Bayonne Briefs

first_img1 / 2  Two young men playing basketball at First Street Park. Photo by Tony Ruibal.  2 / 2  The Muslim community in Bayonne hopes to convert an old warehouse on a dead end of 24th Street into a new community center, replacing their current location in the basement of St. Henry’s School on Avenue C. ❮ ❯ Zoning Board to hear final plan for Muslim Community CenterThe Bayonne Zoning Board is scheduled to hold a meeting on January 23 for major site plan approval for a new Muslim Community Center in the Second Ward. Bayonne Muslims, a nonprofit organization, has been renting the basement of St. Henry’s School on Avenue C for community and prayer services for six years.The group proposed to convert what is currently an unoccupied warehouse on 109 East 24th Street into a community center, including a mosque, classrooms, and a soup kitchen, according to Bill Finnerty, the attorney representing the group.The proposed plan has been tabled since a zoning board meeting last January after some protest from Second Ward residents.At that meeting, opponents of the plan cited concerns about traffic and noise. Residents asked how long and frequent prayers might be, how much traffic increase they can expect, and whether mosque-goers will be walking through their yards.In June, a 75-year-old resident was reportedly threatened by a man at her home for displaying a sign that read “Stop the Mosque.” In October, a Bayonne man vandalized the façade outside the entrance to the Muslim Community Center on Avenue C with spray paint, writing hateful and Islamophobic slurs, as reported by the Bayonne Community News. Jonathon Hussey, the man responsible, was sentenced to 12 months probation on January 3. As part of his probation, according to a statement from the Hudson County Clerk, Hussey penned an apology to both the Muslim Community Center and St. Henry’s Church.The Bayonne Zoning Board meets in the Council Chambers at City Hall at 630 Avenue C. Mayor and City Council cut ribbon at Little Family DentistryMayor James Davis and members of the city council cut the ribbon at Little Family Dentistry on 950 Avenue C on Wednesday, January 4. Little Family Dentistry has been around for a while, but in July, Dr. Maria Camille took over the private practice. Dr. Camille has a background in engineering and robotic design, but in her mid-20s decided she wanted to take a different route. “It’s still the same in a lot of ways. There’s still a lot of problem-solving,” said Camille. “I realized I had an interest in healthcare.”614K Cash Five ticket soldA liquor store on 403 Broadway, Massarelli Liquors, sold a $614,000 Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket. The lucky resident had a one in 659,716 chance of winning. Another Jersey Cash 5 winner was announced in November when a corner store at 832 Broadway sold a $192,000 ticket the day after Thanksgiving with a one in 327,000 chance of winning.As of June 2016, Jersey Cash 5 brought in over $151 million in revenue, up about $3 million from the same time in 2015, according to an annual audit report from the NJ Lottery.center_img ×  1 / 2  Two young men playing basketball at First Street Park. Photo by Tony Ruibal.  2 / 2  The Muslim community in Bayonne hopes to convert an old warehouse on a dead end of 24th Street into a new community center, replacing their current location in the basement of St. Henry’s School on Avenue C. ❮ ❯last_img read more

