Adults Must Be Accompanied by Child When Attending Drag Queen Story Hour

FEBRUARY 19TH, 2019 TYRONE MORRIS EVANSVILLE, INDIANA The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library says due to capacity constraints, adults wanting to attend Drag Queen Story Hour must be accompanied by a child.The story hour is intended for children 11 and under and will feature a local drag performer reading stories chosen by library staff.Library officials say there is a safety plan in place that includes the safety of staff members, the public performers and anyone who supports the event.“This storytime is not just for library cardholders. We want as many children who would like to attend the event to be able,” says EVPL Engagement and Experience Officer Heather McNabb.EVPL staff will be on-site Saturday to make sure the room’s limit is not exceeded.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare read more

Community Gives More Than $365,000 in Scholarships to OCHS Seniors

first_imgScholarship in Memory of Gerald & Mary Hoskins — Presenters:   Beth Hoskins Nugent, Shelley Hoskins Forsman, Laurie Hoskins Brelsford, Susan Hoskins Noble$250           Thomas Matera$250           Gretchen Keyser Class of 1964 — Susan Rumer Peifer$500               Russell Belz$500               Kylie Clearkin$500               Kristi Rohrer Harry Vanderslice Football Scholarship Award – Mr. Keith Johnson, Mrs. Marty Vanderslice, Mr. Harry Vanderslice & Ms. Valerie Davis$400               Zachary Busam$400               Owen Dierolf$400               Juan Sanchez$400               Zachary Wyman$600               Robert Macom$600               Dylan Fahy$1,000           Carlo Gallelli$1,000           Douglas Shallcross Sons of Italy New Jersey Foundation Scholarship $1,000           Jenna DelVescio Ron Moretti, Jr. Memorial Award Ron was a junior at OCHS in 1991 when a drunken driver killed him and a classmate. His passions were baseball and football and his dream was to enter the Air Force Academy. The young man receiving this award is chosen by the Moretti family with the belief that he possesses the same qualities that made Ron who he was. Kathy Moretti, Ron Moretti$2,000           Zachary Williams UNICO — Mr. Carmine Bonani$4,000 ($1,000/year)          Matthew Aromando$4,000 $1,000/year)            Austin Johnson Ocean City Surfer Community Scholarship — Mr. Herb Godfrey$750               Matthew Aromando$1,000           Andrew Gallagher$1,000           Sofiya Lebedeva$1,000           Patrick Martin$1,000           Pat McCarron Ralph Carson Memorial Golf Scholarship — Mr. Michael Carson$500               Eric Easterly Ocean City Home Bank Scholarship — Presenters:   Katie Greck &Vicky Hawkes$500           Macy Oteri Upper Township PTO — Presenters:   Mrs. Barbara Haak$500           Abigail Montemurro$500           Lauren Bowersock John David Gillian Memorial Award — Kathy Sykes$2,000           Anna Myers Service Award to the OCHS French Club — Mrs. Sharon Elco$25                 Madelyn Adams$25                 Evan Pearce$25                 Matt Daquila$50                 Megan Bologno$50                 Emily Breed$50                 Hannah Lucey$50                 Alexxa Pastore$50                 Justin Smith Ocean City Community Center Association — Mrs. Karen Mahar$250               Maria Dattilo$250               Elizabeth Kazanjian$250               Rachel St. Clair$250               Zachary Williams$500               Mary Ney Ocean City Police Benevolent Association Presidential Award — Det. Mark Pancoast$4,000 ($1,000/year)          Kristina Redmond Renee Scrocca OCHS Boys’ Lacrosse Memorial Scholarship — Joe Scrocca, Husband, Melanie IannaceThis award was established as a loving tribute to Renee Scrocca’s spirit and memory. Renee was the first president of the booster club and spent countless hours on booster business but was always positive and uplifting. The recipient of this award possesses the following qualities: rallies the team, puts team before themselves, is a good sportsman and has a strong moral character.$250               Dillon Gerber Ocean City Chamber of Commerce$500               Matthew Aromando$500               Mary Ney OCHS Mascot Award$400               Lucia Castellano Ocean City Rowing & Athletic Association In Honor of Dr. Alfred “Bud” McKinley — Mr. Fred Miller$500           Karissa Borbeau$500           Erin Myers$500           Mason Yeager$750           Madeline Brady OCHS Concert Choir Award — Mr. Ricardo Valle$100               Amber Angelucci$100               Brooke Blumenstock$100               Olivia Ensminger$100               Anna Myers$100               JoHannah Newman$100               Alexxa Pastore$100               Lauren Prettyman$100               Christina Urban OCHS Cheerleader Awards — Mrs. Brenda Colón Smith & Mrs. Kathy Sykes$ 75                Karen Avila$400               Megan Bologno$400               Hannah Eiler$400               Madison Goucher$400               Lauren Phifer$400               Lauren Prettyman$700               Brianna Holder$800               Kylie Clearkin “Dixie” Howell Memorial Awards — Ms. Marcia Shallcross McCulley$2,500           Mary Ney$2,500           Douglas Shallcross Ocean City High School Salutatorian Plaque sponsored by the Exchange Club — Bill Culp, PresidentBriarRose Ginn Dr. Tom Adams Memorial Basketball Scholarship$300               Sierra Schoenewald Patricia Shallcross Memorial Scholarship — Mrs. Cathy Shallcross Smith$1,000           Douglas Shallcross Scholarship in Memory of Jennifer Ward, Class of 1993 — Ms. Alicia Smith$1,000           Devon Terwilliger Knights of Columbus Council 2560$100               Lucia Casaleno$100               Zachary Colao Ocean City High School Field Hockey Booster Club — Joyce O’Reilly, President$375               Adina Ahlstrom$375               Teresa Citera$500               Raquel Gresham$500               Kelly Hanna$500               Malia Hindle$500               Kristin Marshall$500               Lauren McNally$500               Mary Ney Class Council 2015 — Ms. Alyssa Preis, Ms. Kate Kline, Ms. Jen Bowen$100           Adina Ahlstrom$100           Teresa Citera$150           Krista Iannone$250           Kira Kelly$250           Dan Loggi Appointment to United States Coast Guard Academy – Lieutenant commander Christian Polyak            Malia Hindle Fireman’s Mutual Benevolent Association — Presenters:   Tom Shallcross$500           Noel Butler$500           Raquel Gresham$500           Kristin Marshall$500           Corey Mounce$500           Nathanial Trofa$500           Maura Twiggs Gerard A. Desiderio, Sr. Scholarship Award — Presenters:   Hon. Lenard Desiderio$500           Joseph Ferrilli Ocean City Exchange Club, Dr. Roger G. LaRosa Award — Presenters:   Bill Culp$6,500 ($1,625/Year)             Amber Angelucci ASL Award – For outstanding service to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture and the commitment to pursue an ASL related field of study in higher education. The amount of award will be determined after the ASL show. Mrs. Amy AndersonAnna ElmerMadeline GreaserBailey ReadingMikayla UtleyCaliope Yiannos Ocean City/Upper Township Rotary Club in Memory of Robert French — Ms. Nancy Hannum $1,000           Amy Phillips Upper Township Soccer Association Achievement Award — Gary Harper, President$250               David Balic$250               Laura Blaine$250               Lauren Bowersock$250               Jenna DelVescio$250               Fiona Devine$250               Ashley Edgell$250               Patricia Fox$250               Jacqueline Kerr$250               Laura McKinley$250               Kyle Millar$250               Collin Noble$250               Jenner Pomeroy$250               Kristi Rohrer$250               Shannon Tarves$250               Devon Terwilliger$250               Donald VanMeter$250               Celena White$250               Gabriella Wyand Helene Gorny Memorial Scholarship — Mr. Bill Gorny$500               Hannah Lucey Appointment to United States Naval Academy – Blue & Gold Officer, Commander Jonathan L. Wesner            Lindsey Wan William C. Lauer Scholarship to an outstanding business student — Mr. Tom Park$250               Joseph Ferrilli Lower Cape May Regional Education Association — Lori Jargowsky & Susan Noble$500               Benjamin Jargowsky$500               Collin Noble John and Theresa Taccarino Scholarship Award$300               Kylie Clearkin Ocean City Marlin & Tuna Club — Presenters:   Brian Logue$500           Erin McMurray Ocean City High School Awards Program (May 29, 2015) Ocean City High School Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Club — Lisa Mason & Antoinette Rohrer$500               Jenna DelVescio$500               Mikala Gillespie$500               Lauren McNally$500               Kristi Rohrer$500               Maura Twiggs$500               Celena White Ocean City High School Boys’ Lacrosse Booster Club — Mrs. Melanie Iannace, President$150               Kylie Clearkin$200               Luke Demore$300               Jon Edwards$500               Edward Carter$500               Kyle Conrad$500               Owen Dierolf$500               Dylan Fahy$500               Dillon Gerber$500               Shane Rauner$500               Logan Schettig Ocean City/Upper Township Rotary Club – Music Scholarship in Memory of Walter Smith — Ms. Nancy Hannum$1,000           Benjamin Fisher Bobby Miller Memorial AwardBobby Miller was a former Ocean City High School student who was an outstanding athlete and a gentleman. He played basketball, and football, striving at all times to use his God given talents to the best of his abilities. This award is in his memory and it is a symbol of all that is good in athletic competition. Mrs. Jane Miller Glenn, Ms. Marsha Shallcross McCulley, Bobby Shallcross, Nicole Shallcross, Abby Fenton, Natalie Glenn-Jackson & Scott Miller$1,000           Zachary Alteri$1,000           Mikala Gillespie$1,000           Ryan Givens$1,000           Brandon Hadtke$1,000           Thomas Matera$1,000           Andrea Sharp$2,000           Eric Easterly$2,000           Zachary Zellers$10,000 ($2,500/year)        Douglas Shallcross Ocean City High School Crew Booster Brian Fitzpatrick Award     The Brian Fitzpatrick Memorial Award (a coach’s selection, awarded to the senior who most exemplified the “spirit of crew” with dedication, unselfish attitude, commitment, leadership and teamwork; named in honor of an Ocean City rower who died tragically in an auto accident while still a high school rower) from the Ocean City Crew Boosters:$500               Dana Cates$500               Jonathan Gift OCHS Wood Shop Award — In memory of Allan T. Burch, sponsored by Mr. William Nickles$100               Martin Shaw$100               Dylan Carr$100               Joseph Gardner Photo Club Award — Mrs. Adriana Palmer$55             Madeline Greaser OCHS Top Math Students — Mrs. Sonja Cox$200               Benjamin Fisher$200               Alec Helm$400               Benjamin Jargowsky Ocean City High School Spanish Club Awards — Mrs. Gina DiLorenzo$ 50                Dedication/Perseverance in the study of Spanish– Lauren Bowersock$100               Excellence in the study of Spanish– Amber Angelucci$100               Excellence in the study of Spanish– BriarRose Ginn Cape Regional Medical Center Auxiliary — Ms. Susan Handron $1,500           Amber Angelucci$1,500           Ashley Edgell$1,500           BriarRose Ginn$1,000           Lauren Bowersock$1,000           Mackenzie Greene$1,000           Brandon Hadtke$1,000           Corey Mounce Gerard A. Desiderio, Sr. Scholarship Award — Mayor Leonard Desiderio$500               Benjamin Jargowsky Ocean City Educational Support Staff Association — Mrs. Kathy Sykes$100               Kylie Clearkin$100               Sarah Hoffmann$100               Brianna Holder$100               Arianna Segich$100               Rachael St. Clair$100               Maura Twiggs Country Shore Women’s Club Theatertic Arts Award — Presenters:   Maureen Card$1,000                  Kaitlin Wriggins$1,000                  Stephanie Murray 1st Bank of Sea Isle City — Presenters:   Larry Schmidt$500           Zachary Hackett$500           Krista Ianonne Award in the Excellence in the Study of French — Mrs. Sharon Elco$100               Justin Smith Field Hockey Alumni Award — Ms. Marsha McCulley$200               Mary Ney Nina Lombardi Memorial Scholarship — Diane Tharp, Lynn Keyser, Nick Lombardi, Joe Lombardi$500               Madeline Crowell Buddy Baldwin Memorial Scholarship for the Trades — Mrs. Gail BaldwinThe Buddy Baldwin Memorial Scholarship for the Trades is given in memory of a dedicated 17-year employee of the building maintenance department here at the high school. Buddy’s work ethic was beyond compare, and his friends and family are proud to help students, in his name, entering the trades.