The analysis of love Shanghai QQ space optimization ranking optimization

second, love Shanghai about the community website construction, these years love Shanghai know, love the sea love Shanghai Post Bar free to do good. They are not under too much efforts. This style in QQ space is more suitable for their popular community website.

need to pay attention to the space is QQ the home page a variety, there is ".S6", some with /main, I saw what no more, "/main" is also another less. You can submit submit in time, but in the hair of the chain when the first one to do. This article from the Tianya forum.

The development of the principle of

first, we must clearly love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai used the "cloud computing", which is newer words "the era of big data". All the algorithms are to combine the inner rules, is the public’s awareness of orientation.

Shanghai dragon we must understand the love of Shanghai – the basic ideas. All love Shanghai follow is "human nature" principle. This love Shanghai do indeed, we need to acknowledge. With the development of market economy, more and more people will use other ways to use the authority of the Shanghai love. For example, the portal site, classified information network, video network in Shanghai, love to see the love and the ranking of Shanghai cooperation degree. For example, Tencent Inc, and love Shanghai in years of development cooperation, so to get the relevant information sharing. This is the QQ space love Shanghai optimization ranking, now willing to become the main important topic.

first, QQ space is currently more popular, many users. It reflects a part of most real life. This is the love of Shanghai needs information resources.

is now the QQ space to do optimization ranking is very easy, the enrichment required in background, at the same time can do is not much. Do the optimization of space, we must first set the space. Is in the personal file – there are spatial data, spatial space name and description. This is the page title and description. This is what you want to do keyword.

to end after the space is the home page of the link, above me, in search of love Shanghai, after that love was submitted to Shanghai. Basically a few days or a few hours will be included. The rest is the chain, and modify the page layout. The specific method to fall in love with Haicha, or my space. Ask me to communicate with you through the space can also be.

then how do QQ space optimization ranking love Shanghai? This is my 贵族宝贝user.qzone.qq贵族宝贝/1147490163 space we can learn from you. This is the home page, some people will think that love Shanghai will only catch QQ space home. Not to practice, and even personal log page will be included in the center.


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