PowerEdge VRTX, an Alternate Reality for Your Office

first_imgFor sci-fi fans, the idea of exploring alternate realities is exciting. Who doesn’t want to enter a TARDIS® to travel outside of normal space-time and defined physics? At Dell EMC, our goal to create more scalable, secure and automated IT offices and data centers isn’t a work of fiction.If your current reality includes hardware sprawl and complex management, it may be time for you to travel to the future to see how you can transform your IT environment with the Dell EMC PowerEdge VRTX platform. The PowerEdge VRTX combines compute, storage and networking into a single, modular platform, right-sized and optimized for office environments.You no longer have to worry about an excess of power cords and overflowing hardware. In this reality, the VRTX sits quietly under your desk, making it ideal for remote and branch offices (ROBO) and small and home offices (SOHO). While no dedicated server room is necessary, you can also choose to rack the space-saving VRTX in your data center.Many schools and higher education institutions use the PowerEdge VRTX platform to support education applications and can quickly launch virtual desktops and servers as required. The VRTX is also ideal for a wide variety of workloads including applications that make your business run, online transaction processing, collaboration and web serving. The VRTX can also be combined with optional software to create a shared virtual storage pool. It even enables brewers to source, make and deliver really great, consistent-quality beer!With its scalable business architecture, the PowerEdge VRTX lets you plan for your future without the need for time travel. You can continually adjust your capacity and performance with future-proof compute, storage and networking options. Mix and match the two-socket PowerEdge M640 and four-socket PowerEdge M830 server nodes based on your changing workload requirements.Step into the future with the next-generation features of the PowerEdge M640 including high performance options with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, NVMe drives and improved memory speed. You can easily add 12 x 3.5” or 25 x 2.5” drives within the compact VRTX chassis or connect to MD1200 or MD1220 JBODs externally. Pass-through and 1/10GbE networking options as well as 8 PCIe slots offer further flexibility.If you are storing data and running applications in the cloud, VRTX platform may be an ideal alternative that keeps your data safely stored on premise. Wherever your space travel takes you, next-generation PowerEdge servers help you safeguard data with a cyber-resilient architecture. PowerEdge embedded security can ensure that only valid, signed updates will be applied to your server, preventing unauthorized changes. Should you decide to retire or repurpose your drives, data can be securely erased in minutes.The VRTX is so simple to manage it doesn’t require a dedicated IT staff. The OpenManage portfolio delivers peak efficiency for your VRTX modular infrastructure through intelligent, automated deployment of routine tasks. Combined with the unique agent-free management capabilities of iDRAC, your servers can be administered easily and effectively. EMC Chassis Management Controller (CMC), embedded in PowerEdge VRTX, enables collective or individual management of your servers.Contact your Dell representative to learn more about redefining your current IT office reality with the simplicity of the PowerEdge VRTX platform. We are always keen to hear about your future plans from tackling “Cybermen” to exploring new terrains, so please join us on LinkedIn and Twitter.last_img read more

Seniors devoted to ND football

first_imgThe Class of 2013 navigated the ups and downs of Notre Dame football fandom during the past four years, but for the first time in a long time, the seniors will not leave the Irish at a low point. The class that saw the end of the Charlie Weis era and the beginning of Irish coach Brian Kelly’s time can leave saying their last game as students was the BCS National Championship game in Miami, Fla. Senior Anthony Albert said for a while, his reaction to the 2012 season was, “Wow, what’s going on here?” “After three years, it’s vindicating in a way to have had a season like this,” Albert said. “Going to the national championship game was extremely unbelievable after everything we’ve been through. “I know it was definitely one of the highlights of my four years here at Notre Dame, this senior season culminating in the national championship.” Albert said this year’s game against Stanford was the highlight of his four years in the football student section. “Really, everything from the past three years seemed to lead into that game right there,” he said. “Going through the disappointments over the past three years, everyone in the senior section thought this was never going to happen. We thought we knew how this was supposed to go … but that goal line stance was really something.” Senior Elliott Pearce began his season in Dublin at the Navy game and ended it in Miami at the championship. “It was an epic journey,” he said. “It was incredible. The game where we beat Oklahoma was the turning point for me; that’s when I started to think this was possible. We’re here, we’re for real  –  it’s awesome.” Though the experience of the past season was fantastic, Pearce said he “wasn’t super surprised” to see the team’s success. “We had one great season after three disappointing ones. This was how it should have been all along,” he said. “I don’t honestly know where the last seven years came from, it was just bad luck. “The year Weis went six and six, we had Michael Floyd and Golden Tate on the same team, we had Manti Te’o starting at linebacker … it was a who’s who parade of high school All Americans. We’ve had great players the whole time and these guys made plays, but we could never get a string of them together. “ Albert and Pearce both said the 2011 matchup against the Michigan Wolverines was a major low point of the past four years. “There are plenty low points to pick from, but it’d have to be that Michigan game under the lights last year,” Albert said. “I was watching it with friends and all the sudden Denard Robinson is chucking it down the field and Gary Gray can’t turn around and Michigan wins.” Pearce said the 2011 loss to Michigan was one example of the team’s faltering “emotional momentum.” “That game was the lowest of the low because you think to yourself, all right, Charlie Weis is out, we had an okay first season with Kelly, so let’s see if we can make something happen,” he said. “And then we’re running over Michigan in their own house, and all the sudden we lost.” Pearce’s favorite memory of the 2012 undefeated regular season was the night Notre Dame took the No. 1 spot, he said. “I’ll never forget spraying champagne all over Stonehenge after we realized we were going to be number one. It was incredible,” he said. Albert said the aftermath of the Nov. 17 game against Wake Forest was his favorite memory as well. “I was sitting in my dorm room after we won, watching the two games with [then No. 1] Kansas State and then [then No. 2] Oregon,” he said. “I think every student at this place was watching that game, praying for some kind of upset. I just remember that once Stanford [beat Oregon], the entire campus erupted. I sprinted to my friend’s room in Irish Row and we celebrated.” Notre Dame football made an indelible mark on his four years here, Albert said. “I thought it really helped to shape my experience here,” he said. “Waking up every fall Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. with Rudy music blasting, it put a smile on my face. If I hadn’t gone to a school where athletics were so huge I don’t think I’d have had nearly as much fun.” Pearce also said he found the four football seasons to be “a great community building experience.” “Notre Dame is a big football school; everyone rallies around that,” he said. “I’m a huge football fan, but that’s not why I came here. Notre Dame is a school with a stellar academic program and a good integrity and spirit in their athletic endeavors. We can have that here and still have football be a great way to bond and have fun in addition to our academic work.” Contact Ann Marie Jakubowski at [email protected]last_img read more

