Experience sharing the value chain need to create

in the near future, many webmaster friends not to release the chain in the webmaster forum, blindly to the pursuit of relevance, it was obvious, that is the chain webmaster forum with the promotion of industry related. In small series, this is actually a kind of wrong thinking, webmaster forum is all used to communicate, communicate in the forum, can put your site to share out, can also consult senior webmaster, let everybody to help analyze what is the problem in the promotion process. Just go to the hair of the chain rather than to send outside the chain, are subject to everyone’s attention. In other forums do outside the chain is the same. The correlation of the chain that is to say, not hanging deceptive, only in this way, through the chain to attract into the user will do long time visit, otherwise, the user cheated in, found that the situation wrong, will choose to leave, not related to the chain with the user experience is opposite. So, when the release of the chain in the forum, do some related topics, participants cause resonance, rather than in the advertising area or a chain of irrigation district. When the intention to do it, even if traffic is low the forum, it will also have a very good outside chain effect, than irrigation hair high in weight to the good effect of forum posts.

, build the forum outside the chain of value

two, B2B

to create a site outside the chain of value

mentioned B2B site outside the chain, have a lot of people are too lazy to go to, because a set of procedures, including the audit mechanism, like with short promotion fast-paced inconsistent. Even to do, it is usually a registered user name on the flash, no longer cares. Caused so many webmaster reflects chain website B2B included slow, are not willing to do. In fact, sometimes, can change the thinking, know the weight of the chain B2B site is very high, why not go further to do? B2B site is not to provide you with a chain channel, but I hope you can in the registration, in the platform to build a two level domain name website to release the supply and demand information to news release. Good wishes of B2B website and in fact we are the same, and it provides the platform is we can make full use of, don’t you see a lot of extension workers are specializing in B2B website ranking, there are many top >

love since Shanghai launched the green algorithm, have obvious differences in the industry chain view. A part of the webmaster completely abandoned the chain, buried out original, part of the webmaster waiting to temporarily stop the construction of the chain, there is a part of the webmaster taoshengyijiu. For the construction of the chain, is different views. In the first month, Xiao Bian contributed an article in A5: "the success of Web Recommendation chain strategy", by many webmaster agree, Xiao Bian today, from the actual point for the majority of owners who have introduced the value chain strategy to build. The specific choice of some chain platform owners are usually used to carry on the analysis, you can proceed from the following aspects:


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