Multiplo Robot Building Kit is flexible moddable teaching tool

first_imgOne thing is certain about today’s youth: they should be building more robots. Watching movies and TV shows with robots in them is fine, controlling robots with a smartphone is even better, but there’s no substitute for the experience of actually connecting the parts for an automaton of your very own. The educators behind the Multiplo Kickstarter project would probably agree, but were frustrated by the lack of a good, flexible teaching material for robotics. So they set out to create single kit with everything a student needs to design and build a working robot.The Multiplo system is designed to be easy to be easy to assemble, difficult to break, and entirely moddable. The components all fit together naturally because of the mathematical relationship between their dimensions, so there’s no need for tools or soldering.The individual parts are designed to be reproducible in a fabrication shop, which should make it easy for users to invent their own parts and incorporate them into Multiplo. The kit’s DuinoBot controller is expandable and compatible with most Arduino sensors, so it’s possible to add Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity into a Multiplo robot as well.To make sure users can get started right out of the box, the kit comes with an IR sensor and remote. But once students are ready to go beyond simple commands, they can create more complex tasks in a free, open source graphical software system called Minibloq. If they outgrow that software, they can start programming in the Arduino IDE since the controller is 100% Arduino compatible. Multiplo project backers can get a Starter Kit for $139, a more robust Building Kit for $239 (teachers have access to an Educator version that includes a curriculum consultation), and an even bigger Monster Kit for $400.Read more at the Multiplo Kickstarter pagelast_img read more