Blue Jays playoff tickets sold out

Blue Jays playoff tickets went on sale to the general public at 10am Thursday morning. Just hours after what was arguably the Blue Jays most important win in the last 20 plus years, Jays fans were hoping to scoop up some playoff tickets. Everyone knew that after the season ticket and flex pack holders got first crack at the first sets of Blue Jays playoff tickets in 22 years, there wouldn’t be much left for the rest of us. And when the clock struck 10am today…a whole other game was being played…the waiting variety. After that Russel Martin 3-run homer, cementing the Blue Jays 4-0 defeat over the New York Yankees, Blue Jays fans felt a sense of relief. But only for a few hours, because quicker than you can say Tulowitzki, for the first time in 22 years, playoff tickets went on sale to the general public at 10am sharp.Available only online and over the phone, Phil Perkins jumped on a computer and hopped into the digital line with high hopes. 30 minutes after logging on, he got his tickets. Unfortunately, many people wound up striking out. By 11:40, the Blue Jays tweeted that all the ALDS tickets were sold out. Some people never got the memo, and waited overnight outside Rogers Centre box office, only to be informed in the morning that they’d better be able to get to a computer or on the phone to get tickets.The tickets are set to be lucrative for the secondary market. Sites like StubHub have tickets marked up by hundreds of dollars. The outfield patio, which is standing room only, is going for $200 each. read more