$1,000           Rosa Martinez  Ocean City Leadership Club Award — Ms. Amy DePasquale$400               Joseph Ferrilli RPD Foods, Inc. — Mr. Patrick Daly$2,000           Alexandria Daly Ocean City Veterans of Foreign Wars Fulton Award — Presenters:   Clark Manley$500           Ryan Lewandowski Cape May County Chamber of Commerce$500               Matthew Aromando Key Club Award — Mrs. Ashley Schmid$100           Maddie Greaser$200           Lindsey Wan$400           Brooke Blumenstock Polish American Club Inc. of Cape May County, New Jersey$1,000           Benjamin Jargowsky Jack Davis Memorial Scholarship — Jack Davis (son) & Mom Val Davis$500               Kristi Rohrer Students Against Destructive Decisions — Mrs. Debra Cathcart$20                 Adina Ahlstrom$20                 Teresa Citera$20                 Emily Pensa$20                 Andrea Sharp$70                 Kevin Gill$70                 Hannah Lucey$70                 Macy Oteri$100               Emma Leeds$100               Laura McKinley Colony Club of Ocean City American Home Award  — Mrs. Nicolette Mirra, Mrs. Carol DeMill$250               Madeline Brady Business Department Award — for a student who has earned high grades in multiple business subjects, Mr. Craig Mensinger$100                Joseph Ferrilli Colony Club of Ocean City Scholarship — Mrs. Nicolette Mirra, Mrs. Carol DeMill$1,500           Kristina Redmond Ocean City High School Community Scholarship and Awards Program (June 1, 2015) The Dan Ross Memorial Fund Scholarship Award — Linda MacIntyreThe Dan Ross Memorial Fund was established in 2004 after the tragic death of Dan Ross, in Ocean City resident most of his life. We are proud to continue to help high school seniors pursue their education and dreams at the college level. Dan’s passion was baseball, where his hard work and dedication demonstrated his true strength of character. We look for candidates that show perseverance in overcoming adversity, yet continue to be successful in school and in the sport they love.$3,000           Karissa Bourbeau Suzanne Tridico Memorial Award — Mrs. Pat Dougherty$250               Milia Hindle Fellowship of Christian Athletes SURF scholarship — in Memory of Joe Matera by Mrs. Laura Matera$300               Matthew Aromando$300               Benjamin Fisher The Frank W. Perillo Student for Highest Integrity, Perseverance and Commitment Scholarship Award$500               Kyle Conrad Charlie & Bunny Tolson Memorial Award — Mr. Ed Rumer$600               Russell Belz Brandon Levan Memorial Award — Mrs. Sonya Cox$1,000           Amy Phillips National Academy of Finance Scholarship — Ms. Jennifer McDermott & Mr. Tom Park$200               Edward Carter$200               Logan Schettig$200               Andrea Sharp$200               Shannon Wallace$200               Danielle Walawender$200               Keith Wright$225               Madeline Brady$225               Christian McDermott$500               Joseph Ferrilli Beryl Dougherty/Miriam Reichley Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Female Athlete:Lauren McNally After Prom Award — Mrs. Amy Holmes & Mrs. Sarah Lee$150               Madeline Crowell$150               Zachary Hackett$150               Hannah Lucey$150               Matthew Unsworth$150               Caliope Yiannos Community ScholarshipsClass of 1981 in Memory of Mr. Ken Moore — Presenters:   Melissa Juliano, Mimi Henry Cusack$250           Kelly Hanna Ocean City Sentinel Barbara A. Bradley Communications Scholarship — Mrs. Kathy Sykes$1,000 ($250/year)  Christina Urban Patricia Horvath Award — Mrs. Edith Roach. Patricia Horvath retired this year as our Student Assistance Coordinator. This scholarship honors her for the invaluable service she has provided to our students and families.$500               Shelby Alvord Physical Education awards for outstanding male and female health and physical education student — Sponsored by Ocean City Police Benevolent Association.$100               Ryan Beebe$100               Malia Hindle Morgan Hand ll and Mary G. Hand Memorial Scholarship Award$1,500           Robert Phillips$2,000           Evan Pearce Dominick “Dan” Juliano Scholarship administered by the Ocean City Exchange Club — Presenters: The Juliano Family – Peg & Pat$2,500                 Lucia Casaleno Edie Callahan Memorial After Prom Award — Mrs. Amy Holmes & Mrs. Sarah Lee$150               Benjamin Fischer Goldenberg, Mackler Scholarship Fund$2,500                 Alec Helm Ocean City High School PTO Academic Award — Mrs. Sue Carr, President$500               Allison Daly$500               Madeline Greaser$500               Mary Ney$500               Mliranda Schumacher$500               Zachary Williams The First Night Scholarship$500               Kylie Clearkin$500               Maria Dattilo Ocean City Police Benevolent Association — Det. Mark Pancoast$1,000           Ashley Edgell$1,000           Madeline Greaser$1,000           Brianna Holder$1,000           Kristi Rohrer$1,000           Jamie Taylor$1,000           Maura Twiggs Excellence in Two World Languages – Latin and Greek — Mr. Brian King$150               Dean Jones $150               Robert Phillips Interact Club — Mrs. Mary Greenfield & Ms. Lydia Sheldon$100               Amy Phillips$100               Jamie Lea$100               Miranda Rausch$100               Caliope Yiannos John Philip Sousa Award – Best Band Musician — Mrs. Donna Schwartz$250               Benjamin Fischer Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township – Lewis P. Albrecht Jr. History Award — Mr. Bob Holden$500 and Book        Matthew Unsworth Colony Club of Ocean City Community Service Award — Mrs. Nicolette Mirra, Mrs. Carol DeMill$250               Miranda Schumacher$250               Samantha Ravelli William R. Norton II Business Education Award — sponsored by Miss Sharon Norton$150               Christian McDermott DECA for their participation in the club throughout the year — Mr. Brent Earl$50                 Lucia Casaleno$50                 Edward Carter$50                 Zach Zellers$100               Martin Shaw$150               Joseph Ferrilli$150               Kevin McDermott$150               Macy Oteri$150               Fiona Devine$150               Danielle Walawender