The Shanghai dragon Er how to make your home work optimization

third, the optimization of keywords analysis and layout of the site. Before the words of the site selection analysis work is very important, general website keyword analysis mainly includes two aspects: one is to refer to the user search behavior and their products for user groups, such as reference to their peers or competitors, the layout of the site keywords and options, according to user search behavior in general, the most common is the love of Shanghai related search, love Shanghai index and so on, with this.


as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization is a complex thing, during the period from 2010 to 12 this time the webmaster will find the website optimization, just released some of the content, outside the chain to Sina or Sohu and three party blog do some outside the chain, the website weight will be like a duck to water, as ascension is simply the difference between the current heaven and earth, in the love of Shanghai wantonly respected user experience is king of the times, we optimize the staff to this criterion as the basis, optimize the user experience of the website code website is a very important link, as a maintenance worker we should grasp the basic knowledge of

first, the basic HTML code is essential. Any website we know that no matter how complicated procedures, such as JSP, ASP, PHP and so on, once they were explained to the client of our users to see the source code is the uniform code of html. Html is a markup language with the user experience for website optimization of obvious interest at the moment and we know when the construction site layout of div+css has gradually entered the public view, here the author thinks that the basic HTML code we must master, whether subsequent code restructuring, website URL optimization inevitable to deal with these basic code, a simple example of title tag we all know, in our own time to modify or change the title you should at least know the label position, the title tag of our h label, what time we have to know you can fix things do this can greatly reduce the precious time we ask for help in the process of.

second, the internal structure of website for the website effect. In fact, we understand the internal structure is generally divided into two aspects, one is whether it is the site where the space structure structure such as general our most common tree structure, extending from one directory to the directory main lots of columns to the contents page, then one is directly tied to all web page channel, the channel the weight of each other directly to a level not much difference between, shorten the path to the first page of the column, which improves the capture effect, the article page I think that suitable correlation website internal ground is indispensable, the internal link is to access the site spider pathway is one way to increase the user experience the best way, reasonable inside chain will the user access to web content more, will undoubtedly enhance the website PV increase website viscosity.

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