“I’ve seen players who can’t stand the pressure of Madrid”

first_img“As a child, they told me I didn’t have the mind to succeed” He started playing as a child in his garden, with his brother: “Yes, since I was the little brother, I had to recover the ball, it bothered me a little (laughs). More than once we stopped because I was crying. But because I have been a competitor since I was young, I wanted to challenge him, even if he was taller than me. He trained me mentally and also in the way I play football. “He entered his first club at age 7: “I was quite tall, and I learned all the basic technique and worked it with my father. Then I could play a few months with my brother. I was lucky to have my brother on the team, and he was the captain (laughs). Later From that, I always worked like this: I arrived with humility and did my work in the field. Then I gradually integrated. “In Le Pôle-Espoirs de Liévin he had a difficult time. Why? “For uprooting. And then it is adolescence. Between the ages of 13 and 15, we ask ourselves many questions about our future. Do we focus more on football? Do we put more emphasis on studies? What do we do on studies? These are the usual questions for teenagers, but under soccer pressure, boarding school pressure, competition … Besides, I suffered a lot of injuries. It was difficult. “He also had a growth disease and played with pain: “Yes. I always knew how to adapt and clench my teeth. I have played many games with pain, but you must know how to deal with it. Some players do not know how to do it or they cannot do it. I have this ability, I try to know myself well. I interact a lot with the Medical staff and doctors know that when I say something or that I have feelings I am not mistaken. It helps me in my career today. “He has a great mental strength: “It’s not 100%, but talent is only a small part of a career. The mind is the most important thing. I don’t think it was mentally gifted. There are cracks that are noticeable at 10 years old and we say” He will succeed ” “Not me. It was good, but it was not a phenomenon. As a child, I was told that I did not have the mind to succeed. I was too kind, I was not bad enough. When I was more troubled, fewer people believed in me and how much the more he revealed to me, the more really good he was. My best years were when I was promoted. And my worst years were when I played in my category. “ This is the ninth season of Raphael Varane at Real Madrid. The Frenchman, one of the veterans of the white team despite being only 26 years old, is going through a great moment in a personal way. In this holiday break, he looked back with Onze Mondial magazine and in an interview he took stock of his career, analyzed his problems with injuries, talked about his signing for Real Madrid and his evolution in the Madrid team and did not save praise to Cristiano, Zidane and Benzema. Varane gives the clue about Benzema: “Psychologically it is appeased.” “Benzema is at the top of his game. Psychologically I see him calm” There is an anecdote with Cristiano Ronaldo, who tells you during a training: “Varane, go to the middle!” He replies: “I am not Varane, I am Rapha!” Don’t you want disrespect? “No, no, no, it was not disrespectful! I am super nice, I am great, even in the locker room. I am also quite shy. But besides that, when there are difficult times or when you have to show your personality, you can count on me The players who have known me for a while now know it Of course, it is not the aspect of my character that you see more or that you see first, or even that marks more, but there was a time when they should not step on it It was not a matter of respect or disrespect, it was just a matter of “I am not seen, I am not considered too much.” Then it was like: “Oh, I am also here, I also have a name.” It was more like that (laughs). “Soon he dominated the Castilian: “It was more to fit in the dressing room, to be able to communicate with others and understand what is happening. Because I like to understand everything (he smiles).”Pressure in Madrid: “It’s a different pressure. Every day, there are many newspapers, televisions, radios, etc. And what happens in Madrid often has repercussions all over the world. It’s global. The pressure inside the club is also enormous. The fans are extremely demanding Winning is good, but it is never enough, you can always improve things in the game A draw is catastrophic It is a level of standards higher than any club We are sorry and we live with it Not all players can live with this. I’ve seen players who can’t stand it because sometimes it gets in their heads … “He won the Champions League and the World Cup in the same year, but the individual trophies went to other players. Your kind side may have influenced? Shouldn’t it be more extravagant? “Extravagant means making more noise. I’m already in the shade. There are the goals, the most spectacular actions, the different media appearances too. I’m like that, I don’t need to change. I’m not going to change to get something.”He played seven years with Cristiano Ronaldo. What memories do you keep? “Great, great … On a human and football level I don’t even have words anymore. He accomplished something extraordinary: he made the feat normal, banal. And to do that … There are no words to explain it, it’s huge, it’s extraordinary. He taught me a lot and also surprised me. How many times have I said to myself: “Wow, this is strong.”In Madrid he plays with several French: “It goes very well with them! We integrate Ferland Mendy very well. We have a good atmosphere. We laugh a lot together, we stay together. The Spaniards sometimes tell us:” We are going to have meetings in French now (laughs). “Benzema is in top form: “He is clearly at the top of his game. Psychologically, I see him (thinks) … calm. The word that comes to me is appeased. He took his leading role as an attack leader very seriously. No, it doesn’t surprise me anymore. What I find strong the consistency of its performance. Not only the statistics, not only the goals, but what it does in the game, the content of the game, is huge. And that, every three days. “ Then comes Madrid. Why do you choose it? “I was talking about that with Gervais Martel, the president of Lens. I had to accept, it was an exceptional opportunity. I also discussed it with my agent at that time, then with the family. It was a choice. We told ourselves that if it didn’t work it always existed. the possibility of returning. “Zidane put his name on the table and Mourinho agreed: “Yes! It is also his talent. It is they who saw things in me.”It arrived with a conquered territory then: “No, not at all! They make a bet. No one in the club knows me except them (smiles). In Madrid, among the media nobody knows me, among the players nobody knows me. So no, this is not conquered territory.” The return of Zidane: “Good. I know his working method very well. He knows what he can expect from me, he knows me. It’s going well, we’re starting to restart the machine, to find feelings individually and collectively.”However, when you first arrived in 2016, it took a while to completely trust you: “He was not a starter, it is true. He played, but not with the responsibilities he wanted. It lasted about six months. There was also an injury before the Euro, it was not easy. It shows that there is no gift for anyone, it is the high level, without luxuries It made me think a little more. At that moment, I wanted more, and I was a little frustrated, yes. “Tell me a phrase that represents you: “There was a phrase in the Pôle-Espoirs that marked me: ‘Falling is allowed, getting up is mandatory.’ It is something to say to oneself in difficult times.”last_img read more