Upper Township Boys’ Lacrosse Scholarship — Trustees – Peter Schuler, Bill Bailey, Liz Conrad, Adele Coggins$500               Edward Carter$500               Kyle Conrad$500               Shane Rauner $500               Gretchen Keyser Ocean City Board of Realtors — Ms. Gloria Votta, President$ 500             Luke Martino$ 500             Brandon Hadtke$1,000           Mary Ney$1,500           Kristina Redmond Ocean City Research Club Award                                       $1,000                  Justin Smith Ocean City Community Association Scholarship — Mr. Jim Root$500               Maria Dattilo$500               Mercy Griffith$500               Kyle Howey$500               Miranda Rausch$500               Mikayla Utley$1,000           Matthew Aromando$1,000           Kristina Redmond$1,000           Ivan Yang Belle-Wood Oil Scholarship Award — Mr. Matt Carey$500               Samantha Ravelli Ocean City Fishing Club — Presenters:   Margaret Feil$500           Ivan Yang Maliha Chowdhury Scholarship — Presenter:   Alesia Watson$1,500                  Celena White$1,500                  Miranda Rausch James Roy “Jimmy” Gillian Memorial Scholarship — Kathy Sykes$2,000           Anna Myers The Dance Place Awards — Ms. Mary Beth Snow$100               Maria Dattilo$100               Olivia Ensminger$100               Madison Goucher$100               Yeoryia Lemoniotis$200               Maggie Grimes$200               McKayla Perry$200               Mikayla Utley Mainland PBA Local #77 Scholarship — Bill Culver$500               Sean Yeats Southern Bayshore Track Officials Association — Coach Kevin Greene$500               Rachael Stremme$500               Mikenzie Greene Ocean City High School Soccer Booster Club — Mr. Steve Zellers & Dwayne Terwilliger (Amounts still have not been determined)David BalicRyan BeebeKarissa BourbeauJenna DelvescioFiona DevineAshley EdgellJackie KerSarah LauxSean LauxTommy MateraKyle MillarColin NobleJenner PomeroyKristi RohrerArianna SegichNoah SpearShannon TarvesDevon TerwilligerDonny VanMeterCelena WhiteZack Zellers National Honor Society — Ms. Michelle Dill$250               Savannah Carter$250               Ben Fischer$250               BriarRose Ginn$250               Alec Helm$250               Macy Oteri$250               Robert Phillips Firefighter John Glenn Memorial Award for student attending ACCC$500               Timothy Ferrier Cape May County Administrators’’ Association$1,000           Kira Kelly$1,000           Alexxa Pastore Dino’s Charity for Children $500               Pierce Shellhorn Ocean City Gardens Civic Association — Mr. Richard Bennett & Mr. Duane Sonneborn, Mr. Greg Donahue$400               Madeline Brady$400               Madison Goucher$400               Gretchen Shirk$500               Christian Heist$500               Shane Rauner$500               Mason Yeager$1,000           Matthew Aromando$1,000           Mercy Griffith “Big Mike” Baldyga Memorial Scholarship — Mrs. Janice Baldyga$250               Sierra Schoenewald Cecelia and Morgan Hand ScholarshipsThe late Cecelia Hand Nelson and Morgan Hand II traced their ancestry back to the founding of our Republic and were among Cape May County’s early settlers. Cecelia Nelson was a librarian for many years for the Ocean City Public Library. She was one of the founders of the Ocean City Museum and served as its curator for some twenty-five years. Cecelia’s brother, Morgan Hand II, was one of Cape May County’s foremost engineers and prominent citizens. They both loved Ocean City and worked tirelessly to maintain its traditions and wonderful heritage. This scholarship program was designed to assist qualified Ocean City High School graduates further their education and in turn enhance the quality of their own lives and the lives of those around them.The Cecilia Hand Nelson and Morgan Hand, II Memorial Scholarship Awards$1,000           Corey Mounce$1,000           Zachary Williams$2,000           Mercy Griffith$2,000           Justin Smith$2,000           Noah Spear$2,500           Noel Butler$2,500           Savannah Carter$2,500           Nicholas Dagrosa$2,500           Emily Grant William D. Nickles, Jr. Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Male Athlete:Zachary Williams Class of 1953$500           Austin Johnson$500           Kristina Redmond Jacqueline and Christina Becker-Caiafa Memorial Award — Mr. Ceasar Ciafa$500           John Deyoung$500           Claire Matera$1,000           Allison Daly Ocean City Masonic Club “Foster Karney” Foundation — Presenters:   George Booskos & John McGuigan$6,000 ($1,500/Year)             Amy Phillips$6,000 ($1,500/Year)             Madison Knapp$6,000 ($1,500/Year)             Brooke Blumenstock$6,000 ($1,500/Year)             Devon Grisbaum Upper Township Baseball — Mr. Frank Fumo$100               Zachary Zellers$200               Donald VanMeter$300               Kyle Millar$300               Sean Dougherty$300               Douglas Shallcross$300               Justin Booth$300               Thomas Matera$300               Martin Shaw OCHS TV/Media Booster Scholarship — Debra Kramer, President; Kathy Lucey, Past President$300               Brooke Blumenstock$300               JoHanna Newman$300               Miranda Rausch$300               Justin Smith Cape Regional Physical Therapy Award — Ms. Ginger Millar$250               Kevin Gill$250               Brandon Hadtke Sea Isle City Chamber of Commerce — Mayor Leonard Desiderio, Christopher Glancy$500               Benjamin Jargowsky$500               Joseph Ferrilli$500               Kristi Iannone Award in Memory of Jack and John W. Boyd— Mrs. Rita Boyd$1,000           Zachary Williams Knights of Columbus Women’s Auxiliary — Annamaria Fennekohl and Adele Coggins$500               Benjamin Fischer$500               Laura McKinley$500               Jamie Taylor Anne Brinkmann Memorial Award — Mrs. Pat Dougherty$1,000           Sierra Schoenewald Leadership Club Awards — Ms. Amy DePasquale$50                 Brendan Haddon Dick Grimes Memorial Scholarship presented by the Ocean City Democratic Club — Presenters:   Robert Barr$500           Zachary Zellers The Edie Callahan Basketball Boosters Award — Angel Piergross & Nanette Briggs$300               Fiona Devine – Manager$300               Rachael St. Clair – Manager$500               Zach Alteri$500               Matthew Aromando$500               Karissa Bourbeau  $500               Joe Gildea$500               Pat Martin$500               Josh Mazzoni$500               Sierra Schoenewald Latin Club Award for contributions to the club — Mr. Brian King$100               Brooke Blumenstock$100               Mary Millar$100               Lindsey Wan Jack Boyd Memorial Scholarship — Mr. John Bruno$250                  Zack Alteri Ocean City High School Valedictorian Plaque sponsored by the Exchange Club — Bill Culp, PresidentLaura McKinley Lake Family Scholarship — Dr. Janice Lake-Betts$500               Maria Dattilo Friends of the Ocean City Pops Award$1,000             Matthew Unsworth Ocean City High School Administrators Award — Mr. Tom Campo James “Pop” Johnson Memorial Chapter 602, Inc.