Firefox getting improved private browsing mode no relaunch required

first_imgA major improvement to the way Firefox handles private browsing sessions has just landed in an experimental build. It’s been a long, long time coming — the related Buzilla entry was submitted back in the winter of 2008! It wasn’t possible to implement at the time, and development really only took off earlier this year. Now, it’s ready for testing and should arrive soon in the official Firefox Nightly branch.Right now, Mozilla’s implementation of “porn mode” is the most awkward of any of the major browsers. When you want to switch to a private window, Firefox has to record all the tabs you currently have open, close all of them, and launch a new window in private browsing mode. Chrome and Internet Explorer can simply launch a new private window atop your previous session. Opera takes things a step further and lets you open new private tabs right next to your regular tabs.Mozilla’s opted for the same approach as Google and Microsoft. After the patch arrives, Firefox will allow users to pop a new private window open without the messy and time-consuming restart. It’s a double win, too, since Firefox won’t have to relaunch again when you’re done with your private session. Close the window, and it will simply disappear and you can flip back to your still-open standard browsing tabs.So why not go for per-tab privacy like Opera? Mozilla’s developers believe that having private tabs sandwiched between non-private tabs is too confusing and that Firefox users may accidentally type URLs intended for a private tab into a non-private one. URLs wind up in the wrong place all the time — just ask the reporter who accidentally tweeted a link to a very NSFW video on xHamster.More at Ehsan Akhgari’s bloglast_img read more