Some common points of Shanghai dragon with speculation

1. Shanghai dragon and stocks are not a standard

3. in the industry have established expert

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stocks have investment and speculation, Shanghai dragon also has the black hat and white hat. But whether it is investment or speculation, black hat or white hat is not a set of technical standards. The two industry survival skills, with the development of the industry is constantly changing. And according to the characteristics of each person is different, good technology and passion are not the same. People of different stocks and different people do Shanghai Longfeng, almost no exactly the same routine. How many have some changes. There is not a unified standard is the most important thing in common of the two industries.

stock market for the stock market intervention has great relevance, a common stock technology, it is impossible to say that can not lose. Shanghai Dragon said, mainly to see the search engine’s face. The search engine to maintain the existing algorithm for longer periods of time, the better effect of Shanghai dragon is safe. Once the algorithm adjusted, there will be punished even at K station site. Ordinary investors and industry at the bottom of the Shanghai dragon, is to see the face.

will stock people feel that they are the experts, see two technical books that their level is got. Shanghai dragon is the same, a few months the chain will think you know Shanghai Longfeng, do optimization and promotion level quite niubi. Chinese love to imitate the characteristics of learning, reflected in the two industries with >

for a long time and double all think Shanghai Longfeng with stocks have a lot in common, these two things are just one favorite. Today we talk about some similarities with Shanghai dragon and stocks

5. everyone is expert Professor

Shanghai dragon industry well, and have everyone familiar with the ZAC, Shanghai’s Lee (love this account is said to be the public sector), Google’s Matt Cutts, who Lu Songsong is. These people are Shanghai dragon industry, famous experts very early. The stock industry also is such, Buffett, Soros, Rodgers are the famous master of investment. Is the legend of the masters of shaping, attracting influx of newcomers in the field. Industry leaders aura, is an important factor in the industry development of talented people.


stocks have long-term and short-term, distinguish the value investment and short-term speculation. Shanghai dragon also has the black hat and white hat, black hat in the pursuit of efficiency by all possible means of cheating, is the pursuit of safety and stability and long-term development of white hat. The stock market’s long-term and short-term with Shanghai dragon black hat and white hat is similar, are different in pursue of efficiency and security and stability.

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