Cherry Creek Man Charged After Domestic Incident With Father

first_imgCHERRY CREEK — A Cherry Creek man faces a slew of charges after he allegedly smashed his father’s vehicle with a sledgehammer and, according to New York State Police, threatened his father with an unloaded shotgun.Troopers said Joseph Chadwick, 19, was charged with third-degree criminal mischief, fourth-degree grand larceny, both felonies, three counts of second-degree harassment, four counts of second-degree menacing with a weapon, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and fourth-degree criminal mischief. Chadwick was transported for arraignment to Chautauqua County Jail.At about 9 p.m., Sunday, according to Fredonia-based Troopers, a domestic dispute started as a verbal altercation with family members and quickly turned physical. Police said Chadwick began threatening his father and brother with an unloaded shotgun. Chadwick then quickly fled the residence in his father’s vehicle. Chadwick quickly came back, continuing the threats, police said.Upon Troopers arriving, Chadwick was in a physical altercation and fled. Troopers located the shotgun on scene and an area search for Chadwick were met with negative results. Troopers said at 1 a.m., Monday, Chadwick returned and began to vandalize his father’s vehicle with a sledgehammer, smashing all the windows. Chadwick then forcefully entering the residence and another physical altercation ensued, police said. Chadwick allegedly attempted to break into a safe in order to obtain a firearm, Chadwick removed the safe from the residence. When Troopers arrived the second time, Chadwick again fled the area in an unknown direction. The safe was secured by Troopers with all contents still inside.Chadwick called police to turn himself in. He was taken into custody early Tuesday morning and was transported and processed without any further incidents at SP Fredonia. State Police barracks in Fredonia and Jamestown as well as the NYSP Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) assisted in this investigation. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

U.K.’s Drax plant to be coal-free by 2021, three years ahead of deadline

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Reuters:British power producer Drax Group Plc said in its full-year results on Thursday it will end coal power generation at its North Yorkshire plant, ahead of Britain’s 2024 deadline.Drax, which has the capacity to provide electricity for around 13 million homes, has converted four of its six former coal-fired units in the past decade to use biomass wood pellets.Although almost 50 years of coal-fired electricity generation at Drax power plant is expected to come to an end in March 2021, the firm said it will ensure its two remaining coal units stay available until September 2022 under a government scheme to provide back-up electricity at short notice.The firm said the coal generation market has been challenging as power prices weakened last year due to a mild winter and high levels of gas storage. The cheapness of natural gas, coupled with strong carbon permit prices, meant gas was more competitive than coal in power generation in much of Europe.Drax said the end of coal generation will lead to a reduction in staff at the plant of around 200-230 employees from April 2021. Trade unions and employee representatives will be consulted over the coming months, the company said. It also expects a reduction in operating costs at the plant of around 25-35 million pounds ($32.5-$45.5 million) per year when the coal phase-out is complete.Drax plans to build a new combined cycle gas turbine at its power plant to replace the two remaining coal-fired units. However, approval for the project is subject to a judicial review, it said.[Nina Chestney]More: Britain’s Drax to end coal power generation in 2021 U.K.’s Drax plant to be coal-free by 2021, three years ahead of deadlinelast_img read more

