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where’s the fire? 12 years old

I’ve got it now. I’m encouraged to see what the team thinks. Maybe he’s got a chance in the future. Because there are so many novelties, people think I’m young, but I think I’m very old. Now I can’t understand some of the products.

I remember the wireless business to do something out, as Guangzhou R & D center mail team do well, then China Mobile is in Guangxi, Yunnan to meet the data department immediately called wireless said, who can do this thing, I do not Tencent, may have to punish you in other places.

,             photo site selection procedures: in alphabetical order,
1 ECMS Empire dedecms system
2 DEDECMS, />3, website management system
4, FoosunCMS website management system
5, Kesion website management system
6, the new site management system
7 gradually fly thinking website management system
9, phpcms web site management system Web site management system
10, g4u
pictures website theme selection now do pictures website, it is necessary to choose the theme, everyone is to let the search over the flow of search, which is the biggest, most do not have the French love with sh419 we will, only from sh419 to start. Let us talk about the classification of beautiful pictures of station: now that is beauty picture stand not less beautiful pictures of the classification, not written as beauty portrait, is not good for the next step, further is the keyword density is not good;
1, http://s.d.sh419/ reference:
2, rs.php? Http>

no one guarantees that a thing is permanent, because humanity is meant to be renewed.

Instagram of the United States, I cast a little stock, said it regretted, because the company was less than $1 the company didn’t vote, only a few people, then vice president of the company looked at it and said, not too reliable. In a glass house near the sea, are visible outside, throw a brick it took the whole computer, the founder also seems quite arrogant. But then his data grew well, and we entered at the time of his $800 million valuation.

this shows once again that the mobile Internet era, a business it seems too strong to break actually have a big crisis, a little can not grasp this trend, it is very dangerous, prior to the accumulation of things may ashes to ashes.

I recently observed the combination of various industries and the Internet. Many people have asked the trend and know how to change it, but I can’t seem to do it. Because sometimes with their vested interests, or DNA is not adapted.

how can you give yourself more than one preparation, for example, you open another department, another branch, adjust the team to do some may have with now has, in fact, contradictory business?. Because you do not do, the opponent or want to grab your opponent will do the market.

so our first version didn’t make a match book. When China Unicom said you did it, you touched the red line. Later, the market competition, and there have been several domestic, I said no, and give punishment to us all regardless of the communication book to join.

as WeChat was pushed out, against the mobile phone department, he even has a team has been doing similar products, only the last who ran out of popularity, mobile phone team finally failed, he made good use of.

frankly speaking, WeChat this product out, if not in Tencent, not to play their own words, it is in another company, we may not be able to stop now. Looking back, in fact An important juncture of life and death is one or two months, several of our core executives every day at the time, said that how to change, how to change the adjustment in the product.

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