360 travel from Shanghai Longfeng Perspective

The main navigation analysis of

first we see the 360 safe navigation, careful you will find, the search bar appears on the right side of the connection an orange:

we look at the exit of the attractions:

we see from left to right, followed by Lijiang, Sanya, Kunming, Shanghai dragon personnel do travel must know the number of local tourism competition is very large, visible 360 is also based on popularity of current location and navigation for the.

navigation path set is very precise, a total of 4 sections: home, domestic and outbound tourism attractions, attractions, web site, we look at the domestic scene navigation:



Analysis of the

Keywords: day off, travel Raiders, adventure tour, travel routes, ticket booking hotel


(1) we first look at the title, the title of the set is very important for a website, since 360 to do platform to integrate resources, then this title obviously some lack of positioning. What is the brand name of the 360 navigation or 360 travel? (2) set of keywords, we found 5 key words there are 4 very large degree of competition, which is consistent with its requirements for the positioning of a brand. (3) description is needless to say, a word written so attractive.

exit sites navigation

Description: 360 days before the end of the last tour bring a romance tour for you

domestic tourism navigation

accidentally discovered 360 tourism today or this website has been high-profile on-line, at first glance, a bit like Taobao customer share shopping site, here I stand in Shanghai Longfeng perspective to analysis on the 360 tourism of this website.

city attractions navigation is also based on popularity of current rank of tourism web site directly is a tourist site navigation page.

1. Title:

before we have been on this mysterious website have very high expectations, according to statistics, the most popular tourist and shopping tourism two categories, naturally needless to say, has always been fierce competition industries, shopping has never stopped, what’s more, this weekend is a double eleven shopping spree the shopping business was deliberately. Originally, 360 is a highly anticipated good Brand Company, and now ready to force the tourism industry, launched its own brand of Tourism — 360. This form for this brand has a good foundation.

home page title is: Tourism -360 navigation


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