See the phenomenon of long tail keywords search analysis

but then search to the 76 page to see the result, found some phenomenon, there are a lot of love in Shanghai know, Search ask, portal blog, ranking are very reliable. This is not consistent with the usual phenomenon, what is the reason? According to this phenomenon, he summed up the three reasons, it also has a revelation, respectively, is the only Shanghai dragon behind the most important quantity is the key to victory. You should write out to share with you.

is the key to win sometimes


Soso Ask the long tailRepetitive and stereotyped phenomenon of large-scale

second, ranking behind the attention thing

own a site’s ranking has been very good, one day suddenly fell, just began to think that the operational problems, so update a few articles, do some outside the chain, a week later, still not go away. This time I went to search for the keyword of the website, to see how you rank, ranking all found out, mostly large channel home page or inside pages, a lot of info, Co, CC and two level domain name of the site, then fell into the three page. This time, he clearly felt the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment.

does not give users a good search experience, so the search engine in the gradually adjustment, this is the reason we see in this picture.

Figure 1:

is not only a large amount of updated article, also have to not give up the meaning of. Whether small or large, large amount is undoubtedly one of the key points to win the. The above mentioned that although there are a lot of love Shanghai ranked 70 Page >

third, a large amount of

told me the greatest inspiration is the Shanghai dragon to do only, if not unique, so to create uniqueness. We can see the love of Shanghai platform, Search ask platform, advertising can almost occupy 80%, and every minute in the hundreds of thousands of increase, most of the problems are highly repetitive, so, even if the platform weight is very high, but repeated too much to let the ranking ability of many pages is very low, especially the search. The whole page is similar to the results. Please see below:

now the whole Shanghai Longfeng environment is gradually improving, gradually being taken seriously, this is what we can see now. But for many people, still attaches great importance to the individual keywords ranking. I feel only pay attention to a word ranking risk is too high, do not grasp the significance of marketing as a whole. After a word, how to operate, depending on what mode allows users to remember us, this is the most important. Otherwise, the algorithm after the update, ranking in that website is not meant over? Often BSG in this discussion, our concern is integrity, and not a single word or a few words ranking.


first, to achieve the uniqueness of

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