The board studies asking for more cuts to the Barça squad

first_imgHowever, in the absence of specifying these variables, within the Blaugrana board of directors there are a number of managers who were not satisfied with the agreement reached with the staff, which they consider insufficient.According to the agreement reached, Barcelona would save with the reduction of the first template about 14 million monthly in payroll, an amount that for many does not fix anything. This sector of the board that is in favor of renegotiating looks in the mirror of other teams such as Bayern Munich (which has cut 20 percent of its players’ record) or Juventus (which has cut 90 million) and they consider that this is the horizon that the Blaugrana set must set.Therefore, once this state of alarm is over, the various scenarios proposed by the technicians will be studied and the request to a second downgrade to the squad.And seeing how the negotiation of the first ended, which culminated in the statement made by Messi on behalf of the entire team in which he showed the discomfort of the dressing room having been singled out and “under the microscope” by the board, this new negotiation could be even more delicate. As expected, the economic negotiation between the Barcelona board and the first team squad has not ended with the agreement that was made public last Monday. whereby the Barça players accepted the reduction of 70 percent of their salary while the state of alarm lasted. In this agreement, in addition, the footballers added an additional two percent so that the employees did not lose purchasing power by the ERTE that will also be applied to them and that the club is scheduled to present today at the Department of Treball of the Generalitat. The blaugrana board could ask the players for a further downgrade to overcome the economic situation, since the first effort may be insufficient.Miguel Rico publishes in Mundo Deportivo that President Josep Maria Bartomeu has commissioned the club’s executives with a report on the scenarios that Barcelona can face once the first phase of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus is overcome.This study will not be ready until May and depends on several factors. such as whether it will be played open door or closed door, television rights will be charged in full and if not in what percentage, or if you can return to the economic activity of selling T-shirts or visiting the Camp Nou and what level these activities will be carried out, since the return to the activity will be progressive.last_img read more