board of Directors seems decisive to know if the club remains firm in its position or, if, on the contrary, it lowers its claims so as not to enter a train crash with a wardrobe of whose power there is no doubt. Going to the war against the booth could have sporting consequences if the season resumes, but Bartomeu also hopes that the players will take charge of the plight of a club that has projected 507 million euros in spending on 1047 budgeted for the 2019-20 campaign. The Barça players have said no, for the moment, to the salary reduction proposed by the Barça club for the period of time that the confinement lasts. Josep Maria Bartomeu called a Board of Directors for yesterday at noon, which was finally delayed until today. Thus, he tried to buy time to convince the players to accept a proposal that, according to various sources, is somewhat more benevolent than the one made with the other sections. The ERTE, which has to propose the same cut for all sections, would leave without 70% of the salaries to all professional teams. However, Bartomeu could offer certain ciones compensations ’to first-team players so that their rebate does not exceed 50%, admitting the difference between the sections in generating income. Still, the captains’ response to that proposal has been negative. It should be remembered that the Temporary Regulation File is only protected by legality while the state of alarm lasts.Calls and telematic meetings between managers, executives and players multiply. The captains of Barça have also been urged by the AFE to remain firm in their position. However, Barça has decided to apply, with or without the players’ approval, the ERTE while the confinement lasts. He considers it necessary to curb the terrible impact that the crisis will entail. And also, it is legal.last_img read more

The board studies asking for more cuts to the Barça squad

first_imgHowever, in the absence of specifying these variables, within the Blaugrana board of directors there are a number of managers who were not satisfied with the agreement reached with the staff, which they consider insufficient.According to the agreement reached, Barcelona would save with the reduction of the first template about 14 million monthly in payroll, an amount that for many does not fix anything. This sector of the board that is in favor of renegotiating looks in the mirror of other teams such as Bayern Munich (which has cut 20 percent of its players’ record) or Juventus (which has cut 90 million) and they consider that this is the horizon that the Blaugrana set must set.Therefore, once this state of alarm is over, the various scenarios proposed by the technicians will be studied and the request to a second downgrade to the squad.And seeing how the negotiation of the first ended, which culminated in the statement made by Messi on behalf of the entire team in which he showed the discomfort of the dressing room having been singled out and “under the microscope” by the board, this new negotiation could be even more delicate. As expected, the economic negotiation between the Barcelona board and the first team squad has not ended with the agreement that was made public last Monday. whereby the Barça players accepted the reduction of 70 percent of their salary while the state of alarm lasted. In this agreement, in addition, the footballers added an additional two percent so that the employees did not lose purchasing power by the ERTE that will also be applied to them and that the club is scheduled to present today at the Department of Treball of the Generalitat. The blaugrana board could ask the players for a further downgrade to overcome the economic situation, since the first effort may be insufficient.Miguel Rico publishes in Mundo Deportivo that President Josep Maria Bartomeu has commissioned the club’s executives with a report on the scenarios that Barcelona can face once the first phase of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus is overcome.This study will not be ready until May and depends on several factors. such as whether it will be played open door or closed door, television rights will be charged in full and if not in what percentage, or if you can return to the economic activity of selling T-shirts or visiting the Camp Nou and what level these activities will be carried out, since the return to the activity will be progressive.last_img read more

Lodi, positive; nine more, with antibodies in the Atleti

first_imgThe younger Brazilian worldwide, who has simply turned 22, has been certainly one of the most excellent footballers of Atlético de Madrid up to now this season, chosen the greatest participant of the first leg towards Liverpool in the spherical of 16 of the Champions.A number of days after the begin of the State of Alarm, in the center of March, Lodi started to indicate signs of what he considered the flu. Days later, he started to really feel in need of breath and reported it to the membership, which moved a health care provider to his residence and was conscious of him and his companion, who occurred to current the similar signs a couple of days later.Renan has been effectively for a number of weeks, though he has a bit of nasal congestion. After the constructive, he will probably be remoted at house for the subsequent ten days. His companion and the household’s assistant, who additionally lives with them, took the take a look at this Friday to search out out if in addition they have COVID-19. Ten Atlético de Madrid gamers gave constructive exams to the coronavirus detection. Of those, nine have already examined destructive for PCR and, due to this fact, have already developed antibodies. Solely a kind of ten, Renan Lodi, confirmed a viral load in this new take a look at. Regardless of the whole lot, the participant is ok, asymptomatic and vigorous. The remaining have permission to coach. The Brazilian participant now has to attend for a brand new PCR take a look at. In the occasion that in this subsequent take a look at no viral load was detected, you’ll have to repeat a brand new one three days later to have the ability to return to coaching. Renan Lodi, aspect of Atlético de Madrid, made the information shortly as a result of Globoesporte in Brazil introduced his case. In keeping with sources near the participant, Lodi offered a number of Signs constant with COVID-19 in early March and reported this to the membership, which adopted up for the previous few weeks.Though he had not completed the take a look at till that week and that he not has signs, Renan Lodi examined constructive and now must be quarantined for the subsequent ten days, till you are able to do the take a look at once more to have the ability to be a part of the coaching periods. last_img read more

