ProPolisario Media Criticizes SADR as Diplomacy Falls Flat

Rabat – The adoption of the EU-Morocco agriculture agreement at the European Parliament on Wednesday created panic among the separatist group of the Polisario Front.The blow angered not only the separatist group but also its main supporter Algeria.Pro-Polisario media are mourning the decision of the EU which will strengthen its partnership with Morocco through the adoption of the agriculture and the fisheries agreements. Read Also: EU-Morocco: Polisario Resorts to Security Council After Diplomatic FailureAfter the EU Parliament verdict, pro-Polisario media criticized the separatists’ “last-minute” diplomatic efforts which resulted in a disappointing failure of its lobbying.The pro-Polisario outlet Futuro Sahara acknowledged the failed policies of the separatist group in recent years in an editorial published on Friday.According to the separatist outlet, the EU’s adoption of the agriculture agreement with Morocco, which includes the southern provinces, “did not come as a surprise to the Sahrawi citizen, who has been traumatized by the failed policies of the Sahrawi regime in recent years.”The outlet also condemned Polisario’s “last minute diplomatic efforts,” acknowledging that the separatists had only been speaking to their contacts just before the Christmas holiday, “an inappropriate  period of time to carry out lobbying campaigns to influence the European decision.”Read Also: Western Sahara: Everything You Should Know About Morocco’s Autonomy PlanCommenting on the failure, Futuro Sahara said that lobbying campaigns should not have been limited to the EU Parliament but “should be extended to all European capitals” because MEPs are under pressure from their countries.The editorial also said that all Polisario’s “representatives” should have participated in the lobbying campaign, but “unfortunately most of our representatives in European countries preferred to devote time to their personal projects or their family matters.” Morocco was on the ballThe separatist outlet said that Morocco took advantage of Polisario’s absence to mobilize its diplomatic efforts in favor of Moroccan interests. The representatives of the front will not persuade the EU to abandon its  interests over allegations that Morocco “exploits” the natural resources of Western Sahara. EU representatives have already surveyed the benefits of the agreement for local Sahrawis and the development of the region from income generated from both Also: Facts about Western Sahara Conflict that You Should KnowSahrawis petitioned in favor of the agreements, emphasizing the importance of the agreements for the development of the southern provinces.In addition to the EU’s approval of the agreement, Morocco has been firm that it will not allow any institution to challenge its sovereignty over Western Sahara.Read Also: Polisario, Algeria Frustrated over EU-Morocco Partnership AgreementsThroughout negotiations, the North African country said it would not sign if the agreement contained unfriendly language about its territorial integrity projects.Futuro Sahara concluded its editorial by urging the front not to limit its “war” against Morocco by complaining about natural resources.  It is a “mistake that has not yet produced tangible results.”Algeria also criticized the EU decision to adopt the agriculture agreement.Algerian state-owned news agency APS quoted an Algerian source, speaking on condition of anonymity, who said that the vote was a “genuine crime.”The Algerian source said that the vote is also a “violation” of the Court of Justice’s ruling, which stated that EU deals with Morocco were invalid if they included Western Sahara. read more