Sony teases PS4 reveal at E3 with blurry shots of the console

first_imgIt’s been a few months since Sony first revealed the PlayStation 4, and at the time they didn’t show us what the console looked like. While that was frustrating, it also meant Sony could counter any announcements Microsoft made by revealing some juicy new details about the PS4 on a drip feed up until the launch of the machine.Sure enough, with Microsoft set to unveil the new Xbox tomorrow, Sony has released a new video teasing us with what the PS4 actually looks like. What this video reveals is that we will get to see the new machine in all its glory during E3, everything else is just a blur, quite literally.As you can see above, the video gives us a shot of the very square looking PS4, but it is also blurred out. We then get quick flashes of features on the casing. Things that look like the PS4 logo, a button, a vent for cooling, and a few of the lines from the corners of the machine. It’s all very unexciting, but at the same time acts as a clever reminder that the console being revealed tomorrow isn’t alone.What the video does suggest is the PS4 is much smaller than the original PS3, and that boxy shape should make it a lot easier to fit underneath or next to a TV. Considering the components being used, it could end up being only slightly larger than a Mini-ITX motherboard, which I don’t think anyone would complain about. We really need to see the controller sitting next to the case to get an idea of just how big it is, though.So, Microsoft will unveil the new Xbox in some form tomorrow, and then Sony will finally reveal the PS4 console on June 10 at 6pm PDT. I’m guessing Microsoft won’t show us the Xbox case tomorrow, instead joining Sony in a secondary reveal during E3.last_img read more