India, NZ clash in Twenty20 World Cup Super 10 opener

first_imgNAGPUR, India (AP):New Zealand captain Kane Williamson is wary of the threat Indian spinners could pose for his batsmen in their World Twenty20 match yesterday.”The pitch will be on the slow side and perhaps take a little turn,” Williamson said yesterday ahead of the Super 10 opener. “In Indian conditions, we can expect spin to play a big part, and it’s important that we adjust our game accordingly.”The pitch used here for a Test match against South Africa last year was rated as poor by the International Cricket Council (ICC) with the game ending inside three days.The World T20 qualifying games also saw the ball turn. That could magnify the challenge in batting against India’s Ravichandran Ashwin-led spin attack, which also boasts all-rounders Yuvraj Singh and Ravindra Jadeja, part-timer Suresh Raina, and the backup of Harbhajan Singh.New Zealand have the added challenge of adjusting quickly to the format as their last engagement was a Test series against Australia, but Williamson played down this concern.”In international games, you get to change formats consistently,” Williamson said.Hosts India are the favourites to win the tournament but start their campaign against an opposition they have never beaten in four previous meetings, including in the 2007 edition, which India won in South Africa.”I don’t think our previous record has any meaning. We go into the match tomorrow with a clean slate. India is a strong side, and Twenty20 cricket is fickle in nature,” said Williamson, who has match winners of his own such as batsmen Ross Taylor and Martin Guptill and all-rounder Corey Anderson.India’s in-form batsman, Virat Kohli said that the team’s fine recent run gave them a lot of confidence.”We’re pretty confident after winning 10 of 11 games and hope to take that momentum into the World Twenty20,” Kohli said. “This is going to be far more challenging. This is a big event and the whole feeling, vibe, is different.”India’s recent successes include winning the Asia Cup in Bangladesh as well as a 3-0 series victory in Australia. Kohli led the way, scoring 352 runs in eight T20 games at a strike rate of 134 and an average of 117.33, with openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan also among the runs.”The middle order has not got too much of an opportunity in recent games. So it becomes our responsibility to get the runs at the top of the order,” Kohli said. “I come in at No. 3, so I have a better chance of getting runs than batsmen to follow. We all understand that.”India and New Zealand are with Australia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh in Group Two. Group One consists of the West Indies, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan.- APlast_img read more

Ja fighters mine gold, silver in Siberia

first_imgNICHOLAS Dusard struck gold in Russia last weekend when he beat Russia’s Alexander Leonov in the lightweight final of the Intercontinental Cup of Taekwondo in Siberia.The Jamaica combined martial arts team captain led Jamaica’s two-medal haul. Seventeen-year-old Calabar High schoolboy, Trevor Webb Jr, won silver on his first tour with the team, which faced hosts Russia, Greece and Germany.Dusard beat Germany’s Ibrahim Guelhan to reach the lightweight final against Leonov. His victory made him the first Jamaican martial artist to win gold in a major tournament on Russian soil, continuing his successful comeback from injury this season.Up against the bestThe victory propelled Dusard’s combined team ranking, following his bronze-medal performance at the International Taekwon-Do Federation’s World Championships in August. He had previously won gold against old rival Julio Carlos on the International Sports Karate Association’s Night of Champions at the US Open in July.”We were up against the best in Europe and knew it was always going to be hard. It has been great for me. Coming back from injury, with doubts of making the combined team, to be victorious in Russia was great,” said Dusard, who was coached by Claude Chin.Meanwhile, Calabar’s Webb Jr showed his class on his first call to the combined team. He defeated Germany’s Artem Gurdzhi in semi-final action, before going down to Russia’s Vadim Volikov in the final.”The first fight wasn’t really hard, but the second fight was a challenge. The guy wasn’t really good on his legs, but punched really hard. I lost mainly on aggression punches. I was scoring points, but the judges didn’t go my way,” said the 17-year-old coached by Jason McKay.”I am returning home to work on more fitness and flexibility to have more control over my body. I feel great. It was a victory for me. I am thankful for coach to have put out a lot of effort in preparing me for this event,” he added.McKay said Webb Jr had room for improvement.”Bearing in mind it was his first European competition and we only had him for six weeks, his inexperience showed. But it was an extremely spirited performance by the youngster,” he said.last_img read more

Mayberry Junior tennis to attract big field

first_imgMore than 70 young players are expected to compete in this weekend’s Mayberry Investments Limited Open Junior Tennis Championship at the Liguanea Club in New Kingston.Competition begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, while the grand final will serve off at 2 p.m. on Sunday.Anika Smith, assistant vice-president of marketing at Mayberry Investments, speaking at a press launch at the Liguanea Club yesterday, said her organisation is proud to return as sponsors for the fourth year.”We value tennis as a sport. It’s not as popular as the traditional track and field or football, but we do support those sports as well. We just tend to assist in the underserved areas such as tennis, badminton, squash and golf, as we think all sports are important in the development of young people,” Smith told The Gleaner at yesterday’s launch.While Mayberry’s sponsorship figure was not revealed, Smith said her company was focused on the developmental process.Contestants will vie for trophy prizes in boys’ and girls’ categories aged 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 and under.”Kids are improving every year, and I am sure this year the tournament will be very competitive. It’s a free event and we are inviting the general public to come and enjoy some good tennis with some of our top players,” tournament director Llockett McGregor said.He revealed that female players will be out in their numbers this weekend, while lauding Mayberry’s contribution.”Tournaments like these are what we need to help with the development of our sport,” he added.Entries are open to the public and participants can contact McGregor to confirm entries at 960-3021 or 382-8710.In addition to the prizes up for grabs, the respective category winners will receive points towards their national ranking.last_img read more