Lindenhurst Man, 25, Killed in Brightwaters Crash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 25-year-old Lindenhurst man was killed and his female passenger was injured early Saturday morning when the man lost control of the car and crashed, Suffolk County police said.The man was driving a 2001 Honda CRV west on Union Boulevard in Brightwaters just before 2 a.m., police said, when the vehicle struck a median, causing it to leave the roadway and slam into a utility pole and a tree. The driver was transported to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, where he was pronounced dead, police said. The female passenger was taken to the same hospital, but her injuries aren’t life threatening, police said. Police are withholding the driver’s name pending notification of next of kin. The CRV was impounded for a safety check, police said. The investigation is continuing. Anyone who may have witnessed the crash or has any information about it is asked to call the Third Squad at 631-854-8352 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.last_img read more

NCUA sends report on RBC to lawmakers

first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr NCUA on Monday sent a report on its recently adopted risk-based capital rule to the House Financial Services Committee, which voted overwhelmingly in September to support H.R. 2769, a NAFCU-sought bill that would have required NCUA to “stop and study” the rule before voting to implement it.In the 228-page report, NCUA defends the agency’s legal authority to create a two-tier risk-based capital system, also questioned in H.R. 2769. In addition, the report recommends that Congress allow well-managed credit unions to count supplemental capital as net worth and suggests other technical legislative changes affecting credit union capital requirements.Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, wrote NCUA Chairman Matz before the Oct. 15 board vote to urge her to not proceed with the vote until the issue had been studied further and the agency had reported back to Congress.During the board meeting, Matz had Hensarling’s letter read into the record, as requested by him, and said NCUA would provide the committee with a report on the rule’s impact within a few weeks. continue reading »last_img read more

