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many owners are aware of this concept, in fact, I also very much agree, and this is what my own site layout, general structure is Pyramid. Key words in general often in the spire, optimize the use of home, because the home page weight is often high, but due to limited places, the number of not core keywords too much, is generally about 2-3 more appropriate. The level of general keywords for position of tower body, a few more core keywords, can often put dozens of websites, the channel page and column page is the best place, can put two or three words together in the most relevant significance. Then the long tail word, long tail word generally placed at the bottom of the tower and, also is the product page and the article page. The site of a large part of the flow rate is derived from the long term, so the long term we should pay attention to. To the long tail, is equivalent to half of the traffic security website.

you mentioned above and the main structure of words, after understanding these, it is not immediately start layout, because the huge number of keywords, without grouping words will seem very chaotic, then update the article will be unable to start, to the best of logical groups, each a group of keywords into corresponding categories. Different industries are grouped according to different classification methods, here we summarize the two often used: regional (brand) classification and functional classification. Regional Classification (brand) to give the example such as the words "Beijing tourism", so the secondary keywords can be divided into "the Great Wall tourism", "Tiananmen tourism", put it in a category page. Then it can be classified in a category below, such as "the Great Wall tourism" can be divided into "the Great Wall delicacy" and "the Great Wall travel" two words, so you can tell a lot of keywords, is a good method; while the functional classification is more suitable for some fertilizer products, such as the main keyword is "lose weight", then the two level classification can be divided into "local weight", "fast lose weight", "weight loss method". And the long tail word can be in two words in more segments, such as "fast"

after determination and development, will be a lot of words, we can not put all the words on the page, but to the reasonable layout to the site, but this process requires skills, according to their own keyword search volume, competition degree and reasonable layout. Well, to today’s text, if have a wrong place, also hope everybody.

Keywords The reasonable structure of

core is an integral part of a website, a proper position of the core keywords will lay a correct direction for the web site. But a core keywords can not meet the development of the website, we need a large number of keywords to bring more traffic to the site, so today and share the theme is the key layout skills.

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