Freetoplay games support coming to Xbox

first_imgMost free-to-play games survive on “micro-transactions,” that is, while the game itself is free to download and play to a certain degree, you’ll have to pay real money for in-game benefits like higher levels, better items, or unlocked areas and content. Those types of games haven’t been available on the Xbox before, but a new report says they may be coming soon and developers are testing a way to bring free-to-play games to Xbox and Xbox Live.It was only last week that Steam opened up to free-to-play games, and only today news broke that Valve’s Team Fortress 2 is now free-to-play as well. While formal support on the Xbox is still a ways away, it’s clear there’s a major shift towards free-to-play gaming coming. Develop is reporting that Microsoft has approached several developers of free-to-play games, asking them to bring their games to the Xbox.They’re also reporting that Microsoft is planning to roll out a micro-transaction service for Xbox Live, built on the existing Microsoft points system, where players can use Microsoft points to buy in-game items or content. To be fair, Microsoft didn’t comment on the matter when approached directly, but it’s not Microsoft’s style to fan the rumor flames, or speak before their plans are concrete.At the same time, getting into the free-to-play market could be a boon for Microsoft, and it could give them a way to compete with Steam’s free-to-play category on the PC with their own additions to Games for Windows Live, and it could also give them a way to deliver free-to-play mobile games via Windows Phone 7.Plus, Microsoft clearly has big plans for the Xbox as an entertainment hub in the home, and this falls in line there as well. If gamers can download a game to their Xbox and play for free, but then lay down cash for Microsoft points when they’re ready to upgrade their weapons or armor, everyone wins.Read more at Developlast_img

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