How do the enterprise website image optimization

some pictures can do links, links to what position, it depends on what kind of site.

(2) and let you know what is the image search engine, through the ALT property, the search engine will know this picture shows. To search for your pictures are classified in the picture

website optimization keywords page optimization is familiar, most owners will take into account the page keyword optimization. Then for the page keyword optimization methods and techniques we have been very familiar with, so today I want to share the pictures of the web page optimization method. Pictures in website optimization is not conducive to the search engines, you practice is as far as possible without pictures, but from the point of view of the user experience, the picture is a necessary element of the website, users love to see something, to facilitate the transformation of the website.


(3) lo>

website is to add a picture taken of their own, even if they don’t own shots, then be sure to take pictures download and upload to my space. The construction of the lottery website system 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ station, product pictures taken of their own, but some other banner images and more choice of material on the internet. The first step of image optimization is to add a alt attribute, here I mainly introduce I do in the picture alt attribute lottery website system site write:

(1) if you are a picture of the site in general picture is to go to the next page is a picture;

(1) to visit tips (when you move the mouse to the picture above, will show you to the picture description);

picture add attribute, picture name and picture content should be consistent, and this page headline a principle. At the same time, this article used the picture must and related articles, and then you can contain the keyword in the picture description of


link materialThe !


!For example,

(2) if the product illustration or map, when you can click on the picture, the user is generally want to see pictures of the big picture. I am in the lottery system pictures do link is in the form of

in Shanghai love picture search, it is possible according to user input keywords lottery website system, find your site in the picture, and thus it is possible to access your site, see more about the content of the picture, this is the purpose of flow driven image optimization.

enterprise products station, whether I need pictures from the user experience point of view, help to improve the user experience, I never mean adding pictures. This picture of the optimization work is a very important work. Below I from an important part of the beauty of the picture and contents of these two aspects to introduce several web image optimization techniques.



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