Share some of the original written three step method allows you to easily write original

I think this is for those who have rich experience of the Shanghai dragon Er, this is not a problem, but I believe that most just become Shanghai dragon Er soon newcomers, write the original article, there is no start, this is a lot to see.

3, the idea of the layout of

, determine the keywords you want to write, write text can be embedded in an appropriate title or article.

After 3, the idea of the layout of

we want to determine the good in that direction to write, what to write, we need to start looking for writing materials. There are many kinds of methods for materials, the use of their own good, for example, I feel very practical for the following:

why Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to emphasize the content of the original original articles every day? Because of the stability of high quality release, can attract spiders, increase the weight of love Shanghai. High quality is what we write articles related to the business or the industry, from the reality of their own to write. That is to say, not to the original and the original is. I share some of the original article writing method, hope to help you.

from the enterprise in the industry (for the developing trend, industry news, etc.);

2, collection of writing materials, determine the key words;

1, we determine what to write about, and writing direction;

from the enterprise internal find (enterprise products, enterprise status, background, development, CEO speaking);

The specific steps of thinking

understand the idea, we will follow this way, step by step to do so.

, is the idea of the layout, is the total score, or the first general classification. At the beginning of the form can be substituted into the scene, inquiry, or summary of the type, so you can. At the end of a suspense type, summarize the type, can. However, remember that not top-heavy is good, there is generally an article at least is divided into 3 sections, each section of the 4-5 line, the text in the control of the number of 500-800 words.

2, collection of writing materials

1, we determine what to write about, and the writing direction of


from the usual attention to micro-blog, blog, forum, Webmaster Platform, interactive platform for.


this step we can be issued according to our website to determine. For example: the sofa business enterprise network, you can write some industry trends, style classification, or sofa products quality and advantages etc.. Have a relationship with enterprises. Not do mobile phone beauty services, write some articles about the clothing is not tired, in order to write original journal or diary. Or that sentence not because of the original and the original.

writing has three steps:

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