Analysis of the factors of the success of the site a good doctor

above part of the map, and there are many, but one such station on the inside pages will be able to do so well, what is the reason. We look at his page content, as shown below:

I just took a

concluded that the main factors of the success of good doctor website has three points: 1, high quality web content. 2, a high degree of user experience. 3, the chain site is very relevant for medical. I hope that the majority of medical workers to Shanghai dragon learn more of the site operating practices, this paper by 贵族宝贝shlo>

is the basic information of good doctor to this website, this website is for 8 years 4 months and 10 days, the world ranking is 1606, our country is ranked 112, included in the site is 11 million 800 thousand, the chain is 1 million 750 thousand. Here’s a look at this website how many keywords ranked at home.



can be seen from the figure, this page at the top of the hospital is introduced, and then the hospital consultation. And here is the list of all the departments of the hospital. This page should be said to be very much in line with people’s habits, in a word the user experience to do better. We look at the following website page title:


can be seen from the figure in the page title and web page content is very consistent, this is also the search engines love, so whether the search engine or users to see this title will know what the page is about the content, it is no wonder to row on the home page.


said the medical website we now will say this industry website is not good at doing, love Shanghai of this industry website hit is relatively strict, in fact, love Shanghai for this industry has taken some measures mainly as to regulate the industry, because the medical industry is closely related to people’s life, if here there is false information, then finally the injured or those of us old people. But medical friends can take a look at this station, a good doctor, I believe that everyone should have heard of this website. This site I will take the Shanghai region, all the big hospitals in Shanghai area in the name of love to go to the sea to search, the good doctor is on the front page of the row, believe that this website is our staff to do Shanghai dragon an object to learn.

can be seen from the figure above the site there are 58320 key words in the home page, the data is believed to be very shocked for each Shanghai dragon staff. On the one point did not say, this is the website ranking mostly inside pages, see below:

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