ntroduction let four methods love Shanghai resident spider web

content set up with us first know spider stage, and outside chain is we build with spider interaction stage, especially to find a suitable method, do fine, PV would like a deep water like Everfount. A forum at the chain, some people do blog at the chain, some people do inquiry platform at the chain, some people do classification information network platform at the chain, someone at contributions. There is always a right for you.

Hello, I was fat. The love of spiders in Shanghai is recognized as the most active search engine program, we see through the IIS log records when the spider is very happy, especially when we included the content and update snapshot, here from new and old station on the way to Shanghai resident spider love.

website, to let the love of spiders in Shanghai pay attention to you, you will go to decorate link bait let spider down the road, and the old station outside of our chain to see on the weights of the link.

content to attract the spider, personal advice is: the new sites depend on, the old station on stability.

so we content to be divided into two steps, the original content of A5 or other original cast nets, good article just takes, but also to the original artifacts, into his own understanding statements, can be more popular, more formally. For example, you change the title, from beginning to end, the contents of the insert your keywords is necessary.


when the website frame has been set, the station to do is content, to update the content is king forever. First is to attract users and spiders is a very important part of the contents of the spider just started to like people drink coffee at the beginning, after the first bitter thick fragrance.


chain is to help our brother spider into our website and guide the grab, let the spider brother every day walk the same road, the more familiar spiders will be more emotional. The more the chain, the spider is more interested in, to your site will be more diligent.

2, the chain to attract spiders, personal view is: new sites on wide, the old station on the matter.

When a new

always think from the content and the chain is enough for the spider to eat, but in resident also one step, is an innovative way of thinking to attract spiders. So what is the innovative thinking, is your site to another angle of view events, the integration of resources.


3, with innovative thinking to let the spider work for us. Personal recommendation: whether new or old station to the point of view of cognitive.

but many friends are lazy, habitual to gather every day, some more lazy with tools to generate content directly, so although your site look the fruits, but for spiders, these things are covered with insects. The search engine spiders and to flinch!

innovative thinking Objective: allows the site to become a focus of limits, become a in heat. In order to improve the weight value > love Shanghai

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