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overview: your site navigation well? Want to know how to make a good website? Guide then you must not miss the small as fast web site optimization we collected, let’s take a look at

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vertical navigation / side navigation

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said the website usability is particularly important? The reason is very simple, users do not love lack of creativity and design website. If the site can easily when needed to provide users with convenient, then this site is very successful. Users love to build a good website, which is understood easily. If you need to spend a lot of time to find what you want, I want to have a user on your site of interest.

! Advantages: Look better on the

obviously, simple logic site navigation is an important component of a website usability, which is why we say whether the site navigation is a perfect key, how to choose the right type of website navigation is a lot of skills.

vertical navigation menu item in the stack. Because.

let’s start with the most common types of navigation and the main navigation menu layout.

confirmed that people reading text faster and easier, because the level of navigation for the readers to scan.

uses a minimum of vertical screen space, makes the screen more wide.

design, manufacture and maintenance of an effective website is not so easy. There are many methods to generate web site, but also there will be many aspects will lead to failure site. Let us look at the important components of a successful web site:

add more menu or change the structure of the passage of time is a problem, because it requires the overall design of the website to make a change.

menu will lead to the so-called " " dilemma;.

The design of

mobile phone screen.

The top of the

where the main navigation menu is placed at the top of the page, there are a lot of content on the site, such as Facebook. Sometimes, in addition to the use of the top menu, sidebar menu navigation layout is also very convenient.


For example: Apple

For example: Smarthood

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