The new member service benchmark: 4 ways to be more like Amazon

first_imgPregnant women become a magnet for unsolicited advice. When I was pregnant with my son, I received lots of tips, but one of the best was to join AmazonMom and set up a monthly subscription for diapers.  AmazonMom was essentially free Amazon Prime for 6 months, rebranded with a mommy twist. Customers received free 2-day shipping on any Prime item and 20% off of diapers with Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. What happened? Amazon met my life-stage need, made life easier for this busy working mom, demonstrated excellent customer service over many interactions, and captured a loyal customer.  My subscriptions expanded from diapers and wipes to household products, I began shopping Amazon over other stores, and my overall spending with the company skyrocketed. Looking back at my annual transactions, I now spend eight times more annually with Amazon than prior to becoming hooked on Prime and Subscriptions. Customer service breeds loyalty – a concept that Amazon gets. In fact, the American Customer Service Index and many other studies, like ForeSee and Zogby Analytics, consistently rank Amazon at the top of its industry – and above others  – including credit unions.  Credit unions can be a little more like this customer-service All Star by emulating a few successful tactics.Make Member Service Your MissionFirst, to provide great member service, a company must make customers the priority.  Part of Amazon’s mission statement is to be the “Earth’s most customer-centric company.” CEO Jeff Bezos has called this his guiding force for leadership. He is known for bringing an empty chair to meetings and telling participants that it’s occupied by the most important person in the room: the customer. Most credit unions strive for (and are known for) good member service. It may even be rooted in your mission. But, what customers consider superior service today – across multiple delivery channels – is evolving. The bar is being set by experiences consumers have with Amazon and other disrupters. To excel at achieving your member-service mission, your credit union needs to be laser focused on the member experience and to use it as the filter for all strategic decisions. Eliminate Pain Points and ObstaclesSecond, a good service experience anticipates customer needs and removes pain points and obstacles for the customer. Bezos has frequently said, “We start with what the customer needs and work backward.”  Consider the online retail business. Shipping fees, long delivery wait times, and return hassles are all traditional deterrents. Through experimentation and success Amazon has eliminated them. Prime, offers free 2-day shipping on lots of eligible items, free video streaming, and a host of other goodies for $99 a year.  On paper, the immediate ROI doesn’t pan out. But Amazon was willing to experiment because it was best for the customer. What they found out was that it was best for the company in the long run too. Remember, I said my own spending has increase eight fold since becoming a Prime Member. I might be extreme because I became a parent at the same time (good thinking Amazon); however, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimates that the Prime members spent about $1,200 on average last year, compared to about $500 for non-members. When the shipping fees are removed and delivery times slashed, it can be easier and cheaper to shop at Amazon than to drive across down for a needed item. What pain points or obstacles exist in your credit union?  Try shadowing the call center, interviewing members or mapping out a member experience journey to find out.  Then, invent solutions and be willing to test them out. Know your MemberThird, to provide superior member service, get to know your members, and act like you know them – across channels. Truly listen. Amazon does this with analytics as we know, but they also require all managers to spend two days shadowing in the call center and to regularly immerse themselves in customer feedback. The customer’s voice is king. Amazon remembers me and my interests. Does this sound familiar: “Based on your recent activity, we thought you might be interested in this…” Sure, there is a delicate balance between feeling stalked and feeling personally known, but credit unions have an opportunity to leverage past interactions more like Amazon. Have you ever had an experience with your credit union, health care provider or a retail store, where you engaged online, over the phone and in person and had to explain your need each time you began the new interaction? It can be frustrating for you, and the company can miss opportunities to serve your needs. Consider these data-triggered personalization ideas: Yesterday, Joe visited your website to look at auto loan rates. Today he’s in the branch making a deposit. The teller can see he was interested in auto rates and offers to provide extra information or help him get started with a loan. Every Tuesday afternoon Mary visits the branch to deposit a check. When she logs into her mobile app this Tuesday morning, it prompts her to save time and deposit her weekly check remotely. Bill called the credit union this morning and became angry about the service. Unsatisfied, he visits his local branch in the afternoon to seek resolution. When he walks inside, mobile beacons alert the manager about who he is and voice analysis indicates that he was upset with the credit union earlier in the day. The manager quickly reviews the details and approaches Bill ready to amend his experience.  Sara uses mobile bill pay to pay her credit card with a big-name bank. When adding the payee or scheduling a new payment, the app lets her know that 70% of members like her also have the credit union’s card and rate it 5 stars. In fact, she’s pre-approved and can apply on the app if desired.To be more like Amazon, leverage data to personalize experiences across channels and interactions. Listen and act on feedback, and make sure management is in touch with the front-line experience.Empower Your StaffFinally, to provide great member service. Empower staff to solve problems.Once, I submitted feedback about an inexpensive baby gate because the locking mechanism snapped in two. I hadn’t anticipated getting another one due to the shoddy design, but Amazon staff proactively replaced the item with one-day shipping. Here’s a snippet from the email I received: “I’m sorry to hear the problem you had with the item. I apologize for it. To make things right for you. I’ve created a replacement for you at no additional charge. Here are the details…” It’s still not a great gate, but I was impressed that they listened and acted. Another time, I was shopping last minute for a birthday gift. It was minutes before midnight eastern time when I selected the gift, and by the time I check out, the Friday delivery date had changed to Saturday. I was so disappointed with my last-minute blunder, that I called Amazon Customer Service. The representative checked on my order, and like a birthday angel, he changed the delivery date back to Friday. I’ve had a handful of interactions with Amazon’s call center, and the representatives are consistently able to solve issues without escalation. Ask yourself… Are member service representatives at my credit union empowered to solve problems and delight members? What would need to change to make that happen?Put it into ActionAmazon is an industry benchmark for customer service.  To join the member service of hall fame, always make members the priority, eliminate member experience obstacles (test, test, test), act like you remember your members at every interaction, and empower staff to solve problems.  At CU Engage, we are dedicated to helping our credit union clients strategically plan for the future with an emphasis on their members and ensuring they have the tools and vendors to execute on those plans. Contact us for help with your strategic planning or vendor negotiations for Channels and Payments at or [email protected] 146SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jen Shefner Jen is passionate about motivating innovation and helping bring credit unions to the next level. Prior to joining CU Engage, she held the position of Vice President Digital Banking and … Web: Detailslast_img read more

