Refused to copy The importance of the original article

, of course, a senior Shanghai dragon Er told me, "you were being copied proof of your content to write a good article, if you are not copied, they prove that you should change the idea". In this regard, I can only say that it is because of plagiarism used now. He wanted to steal something for nothing, the results of others, this behavior makes you feel bad. Of course, I am not against this behavior, because my power cannot stop cheating, I just want to talk about the importance of the original article, called on everyone to create, write better more to meet the needs of users of good articles.

The importance of



, for example, in September 17th the author (Chen Lihong) in the A5 Adsense nets published an article "what is noble, baby fell in love with the sea the same sea dragon and Taobao ranked Shanghai dragon ranking and the difference?", the same day, immediately there are a large number of owners of the article wholly intact "on their own website at the same time, there will be a link to replace your links.


first, the original article let users more love you


writing is one of the essential skills of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, if you can’t write articles, you can Shanghai Longfeng your level is flawed. Because only write to meet the needs of users in Shanghai dragon quest. The creation of the original article, write their own personality with the article, but also allow the user to remember you. The importance of the original article here is not too much to say. However, the writing of the article, also needs some time and effort to complete, so a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, in order to save time, do some abnormal means to obtain the "original articles", such as plagiarism, generated by software such as

today, the Internet to provide me with the information can not be used to describe the "flood"! Imagine if you encounter such a situation: if Sina micro-blog content exceeds a certain amount, you are not directly across without browsing? If you are watching the video, the video suddenly pop-up ads, you are not very disgusted? If you are shopping, suddenly pop up let you take a few minutes to do a survey, you will not fit? I think the answer is obvious. Why? Because every day we receive a lot of information from the Internet, our brains have tired, we can only choose to choose our own love of information, if the information is not what we want, we will close the window. It is more important for us to do the Shanghai dragon people, we only have intentions to write the user’s attention articles, users will naturally love your website, even on the side of the friends and relatives to come to your website.

original articles, the Shanghai dragon, which is more in line with the needs of the search engine; for users, it is easier to meet the needs of users; the role here mainly about the original articles on their website:

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