EHF CL Round 6 Presov miracle for the end of exciting weekend

EHF Champions LeagueHC Tatran PresovHSV HandballSlovak Handball ← Previous Story Norway won “Mobelringen Cup” Next Story → EHF CL (Round 6): Kadetten and Medvedi wins as a visitors After a big surprise in Barcelona, where Polish Vive Targi Kielce won a point against Barca 28:28, another team from Central Europe, Slovak, Tatran Presov draw with a favorite, HSV Hamburg 26:26 (13:15). In front of 3.800 their supporters, led by Antl, who scored 8 goals, Tatran took unexpected point, their first in this edition of EHF Champions League. Despite good result against HSV, Tatran is probably to far away from the fourth place and the battle for TOP 16 phase, same as Swedish Savehof.Montpellier with recovered Nikola Karabatić showing a huge step in form. French champions smash Danish KIF Kolding 40:25.MKB Vezsprem keept good form against Savehof 38:34 (17:15)Standing group B:1. Veszprem* 6-122. Montpellier 6-83. Hamburg 6-74. Kolding 6-65. Sävehof 6-26. Tatran Prešov 6-1 read more