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after positioning to determine the next step is to design the web page design, layout according to user attributes, so can the user friendly, not only will you want to present to the user’s content to the page within a simple stack. Also note that, listen to some more in line with the people around the user attribute advice, don’t say you think this website looks better that is nice, to comply with the mainstream aesthetic user.

any website, this is no doubt, so the site before construction begins to user analysis. What user location must first do that, your website is to provide all kinds of information services who, for who.


optimization personnel for site optimization have a misunderstanding, too much attention to keywords ranking, ranking to implement some of the black hat means, and bring traffic through deception search engine. If you do a small site, do most people are no ground for blame, after all, quick, especially in the top leaders do not understand the situation, this means is no way to approach. But if you run a large web site, for example, the portal industry website, it is in a hole, will put the site into the abyss.

An example of using

identified in the keywords and website layout, to carry out the layout of the keywords. In the example above, the core keyword positioning is: to join, entrepreneurship; main keywords are: Jelly house to join, join the cold store; and the rest of the long tail keywords not list. In the layout of the keywords, the core keywords should be placed in what position; the main keywords should be placed in what position; the long tail keywords should be placed in what position to consider. For example, the key.

user attributes to do keyword positioning. According to the user’s attribute, locate the keywords on the site, should pay attention to meet the users of the site search habits, this is important, because different users search habits, such as some users love to use questions when using a search engine, and then the search results in the conclusion of the comparison, such as: Jelly Wu joined OK? And the habits of users only use keywords and view all information of the keywords in the search results, and then their own analysis, such as: Jelly house to join.

1. usersAll users need to

large web sites is a strategy, what is the strategy? Here we talk about in detail:

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2. layoutAfter the

to explain the following: now there is a business, want to do a house to join the jelly website, so we must first of the franchisee’s attribute analysis, including: age, gender, region, education, work experience. After analysis, we found that the franchisee from the area south of the Yangtze River; age distribution is not uniform, mainly young people in uniform distribution.

After the


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