Leadership OracleYou see those who do housing quietly died

other, no matter, whether it is a house or a rental house Tintin, playing from the beginning is not running to solve the rent.

leadership is always a drift of the Oracle, only when a person as the architects of the future, as the reality of the practitioners can occupy it.

– signatureThe most unbelievable

circulated on the Internet a post "the most unbelievable speech", many people take it as a joke, but I prefer to believe that it is true. This is Oracle’s CEO, Larry, ·, and Allison Larry Ellison speech at Yale University’s 2000 graduation ceremony:

"graduates of Yale University, I want you to do something for me. Please take a good look around, look at the students standing on your left, and take a look at the students standing on your right. Imagine this: 5 years from now, 10 years from now, or 30 years from now, the man on your left will be a loser, and the man on the right will be a loser as well. And you, the guy standing in the middle, what do you think? The same is a loser. Failed top students.

intermediaries are unreliable, those who shouted to the intermediary companies are not necessarily good, some of the platform without a word did not say no, some people laugh, I put all of the market rent app all over again, the cell wall through the small ads to rent a room, this face to clap ring. Since the Internet began since the consumer market of live food and clothing line, the three areas have ran out of the giant, but the most pain in the rental market still a disaster, isn’t that ridiculous. As the saying goes, I do not know how to live, see a circle of rental companies fancy dead method, inventory still survived the platform and model, we come to imagine the next, which can rely on rental housing.

is to rent from the rent lovehouse cut second-hand housing, new home transactions, according to public information in their interview, to improve the traditional intermediary has Kung Fu, like a flat management structure and work flow of information, do meticulous management through quantitative indicators, overwhelming the zero Commission advertising also recruited a large number of users. But the problem is, lovehouse rent rental do later found no money, can not become a breakthrough cut into the real estate transaction, the user is not renting a house that a wave of people, so I crossed the rental business, directly engage in second-hand housing transactions, then enter the offline stores, only the Internet Intermediary mode. Direct and chain head-on, Aiya Yoshiakatsu geometry do not think, anyway, is no more drama rental business.

and Ding Ding rent here, has been considered to be the chain of sniper love own layout, equivalent to an extension from the second-hand housing rental. Logically speaking, the chain of home and a lot of money and housing rental should play advantage, Ding Ding slipped more is, but the results we can see, the Internet intermediary or offline intermediary group that was off by the way of housing, a superficial reform, without substantial changes in the rental market, the efficiency is not up after the money, does not hold the wall in Ding Ding did not love own threat, naturally become chicken ribs, is the chain of home rental business should be recovered, will attach to the real estate transaction.

to intermediary, seemingly "black intermediary" era of a good medicine, but now being falsified proposition. >

this year, Ding Ding in experience and a large number of Housing Commission raised after the layoffs, was finally left back to return to the chain of home Hui, Zhang Fang Jianyang, vice president of technology to 58. At this time of the year, the bell tolls for almost lovehouse rent, from the end of last year began lovehouse rent negative frequent, according to relevant sources, the day before the Morningside capital has made $80 million in loans, so that the company does not expect. Ding Ding and Aiya Yoshiya also burned nearly 3 hundred million, lost 3 billion, but the latter is the unit of dollars, Internet intermediaries play in the rental market, this can be said to be lost.

says Internet intermediaries.

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