Under the new situation the webmaster how to run the station building

say goodbye to the chain for the optimization of era emperor, content is king ", many owners in Shanghai previous experience love algorithm after the reform, the importance of the construction of the station gradually. Whether the value of the website or search engine friendliness, or user experience, all need to start from the website construction. From the program to the website template, from the domain name to the space, from web design to the editor, directly determines the site position in the search engine. For the webmaster do site construction is not an easy thing, involving wide range is on the one hand, more important is how to do the friendly and highly consistent target customer needs website search engine.

to do a good job in the station of the editorial work, perhaps many webmaster feel dull and boring, not reproduced or pseudo original. With the accelerated pace of reform of Shanghai love algorithm, especially the launch of the original spark program, the webmaster want to use loopholes in the algorithm for search engines and a website in the next article, probably love Shanghai update suddenly no ranking. The original content of high value has been advocated by means of search engine optimization, is the webmaster headache problem, especially the acquisition of the flooding situation, in order to enhance the user experience of web content is to encourage original love Shanghai unremitting efforts. On the Internet and the webmaster can present literary restrictions, construction of search engine on the original recognition efforts restrictions, acquisition, pseudo original has been the main means to optimize the creation of the station. With the love of Shanghai to set up the original project group, in a protracted war under the guidance of the thought, based on the original recognition algorithms has been improved, collection content will eventually become the website optimization of history, and the principle of high value represents the new development direction.

construction site of high quality page since Needless to say, with the effect of pomegranate algorithm, love Shanghai web search anti cheat team to increase the low quality of the page all efforts, some contain a lot of inferior advertisement and a large number of low quality pop-up ads page by key blow. In the love of Shanghai has repeatedly advocated the user experience today, many owners can not always pay attention to from a strategic height. The reason is that, in addition to love Shanghai of low quality web recognition is limited, it is suspected that love Shanghai against spam efforts, especially.

for routine optimization, although the scope of the station building to involve more extensively, but the webmaster in the process of optimization to create a site as long as the content editing and the high quality of the page, you can easily optimize the fun. After all the webmaster in site, procedure, framework, domain name, space have been chosen, at the site of the normal operation process as long as these factors do not interfere with the normal optimization, estimation is no one to think of replacement or modification, after all, the site itself unrest are not friendly to the search engine’s initiatives. Daily website optimization, the station is nothing more than do the editing work and to create a high quality website page, and thus enhance the overall weight and quality, win customers recognition based on get more traffic on the.

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