Four Q four a true Shanghai dragon emerged

users in the optimization industry now is given over the meaning, because now we are in the discussion of the user experience of things, motionless began to wonder what the user viscosity, but the user of the site itself is to bring lasting impetus? I think this who are not guaranteed, because the user is the essence of profit in nature, is not to say that you better serve your site in the future have a viscosity, return rate, you can only say that the website for >


as a Commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng, confusion is understandable, because the love of Shanghai and China search industry monotonous subject to changing moods is not an outsider can understand, so when you have built the site yesterday when thousands of miles or sky, possibly to second days quietly by the K, this is very normal there are things that you will feel all of their work lies in the love sea is actually a very childish things. These will affect the work of your emotions, will let you slowly doubt his original decision * * * and the future trend of occupation. When this happens, your work will be affected, then what should we do to make yourself more clearly see the future? I think in addition to the existing occupation to full of enthusiasm and confidence, more is to find a good way. Good delineation of their future development path planning, such as I am now a web editor, I want to do what position with the long time, my heart must be a number, or mediocrity, occupation life without any progress is a true portrayal of you, in addition, a Shanghai Longfeng worker has to admit that if only a lifetime to others to do the optimization, so in this life are not sterile, so you accumulate certain experience, the creation of the Shanghai dragon training, set up optimization team, optimize their main website or do product agent and so on can be, as long as you can not always work for other people, only in this way, we can always keep our occupation dream in the volatile Shanghai Longfeng industry.

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to tell you the truth I think every one here can enter the webmaster industry and realize the ambition of the webmaster is good, because the Internet is no better than other industries, although there is no real life personal troubles, but it is let us depressed the Internet as an invisible thing, sometimes come across a website the problem that people can not find the answer, and I do not understand what really depressed strength will make people crazy, so I said to the Internet webmaster, even the Shanghai dragon people are good. But in view of the nature of the network industry in Shanghai dragon, often will give beginners a head-on blow, let us in a confused state, and for such period, not only must experience, but also can be avoided, and today Xingyi and give some suggestions to the novice, hope to help everyone.

my choice is correct, why am I in this industry want to see

always tries to please the user, but always from them not to earn money

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