How to use in the construction site outside the chain strategy and tactics

2., the establishment of the chain chain should follow the little signature, many contents, such as when we have free time to write some of the manuscript on the industry well-known sites, these sites included or caused by the chain is reproduced outside the chain of natural love, Shanghai will also encourage the owners of these acts, thereby increasing the the contents of this collection.

in the construction of the chain, our website is not to say that the construction of the chain the more the better, but the more pure the better, not long ago, I set up a competitiveness index of smaller sites, from the establishment to the website ranking rose to the first.

we must first tactical nature, search engine what judge the chain of our website is not natural, but from the point of view we can also find the search engine depends on the relevance and brand to judge the chain of natural construction. For example, we do is a weight class website, and the webmaster to make web site can get rapid development, large scale and non weight websites Link Exchange or buy high quality links, for the love of spiders in Shanghai a grab contrast can be judged to collect, but turn to if the construction of our chain the following two points is not to let the search engine think our chain is the chain of natural

with love Shanghai to fight the chain means to further expand, this let many webmaster feel fear, especially after the Spring Festival this year, love Shanghai search engine on the introduction of Scindapsus algorithm, this is a test on more sites, even the link very famous Ali has been reduced ranking. The search subject ranking fell to second, from which we can see: love Shanghai on illegal construction of the chain hit rate is very large, want to do well in the chain has not previously rely on the exchange or buy it now, the chain construction should follow certain strategies and tactics, so the chain we the building should use what tactics?

we set up on the web site of the chain should follow the less reproduced, much of the original method, with the continuous adjustment and improvement of the search engine algorithm, the construction of the chain and we are going to change the former reproduced the chain chain is original, reproduced the chain may be able to temporarily can bring benefits for the site, but in the long run look, the chain has been reproduced in nature at the end of the chain is not the mainstream, mainstream search engines can make the chain to reprint a good impression, so the point to the site has a good image, only the chain that is in line with the needs of the search engine, and want to do this it must be outside the chain of the original. Perhaps many webmaster think outside the chain of the original is difficult, for this my personal view is:


1, set up the chain to follow the relevant degree and non degree related to a certain proportion, such as your site outside the chain of 1000, so the chain related at least accounted for 4 and 4 above, is a website of the bottom line, otherwise the search engine may determine the web site the construction of the chain you, which triggered new thinking on your website ranking.

The construction of the chain

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