$1,000           Savannah Carter Ocean City Senior Golf League — Mr. David Carter$1,000           Eric Easterly Ocean City Educational Foundation Scholarship in Memory of Audrey Eichenberger — Mary Beth Snow$100               Matthew Aromando$100               Jenna DelVescio$100               Mary Ney$100               Krista Iannone Mary G. Norton Memorial Award — to a senior student who exemplifies the goals of the Business Department sponsored by Mrs. Kay DellaBarca,                                                    Mrs. Kay Della Barca$150               Sofiya Lebedeva Ocean City Democratic Club William Woods Scholarship — Presenters:   Robert Barr$500           Ryan Givens Sons of Italy Vicin’ al Mare Lodge Scholarship$1,000           Krista Iannone Dana Kull Memorial Scholarship for Christian Vocations through Ocean City Tabernacle — Midge Grunstra$1,000           Mercy Griffith$1,000           Gretchen Shirk Halliday-Leonard General Contractor, Inc. Scholarship$500           Luke Martino$500           Evan Pearce$500           Robert Phillips Library Volunteer Awards — Mrs. Joan Vicari$25             John Houston$25             Fanny LeRumeur$25             Brandi Richards  $25             Jessica Therrien Jerry Schwartz Memorial Award — Mrs. Donna Schwartz$250               Russell Belz American Legion Award for entering the Service — Bob Marzulli & Ken Riggione$250               Luke Cuomo$250               John DeYoung$250               Jeremy Grund$250               Chris Lechner$250               Travis Pierpoint$250               Jessica Therrien Ocean City “Speakeasy” Award — Mrs. Michelle Pesda$ 25                Ivan Yang$100               JoHannah Newman$100               Nathanial Trofa$100               Brian Adam Kuperstein$100               Robert Phillips$150               Christina Urban$200               Mercy Griffith The Morgan Hand, II Memorial Scholarship Awards for Rutgers University$ 500             Ivan Yang$1,000           Kelly Hanna$1,500           Luke Martino Colony Club of Ocean City Award for Literature & Creative Arts — Mrs. Nicolette Mirra, Mrs. Carol DeMill$250               Shannon Wallace$250               Hannah Lucey Social Studies Department Award in Memory of Mr. Ken Moore —Mrs. Barbara Daniel$100           Zach Archer$100           Mercy Griffith$100           Madison Knapp$100           Patrick McCarron$100           Logan Schettig Ocean City Women’s Masters Crew Award — Ms. Suze DiPietro$150               Dana Cates$150               Michael Daddi$150               Fiona Devine$150               Brian Foster$150               Jonathan Gift$150               Alec Helm$150               Christian McDermott$150               Thomas Moore$150               Jamie Taylor$150               Lindsey Wan The Rob & Ade Sauer Community Foundation Scholarship —Mrs. Christine Sauer$1,000           Zachary Hackett$1,000           Amy Phillips Phil Turner Memorial Scholarship — Presenters:   Katie Greck &Vicky Hawkes$500           Miranda Schumacher Ocean City High School Principal’s Award — Dr. Matthew Jamison$100 and Plaque     Gretchen Keyser Class of 1946 — Presenters:   Tom Campo$500           Andrea Sharp Ted Klepac History Award — Mr. Ted Klepac$50                 John Deyoung$50                 Scott Hogan Ocean City High School Girls’ Tennis Boosters — Mary Redmond and Mary Oteri$125               Miranda Schumacher$225               Andrea Sharp$225               Emma Leeds$500               Sara Redmond$500               Macy Oteri$500               Gabrielle Lombardo$500               Sarah Hoffmann Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni & Kelly, CPA’s Scholarship Award — Presenters:   Tom Aromando$500           Matthew Aromando Upper Township Business Association Scholarship — Presenters:   John Davis$250           Anna Elmer$250           Edward Carter Ocean City PTA Award — Mrs. Dawn Vanderslice$500               Maria Dattilo$500               Madison Goucher$500               Krista Iannone$500               Mary Ney$500               Miranda Schumacher In Memory of Virginia Bennett$500           Hannah Lucey Country Shore Women’s Club Community Service Award — Presenters:   Maureen Card$1,000                  Laura McKinley$1,000                  BriarRose Ginn Ocean City Band Front Award — Mrs. Donna Schwartz$150               Allison Daly Ocean City Alumni Association — Marsha Shallcross McCulley$300               Lauren Prettyman Charles Knox Memorial Scholarship$2,000           Ashley Edgell$2,000           Patrick McCarron$2,000           Raine Myers$2,000           Robert Phillips$2,000           Brianna Ramos$2,000           Henry Weigel Ocean City High School Instrumental Music Director’s Award for the greatest Contribution to the Band — Mrs. Donna Schwartz$250               Emily Breed$250               Alexxa Pastore Mazzitelli Family Memorial Award — Dr. Matthew Jamison$1,000           Maria Dattilo$1,000           Brandon Hadtke$1,000           May Ney$1,000           Devon Terwilliger$2,500           Shelby Alvord$2,500           Kevin Gill$2,500           Erin Myers Ocean City/Upper Township Rotary Club in Memory of Herbert L. Godfrey — Ms. Nancy Hannum$1,000           Caliope Yiannos RYEBREAD Success Award$500           Emily Grant Anthony A. Previti Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.                $1,000                  Karissa Bourbeau$1,000                  Emma Leeds Media & Arts Scholarship $500           Kyle Howey Michael Slaveski Memorial Award — Mr. Michael Kimballl$500               Zack Zellers The “Hustle Harry” Award — Mr. Keith Johnson, Mrs. Marty Vanderslice, Mr. Harry Vanderslice & Ms. Valerie Davis $2,500           Zachary Williams Ocean City/Upper Township Rotary Club in Honor of Richard Kabat — Ms. Nancy Hannum$1,000           BriarRose Ginn Ocean City/Upper Township Noon Rotary Esther Weil Scholarship for Music Excellence — Mr. George Regan$1,000           Benjamin Fischer Sgt. Hernandez, United States Marine Corps presented certificates to the following:Top Academic Male & Female Students:Laura McKinley – rank #1 – 4.9045 GPA Benjamin Fischer – rank #9 – 4.6378 GPATop Male & Female Athletes: Lauren McNallyZach WilliamsTop Musician Male & Female (Instrumental):Benjamin FischerAlexxa Pastore Ocean City Veterans of Foreign Wars Oldfield Award — Presenters:   Charlene Oldfield$500           Mercy Griffith Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – Best Jazz Musician — Mrs. Donna Schwartz$250               Brian Foster Scholarship in Memory of Mrs. Helen Kirkpatrick$500           Sean Dougherty Upper Township People’s Republican Organization Elizabeth Riker Memorial Scholarship — Presenters:   Dr. Janice Betts$500           Kyle Conrad Ocean City High School Band Booster Service Award — Mrs. Donna Schwartz$250               David DeCredico$250               Kyle Howey American Legion Scholarship — Presenters:   Bob Marzulli & Ken Riggione$1,000                  Madeline Crowell OCHS Theater Booster Scholarships — Gail Breed & Mike Jargowsky$75                 Christina Urban$225               Shelby Alvord$225               Ben Fischer$225               Luke Martino$300               Laura McKinley$300               Mary Millar$300               Maura Twiggs$300               Shannon Wallace$375               Madeline Crowell$375               BriarRose Ginn$375               Kyle Howey$375               John Piccinino$450               Allison Daly$450               Elizabeth Kazanjian$450               Alexxa Pastore$450               Miranda Schumacher$525               Amber Angelucci$525               Emily Breed$525               Olivia Ensminger$525               JoHannah Newman$525               Justin Smith$675               Ben Jargowsky$675               Aiden MacDonald$675               Oliver Trout$675               Matthew Unsworth Edythe T. Selvagn Memorial Scholarship$500           Rachel Stremme Family and Consumer Sciences — Ms. Kirby Pohlidal & Mrs. Corrine Cook$100           Shannon Tarves– Cooking$100           Cassidy Louvin– Cooking$100           Amanda Martyn – Child Development James N. Pulvino Art Award sponsored by the Exchange Club — Presenters:   Bill Culp, President$1,000                  Christine Porreca The Ocean City Arts Center Margaret Lloyd Scholarship — Presenters: Eleanor Raymond, Connie Smedley, and Margaret Lloyd$1,000                  Allison Daly Timothy F. Fitzgerald and Catherine Fitzgerald Scholarship — Presenters:   Edward SalerThis is the 9th year of awarding the Timothy F. Fitzgerald and Catherine Fitzgerald scholarship. Timothy and Catherin Fitzgerald were teachers in NJ for a total of 55 years. Timothy was born in Ocean City and attended Ocean City High School. Having lived in Ocean City most of their lives, upon retirement they made Ocean City their permanent home. The Timothy and Catherine Fitzgerald Scholarship fund has been established for Ocean City High School graduates that plan to become teachers. The student awarded this scholarship will pursue a course of study which will enable them to attain their goal of being a teacher. The Fitzgerald’s strongly believed a teacher is a special friend that helps us understand the world and comprehend the beauty and wonder of everything that we see. In short, teachers help us become better people. The commitment of the Fitzgeralds to the students of OCHS instills the vision of a lifelong learning, and has helped future individuals to achieve their goal of becoming a teacher$16,000 ($2,000 semester)               Kira Kelly Cape May County Association of Realtors — Ms. Donna Boyer$1,000           Lauren Bowersock Paul O’Shea Memorial Scholarship — Presenters:   Jim O’Shea$1,000                  Ryan Beebe Upper Township Education Association — Presenters:   Mrs. Joyceann O’Reilly$1,000                  Ashley Edgell$1,000                  Devon Terwilliger$1,000                  Benjamin Fischer$1,000                  Matthew Unsworth Wonderfully Made Scholarship — Presenters:   Mr. & Mrs. Hackett$1,000                  Madeline Greaser$1,000                  JoHannah Newman Ocean City High SchoolIn two separate scholarship programs, Ocean City High School’s Class of 2015 was awarded more than $365,000 in combined scholarships.A wide array of businesses and community organizations continues to support students seeking higher education by providing a set of scholarships.At the community scholarship program on Monday (June 1), more than $345,750 was given out to more than 100 different students. A separate award program for clubs and activities on May 29 awarded about another $20,000 in scholarships.The list of donors, presenters and recipients follows: Ocean City High School Swim & Dive Team Award — Ms. Joanne Gill$250               Eric Lam$400             Gabrielle Breazeale$400               Erin Myers$500               Antonio Gentilini$500               Kevin Gill Ocean City High School Student Council Awards — Mr. Matthew Purdue            $100               Shelby Alvord (General Asssembly)$100               Anna Elmer (General Assembly)$100               Dan Loggi (General Assembly)$250               Zachary Colao (Vice President)$500               Erin Rundall (Press Secretary)$500               Corey Mounce (Historian)$750               Gretchen Keyser (President) Ocean City Exchange Club — Presenters:   Bill Culp, President$2,500                 Maria Dattilo$2,500                 Devon Grisbaum Ocean City High School PTO Creative Award — Mrs. Sue Carr, President$500               Amber Angelucci$500               Brooke Blumenstock$500               Krista Iannone$500               Hannah Lucey$500               JoHannah Newman Ocean City Education Association — Presenters:   Frank Butterick$1,000                  Amy Reinhold$1,000                  Lauren McNally Curtis T. Corson Sr. Memorial Award Seaville Fire Co. Auxiliary — Captain Dave Mason$400               Logan Schettig$400               Rachel Stremmelast_img read more

