n the 10 new station to do love Shanghai weight is at least 1

love Shanghai included new sites will be in about a week, this is a normal range of time. And if you do well in the station optimization and the content of the original, the frequency will increase the frequency of spiders. Below to introduce the author’s practices.

three, the chain of simple operation

many people do stand content is collected directly, although a start easily indexed by Google, and love Shanghai after change the algorithm, not so random collection. These sites also included a bit early for good, no other value. Because the author has done experiments, snapshot update slow, included is very unstable, love Shanghai weight is 0. So I suggest to do site content update option is: 1, original content, 2, the correct combination of content, in the end, 3 acquisition of the entire article to write 40% words, so the search engine is the original basic opinion. And the author of the site www.iurobot贵族宝贝 sweeping robot in terms of content is so of the operation.


content is updated daily and do not have direct acquisition

Two, Because

new station if there are dead link words. The first of the spiders crawl disadvantage, second, dead link might be a little bit more than the search engine directly determine the rubbish site. The map and robots.txt may lead to new spiders crawl more comprehensive, because the robot.txt search engine for the new station is particularly sensitive, and the map can be very good to the new URL comprehensive display, let the spider get more fast.

after the operation, the weight of the site is not 1 is very difficult. But the operation is not time-consuming, as long as it is to do the station, it is easy to. The intelligent sweeping robot www.iurobot贵族宝贝 feeds, please indicate the source, thank you

is new, do not blindly a lot of hair of the chain, not man-made factors obviously make this website fast search engine Pro gaze. The operation is the first to submit web search engine URL. Then in the above site keywords love Shanghai encyclopedia entries with links, finally in the active forum to do a little chain. The above three for the purpose of guiding the search engine spiders to crawl your site.


, a station there is no dead links, as well as the site map and robots.txt

quickly to love Shanghai to enhance weight is at least 1 degrees is a very simple thing, do the station optimization can achieve such results, if you do some high quality of the chain, can quickly reach the 2 possibility is big. Three new sites to write the data of Shanghai dragon screenshots:

In fact,

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