n 2012 the trend and future of website optimization

: first the content of the website is more and more important. A professional staff to write the article and paste a copy of the article more readable. So, for our SEO practitioners, the more important requirements, because our customers are located in different industries, we will contact the terminology of all walks of life, so to our professional quality also put forward higher requirements. You may have such experience, you know the optimization area + website construction, website optimization + keywords related area. But if you just started to contact the relevant legal website, if the content of the web site you need to update, how do you write original articles, and readable and some professional website article. So, the optimization of website content is the first big challenge to our Shanghai dragon industry practitioners.

third: visitors search experience, this is a question of a commonplace talk of an old scholar an excellent website, the user experience should be quite good, unable to retain a repeat of the website can say is not successful, even if you are in a period of time will be key optimization to love Shanghai home, but if the visitors into the home, immediately turn off. This station mostly single page Taobao customers through 09-11, net >

2011 in the past, Shanghai dragon industry has experienced some big storm, Google exit China, love Shanghai party dominance, soso homeopathic rise. On 2012 the website optimization, are you ready? I as a site optimization practitioners, personal website optimization experience to talk about personal views.

second: website external links of the importance of quality, the author thinks that the quality depends on the website of the external links associated with exposure to external link rate. The correlation is needless to say, you are the release of the chain platform and the article should have certain correlation with your website content, how to understand the exposure rate? If you want to send an article about Adsense promotion articles, you are willing to contribute to Admin5? Or is unknown Webmaster Platform. Is it? I was a Guangzhou tax consulting website, I found the relevant information in the classification of information on the effect will be very good, a lot of customers directly call tax problems. So, I think everyone in the promotion of the site, do not do the chain to do outside the chain, if you are holding this attitude to the chain of words, I believe that you have this feeling soon, you outside of the chain is not stable, low weight, or today. Tomorrow, I deleted. Why? The whole chain in the hair quality, a good chain should be directly caused by visitors interested and guide its further click. This is a search engine will be considered in the design of the keyword ranking. So, I suggest webmaster friends, no matter what the Shanghai Dragon technology, website content, website layout, website external links are still very important factors. I hope you do in Shanghai Longfeng practice time pay more attention to.

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