Twiddle, Mates Of State, Pimps Of Joytime, & More Play Road Jam Music Fest [Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images Stratford, Connecticut’s Two Roads Brewing Company wrapped up their fourth annual Road Jam Music Fest over the weekend, with Twiddle, Mates of State, Pimps of Joytime, The Fogcutters, The Alpaca Gnomes, West End Blend, and Arc & Stones. Along with the tasty jams were Two Roads Brewing Company selections, along with the Cluster Truck™ food truck hub and perfect weather —  rounding out a complete experience for the 2017 Road Jam Music Fest.Photographer Adam McCullough was on site for the fun, and provided the following gallery.Road Jam | Stratford, CT | 2017 | Photos by Adam McCulloughlast_img read more

Pitchfork Music Festival Announces 2019 Lineup: HAIM, Mavis Staples, The Isley Brothers, More

first_imgPitchfork Music Festival will return to Union Park in Chicago, IL for the weekend of July 19th-21st this summer. On Wednesday, organizers of the multi-day music festival announced the lineup of performers for this year’s event, which is lead by HAIM and Mavis Staples on Friday, The Isley Brothers and Belle & Sebastian on Saturday, and Robyn and Charli XCX set to close the event out on Sunday.Other artists included on the lineup poster for the summer 2019 event include Khruangbin, Earl Sweatshirt, Soccer Mommy, Julia Holter, Kurt Vile, Parquet Courts, Snail Mail, Amen Dunes, JPEGMAFIA, and Clairo, just to name a few. The lineup’s announcement on Wednesday also made sure to clarify that The Isley Brothers’ appearance on night two of the this year’s event will see/hear the group celebrating the 60th anniversary of their 1959 debut album, Shout!Related: Newport Folk Announces “Mavis & Friends” Concerts To Celebrate Mavis Staples’ 80th BirthdaySince beginning in 2006, Pitchfork Fest remains one of the steadier independently-run music events in what has become a grossly oversaturated festival market here in North America. According to the event website, the mid-summer event annually welcomes up to 60,000 attendees from 45 U.S. states and 26 countries, mostly thanks to the impressive mix of artists recruited to perform each year.Single-day and three-day passes for this year’s event are now on sale for the reasonable price of $75, and $175, respectively.last_img read more

Watermelon Contest

first_imgWith a watermelon weighing in at 168.6 pounds, John Gorton of Sumter County won the Georgia 4-H 2018 Watermelon Growing Contest.Gorton’s melon is around six times the weight of your average watermelon. The Georgia Watermelon Association and the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association sponsored the contest in their continuous support of the Georgia 4-H program.Gorton was one of 24 competitors from throughout the state attempting to grow the largest watermelon.The second and third place winners were J.T. Clarke of Meriwether County and Jordan Smothers of Walton County, with watermelons that weighed 122 pounds and 115.2 pounds, respectively. Gorton, Clarke and Smothers will all receive a cash prize and certificates for the time and effort they spent tending to their plants.None of the three finalists participated in 2017’s competition. Some other notable contenders in the field this year were Hayleigh Clarke of Meriwether County who grew a 110-pound watermelon, Jonathan Philips of Meriwether County who grew a 108-pound watermelon, Aiden Connell of Appling County who grew an 81-pound watermelon and Emily White of Appling County who grew a 54-pound watermelon.Growing watermelons teaches kids responsibility and the importance of dedicating themselves to making something great, said Michael Rabalais, 4-H program specialist. Georgia 4-H leaders say projects like teach 4-H’ers problem-solving skills and how to work independently with confidence.“Georgia 4-H has deep roots in agriculture, and I think contests like the 4-H Watermelon Growing Contest are important because they remind 4-H’ers that food doesn’t come from a bag or a factory or a cafeteria, but from seeds and earth and hard work,” Rabalais said. “I hope our participants were able to expand their knowledge and curiosity about agriculture.”To learn more about the Georgia 4-H Watermelon Growing Contest, contact Rabalais at 706-542-1165 or visit the Georgia 4-H Watermelon Growing Contest website at read more

Fish, Turtle Die-offs Spark Concerns on East End

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Thousands of dead bunker fish were found on the shores of Flanders Bay last weekend, two weeks after hundreds of diamondback turtles washed up dead nearby, raising serious environmental concerns on the East End.Preliminary tests suggest that both mass die-offs may be linked to a recent red tide, a condition created by an excess of algae in the water that studies have shown is caused by increased nitrogen levels stemming from septic systems, storm-water runoff and sewage plants. The turtles are believed to have eaten shellfish made poisonous by the algae bloom, and the fish appear to have suffocated because the water had low oxygen level as a result of the red tide, experts said.“Unfortunately, in a situation where oxygen is already suppressed and a large amount of fish [are present], there isn’t enough oxygen for the fish to survive,” said Kevin McAllister, a marine biologist who is founding president of Defend H2O, a nonprofit environmental group. “We’ve reached the tipping point of too much nitrogen and now we’re seeing problems with our water bodies.”The New York State Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) determined that the fish kill was a result of hypoxia, the medical term for oxygen deprivation. The agency also preliminarily determined that the turtles were poisoned by saxitoxin, a toxic byproduct from algae consumed by the shellfish that the diamondbacks eat, although the DEC is awaiting the results of further tests to be sure.Shortly before the die-offs, increased saxitoxin levels prompted the DEC to issue a ban on shellfish harvesting in Meetinghouse Creek and Terry Creek, both tributaries of Flanders Bay, and James Creek, a tributary of Great Peconic Bay.Bunker fish, which often swim in extremely large schools, tend to consume large amounts of oxygen, meaning they may have hastened their own demise, environmental experts said. Low dissolved oxygen levels are common for the summer months in the area due to the sudden rise in water temperatures, but fish kills are still taken seriously.Mass marine-life die-offs are not uncommon in Long Island waters, but these back-to-back events made the region take notice. Among recent events were hundreds of dead bluefish were that washed up in Mecox Bay two years ago. That case was blamed on low water temperatures.“Such occurrences will become the norm if we don’t reduce 30-50 percent of the nitrogen going into the Peconic Estuary,” said Kevin McDonald of The Nature Conservancy on Long Island, in a statement. “While some strides have been made to reduce nitrogen in our waters, the longer we wait to fix our water quality problems, the worse it will get, the longer it will take and the more expensive it will be.”Some people were awaiting more information before they could be sure there is a clear link. Karen Testa, the executive director of the Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons, said that she wants to see pathology test results performed on turtles and fish by scientists at Cornell University so she can definitively know whether there is a connection.The DEC is encouraging community members to report any additional fish kills or other marine life problems by calling 631-444-0430 or emailing [email protected] with the subject line “fish kill.”last_img read more

