The actual experience of the old domain optimization very love Shanghai and quasi advantage

domain name is registered in the 2011.11.18, see:

new or showing its original color, uniform white board, only one mobile phone number in the 9


2 and other data read, directly see the ranking. Included from 24, to 2 today, which is similar to 8 days or so, just a week or so. During this period, did not do other work, just wait, but to my surprise! Keywords love Shanghai ranked as follows:

received a single field, the new station, do website optimization appliance repair class; key words such as: Xi’an air conditioning repair, Xi’an Little Swan Washing machine customer service maintenance, Xi’an GREE air conditioning maintenance customer service etc.. In addition to the Xi’an air conditioning repair a little index, the other is no index, also not too big competition. But the guest is urgent, must ask in see results within one or two weeks after the construction site, asked me if I could do. I can’t say for sure, but as far as possible. The last guest still believe me, then the optimization of single.

, also is the No. 24 night love Shanghai is included. Followed by contrast, love Shanghai the basic data of the old and new domain name different reaction:

In November, Almost

but want to use one or two weeks to get ranking, is impossible, a new domain name, love Shanghai in the assessment period is three months, we must continuously adjust the ups and downs, can do a good job in one or two months is also good. How to solve the customer’s heart hurry? I used the old and new domain name and binding method to do, as long as the top line, day after the weight to the new domain name, although before talking about, the old domain has great potential to optimize, but I really have no chance experience, but this is really feel the charm of the old domain, even in different industries.

then went together to experience the old domain of love: Shanghai and Shanghai Longfeng quasi optimization is very advantage:

1, site:

only included a page, the page is quite normal, did not release




website online time is November 23rd, the day also made a few outside the chain spider pictures:

is the old domain name, it included fast, love Shanghai directly put out about 29 pages. Here to explain, when doing this station, I do some chain for a new domain name, the old domain name are not moved, but has been tied in this space, before has been tied to the previous website. If careful users will see when site old domain name, the domain name will appear at the bottom of the old original site:

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