The actual problems encountered in the Links exchange experience sharing

second, the website included data (stie): we see large websites in general, included are the tens of thousands, or even millions or billions of levels, although we can not be compared with the general small and large sites like this, but if you have so few data collected from the surface ten or a few, intuitive feeling. People will think this station content construction is not enough, is not consistent with the search engine is not content, sometimes will also see a few websites rarely included, but Guan Jian words ranking is also very good, but this station generally do, certainly not universal, you will find such a phenomenon is a special case. Included less, to search engine spiders opportunity is relatively small, in other words, people and you exchange links do not say first weight transfer from the single lead spider would consider this is not ideal, so people care included data is normal.

you know, Links anchor text is the best quality resources, an important work so Links exchange is Shanghai dragon, how to change yourself to the friends of the chain, from the previous month beginning until now almost a month of friendship exchange experience, found some here and share with you.

third, the website chain data (domain): since last year a series of adjustment algorithm of search engine, a lot of people began to say that the chain is not important, and now a lot of people moved to the station in content, is the so-called original, what is the role of the chain, is voting and drainage, although now the weakening of the voting results, but we from drainage and propaganda, the construction of the chain is quite necessary, just like factory or enterprise out of a product, advertising is not required to pitch it into people’s mind, otherwise, even if you say you are one hundred years old, for thousands of years aged people will not.

first, website snapshot data: Although a lot of people say that the snapshot does not matter, not updated snapshot of the search engine, but we want to come back, not updated snapshot is not all websites do not update it, obviously not the most normal or updated, not updated only accounted for a proportion of very small, why people will be updated normally, so here I think we should look for their own reasons, from the station outside the station, there is always the problem, it did not achieve the updated snapshot, so people care about this data is normal.

used in the Internet to see some of the exchange Links article, some of the experience, the so-called secret, some so-called new sites for high quality links, now through their own practice, all are the clouds, imagine that they are not stupid, who want to take advantage of it your data is worse than the others, it is absolutely impossible, what to say, say a few words, many people fighting for a while, will give you a high weight link, up to now the argument is ridiculous, through practice I recently switched links, all the staff for links are concerned the following data.

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