Understanding eSignature compliance regulations

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » Electronic documents are a mundane yet integral part of the financial industry, as they improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and save paper for banks and credit unions. Members also enjoy the convenience they offer, as they are able to sign disclosures and send the document back from their mobile phone or computer. Electronic Signing is a key feature allowing members to agree to the terms of documents without a trip into their credit union’s branch. Electronic signatures carry the same legal weight as paper documents thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), which went into effect on October 1, 2000. For this reason, eSignature is the preferred method for both members and CUs alike for its convenience. However, there are particular rules and regulations regarding ESIGN to which credit unions must abide. Here are important compliance guidelines to keep in mind when implementing eSignature options.Online Member ApplicationsAs required by FCU model bylaws, applications for membership must be signed by the applicant. A handwritten signature is not mandated, meaning eSignature is an accepted and approved option according to these bylaws. However, the credit union needs to have audit and verification procedures in place in any document where a member’s signature is captured electronically. When using electronic signature, both the member and credit union need to understand that the action they’re taking is formalizing an agreement. While not required, an electronic signature-verification service like DocuSign will help to authenticate the signature and ensure both parties are aware that, upon signing the document, it becomes a binding agreement.last_img read more

The CUInsight Experience podcast: Joe Hearn – Delivering on a promise (#63)

first_imgThank you for tuning in to episode 63 of The CUInsight Experience podcast with your host Randy Smith, co-founder of This episode is brought to you by our friends at CO-OP Financial Services. CO-OP is your trusted payment processing partner whose mission is to drive the credit union movement forward.In today’s episode, I’m talking with Joe Hearn, President and CEO of Dupaco Community Credit Union in Dubuque, Iowa. I had the opportunity to sit down with Joe at the recent CUES Symposium to learn more about the big things he and the team at Dupaco are doing in their community, as well as discuss their heart-centered approach to serving members and onboarding employees. Joe is a board member of CUES and was recently inducted in the CUES Hall of Fame, which he laughingly calls the ‘old timers’ club. He shares about his journey to the CUES board and the C-suite, and what inspired him to take the position on the board at almost the same time he started as CEO of Dupaco. Fate is an amazing thing he says, and sometimes you just have to be open to the opportunities you are given and grab onto them.Listen as Joe speaks about his background as a marketer and how that has influenced his leadership style. He tells us about the mistakes he made as a young leader and those he sees young leaders make today, and shares some of the advice he was given that he has used over the years.Joe’s passion for the credit union movement and his members is truly incredible. You can hear how much he loves Dupaco, his team, and their members. This is a wonderful conversation that you won’t want to miss. So, hit play and enjoy!Subscribe on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher Books mentioned on The CUInsight Experience podcast: Book List How to find Joe:Joe Hearn, President and CEO of Dupaco Community Credit [email protected] | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramShow notes from this episode:Shout-out: to our friends at CO-OP Financial Services, our first sponsor of The CUInsight Experience podcast. Thank you! Check out all the work Joe and his team are doing at Dupaco Community Credit Union hereShout-out: CUES and the CUES SymposiumShout-out: Jill Nowacki Shout-out: Bob HoeferShout-out: Maria LaVelleShout-out: Tom KaneNewspaper mentioned: The Wall Street JournalBand mentioned: U2Album mentioned: The Soul of the Kung-Fu Fighter by Carl DouglasShout-out: Jim Valvano Previous guests mentioned in this episode: Jill Nowacki (episodes 4, 18 & 37), Maria LaVelle, Tom KaneYou can find all past episodes of The CUInsight Experience here. In This Episode:[01:49] – Joe, welcome to the show![02:33] – Joe shares how his credit union benefits from his association with the CUES organization.[03:54] – He speaks about the sizable historical building Dupaco has purchased and is in the process of renovating.[06:55] – Joe chats about his career in marketing and how it has benefited his career in the credit union movement.[08:20] – Joe shares how fate got him interested in credit unions.[09:10] – What do you think needs to change to keep credit unions relevant fundamentally?[10:18] – Dupaco’s new hires are sent a welcome package, and they have lunch with the senior leadership team on their first day at work to make them feel welcome.[12:02] – In a year from now, what will you be proud of that you have accomplished?[13:10] – Joe shares what inspired him to take the job as COO and then CEO of Dupaco.[16:12] – Joe believes that he has a collaborative leadership style.[18:23] – Is there something that your team has heard you say so often that they can finish your sentence?[20:01] – “If you have the heart and the smart, you can do profound things.”[20:53] – Joe speaks about mistakes he has made in the past and ones he sees young leaders make today.[22:44] – Is there a piece of advice or a life lesson that you find yourself going back to over and over?[24:02] – Joe shares that his parents were his mentors when he was growing up and that Bob Hoefer was his mentor when he started with Dupaco.[25:57] – He speaks about having self-doubt as he was coming up in his career but that you have to be humble and walk the walk.[27:14] – What is the flow of your typical day? What does the perfect day look like to you?[29:36] – Joe shares that when he has a free day, he likes to sleep in, read the newspaper and drink a latte, but also go to church and spend time with his family.[30:54] – Joe describes the first time he got into memorable trouble and what he was like in high school.[31:33] – What did you want to be when you grew up?[32:55] – Joe speaks what he does every day that if he doesn’t do it, his day feels off.[33:28] – What is your favorite album of all time?[34:05] – Is there a book you think that everyone should read?[35:02] – Joe shares that how you treat people has become more important to him over the years.[36:01] – When Joe hears the word success, he always thinks of his dad.[37:48] – Do you have any final thoughts or asks for our listeners? 59SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Randall Smith Randall Smith is the co-founder of, the host of The CUInsight Experience podcast, and a bit of a wanderlust.As one of the co-founders of he … Web: Detailslast_img read more re-launched with latest COVID-19 voting info

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » CUNA has re-launched leading up to this year’s elections with the latest information on changes to primaries and voting by mail/absentee ballot due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.“Life has changed drastically due to the ongoing pandemic, but primary elections still need to be held leading up to November’s general election, though perhaps under different circumstances than most are used to,” said Adam Engelman, CUNA’s director of federal grassroots and programs. “In addition to the usual information on registration and polling places, contains the latest information on changing election dates, as well as mail-in and absentee ballot options. This election is still an opportunity for credit unions to make their voices heard.”CUNA launched its “Credit Unions Vote” Member Activation Program (MAP) campaign earlier this year, ahead of the New Hampshire primary, urging credit union members to vote in the 2020 elections.last_img read more