Shanghai dragon tutorial three stages and process optimization of the railway station on


do a lot of Shanghai dragon friend always found a problem, is the site to be rather baffling suddenly down the right, or ranking suddenly lost lost, this reason is not terrible, it is important to know how to improve the status of the site, so online seek a lot of methods, get the conclusion most are: insist on good content, release of high quality the chain, do some Links. In fact, a big reason is that most people do not know the website at what stage, and in disarray, and today, Huiyu Cen come and we share with the needle on how to optimize different periods of


, a website early (for

website optimization is broadly divided into three periods: early (new stage), middle (drainage competition period) and late (the maintenance period and the three period), takes a very long time step over, what time to start mid operation, what time can be carried out after the period of operation, are very particular, so do not be mishandled.

1. website development direction

Optimization and process of website?

2. select reasonable keywords and website layout prototype

whether enterprises or individuals, before the Shanghai dragon optimization, the first step should be considered in the development of the website localization, an important factor because the site positioning determines whether the latter can be profitable, the need for analysis and market data, take the enterprise website, if the direction of the development of enterprise website is mainly investment, then don’t make products sold the business, not to want to do business and make products business, do the more difficult, because here is the optimization work, rather than later, if in the later period, then consider expanding business, remember I have a customer, do the decoration to warm, think to do a website can bring high profits, but a year later, when the author consulting whether to renew, the business owners chose not to renew, the reason is the site Did not bring any benefits, if can bring benefits, will renew. Then put the blame on the site personnel, a website, do not invest in optimization, not to extend to the operation, what do you take to get orders? Therefore, whether it is business or personal right or not, don’t naive to think that a website can solve sales you, have time to think about the early development of positioning the direction of the site.

clear website development direction, the next key words is reasonable screening, what is reasonable? Is simply not greed, not small! Many bosses think things often do not take competition into consideration, the mouth closed you gave me the word up, like Shanghai dragon Er is like love Shanghai as administrator and adjust the position, before they met a decoration boss, will be opening to the word "decoration" do the home page, when asked whether he is willing to invest much money to do when the word, his answer is so angry: you put the key words do go up, how much I paid to your customers I >.

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