Reasonable use of navigation position Gold column construction and adjustment

navigation is an important part of a website, he shows the theme of the site, as a direction for the user to browse the site standard. Navigation construction seems like a very simple question, in fact, need to handle the details very much, need to layout and adjustment according to the analysis of user needs and habits of the data, the four elements of the navigation page design column:


2, what is the Shanghai dragon search volume


for these users of useless content, we can be placed in the back of the navigation, or other places, for ranking does not help, we can stop the transfer site weights using nofollow tags, or simply use robots shield.

second, meaning similar keyword selection


navigation is the gold land, each column construction should be considered, the column is not only helpful for users, but also can let the keywords generate rankings, allows the site to bring more traffic; in the design column should choose help keyword to the user, we assume is a user, enter the website of the certainly we want to want is to find the content distribution of keywords according to the positioning of the website is reasonable; many enterprises stop placing some company profiles, news and information, about us like, really see the user may not be much, because almost every website opened, can see a similar the praise of their own words, the user may have already blind, and these words for the website ranking is also of no help, as a key consideration is the website traffic and conversion And these are not much significance for both. A website optimization how to enter the home page, you can know about from the navigation, such as map (compare two site navigation construction):

1, Shanghai dragon is what the search volume


, the first placed helpful content for users of

the comparison we can find that the Shanghai dragon is what this keyword search volume than >

in the navigation column is created, we often encounter some keywords of the same type (meaning the same words), sometimes don’t know which one is better than that of higher conversion rate in no way to determine which is the word, we should choose a higher flow rate as the section of the web site, such as: Shanghai the dragon is what and what is the Shanghai dragon, two words are the same meaning, the user search is want to know what is Shanghai Longfeng this thing, if we want to put these words in the place navigation, we should carry out a search amount between the two key words:

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