New research further undermines UK quarantine scheme | News

first_imgAn RT-PCR test, three days pre-departure reduces the infectious days by 36 per cent.The analysis also finds a ‘test and release’ regime on day three is significantly more effective in minimising infectious days (60 per cent reduction in infectious days with a RT-LAMP test) than the 14-day policy (25 per cent), and also more effective than ‘test and release’ after five days (53 per cent) or seven days (45 per cent) currently under consideration.Applying the latest assumptions, based on real-world evidence, the three days option balances between ensuring sufficient time for Covid-19 to become detectable and a swift enough result to inform the non-compliant infected individuals in the community of their infectious status, thus ensuring they go into isolation.George Batchelor, cofounder and director of Edge Health, said: “The current policy of 14-day quarantine is the least effective strategy due to human behaviour, with returning travellers often failing to comply and risking community transmission. “Our modelling finds a much more effective path in passenger testing, which if it’s applied as a ‘test and release’ regime, performs the best at reducing infectious days after three days quarantine. “This balances the detectability of Covid-19 and new evidence of quarantine non-compliance.”Unsurprisingly, airlines were quick to support the research. Shai Weiss, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, said: “This new modelling provides yet more evidence that the government is significantly underestimating the efficacy of passenger testing. “But it also shows that the current 14-day quarantine policy is fundamentally flawed in ignoring human behaviour and compliance with the rules. “Half a million UK jobs depend on a fully functioning aviation industry; therefore it is vital that policy decisions are based on the latest possible evidence.”He added: “The ultimate goal must be to safely remove quarantine and it is encouraging that the transport secretary this week recognised effective testing as a way to do this. “A real-world trial of pre-departure testing is the next step to generate much-needed data and the industry stands ready to deliver this, having already proven it can deliver rapid, point of care tests without diverting vital NHS resources.” OlderCelebrity Cruises launches new inclusive pricing model New research suggests the current 14-day quarantine policy employed by the UK government for international arrivals, which involves no test, is less effective than previously considered. Factoring in recent evidence of individuals failing to adhere to the full period of quarantine, the policy is less effective than all other passenger testing regimes currently under consideration. – Advertisement – Just 25 per cent of ‘infectious days’ are prevented through the policy, which has been in effect since July.Transport secretary Grant Shapps is expected to announce changes to the quarantine regime in the coming days, with a ‘test and release’ system the most likely system moving forward.This will likely see passengers tested after five to seven days, with quarantine curtailed if a negative results is returned. – Advertisement –center_img New modelling from Edge Health and Oxera applies the latest evidence of quarantine non-compliance and test sensitivity to consider the effectiveness of the current quarantine policy against a range of passenger testing regimes, applying the metric of ‘infectious days screened’. Using a London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) model as a starting point, the researchers applied recent real-world Covid-19 prevalence rates and air passenger volumes to produce a comprehensive picture of policy options.When evidence of non-compliance is considered, a single test on arrival would reduce infectious days by 51 per cent – more than double the current policy. – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

The largest business tourism fair in the world opens in London

first_imgThe WTM fair is held every year in London and is the largest business tourism fair in the world, with 5500 exhibitors from 180 countries and visited annually by more than 50 tourism professionals, tourism ministers and other close departments and media representatives.Last year, according to estimates, a total of around 2.5 billion pounds of tourist business was contracted within WTM, and this fair marks the beginning of the “official” season of fair appearances, as well as other types of promotional activities with the aim of preparing the next tourist year.The season of fair performances begins with the WTM fairThe British market is important for our country, and interest in Croatia is growing from year to year. Thus, in the first nine months of this year, there were 8% more arrivals and overnight stays than last year, ie 850.000 arrivals and 4.4. million overnight stays of guests from the UK. They mostly stayed in hotels and then in household facilities, while they spent the most nights in Dubrovnik, Split, Konavle, Pula and Poreč. The average daily consumption of tourists from the UK according to the TOMAS survey is 139 Euros, which puts them in second place in terms of consumption, immediately from guests from the USA who on average achieve the highest daily consumption of 158 Euros.”On one of the largest tourist scenes in the world, Croatia will present its numerous offers, which from year to year win the status of one of the most popular tourist destinations. This is also an opportunity to further position ourselves in the United Kingdom market, which is one of our largest and most promising markets, with great potential for further growth. Guests from the UK travel significantly in the pre- and post-season, mostly staying in hotels of high and higher category, and their daily consumption is significantly higher than the average of other markets, so we will continue to focus on this, extremely important to us. market.Said Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli.Promotion of new official uniforms of the CNTBPhoto: Darko Tomas / CROPIXIt is at the WTM fair today that the official premiere of the new tourist uniforms of the Croatian National Tourist Board, which took place a few days ago in the Zagreb Mimara Museum, has a preview as part of a humanitarian fashion event called “It simply came to our notice then”.  The latest collection of tourist uniforms of the Croatian National Tourist Board was created by the fashion duo Elfs. See more about the new tourist uniforms in the attachment./ / / NEW OFFICIAL TOURIST UNIFORMS OF CNTB PRESENTEDlast_img read more